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Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 18 January, 2021
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Sunflower | CARRY where there's a type of disease that makes people throw up flowers when they suffer from one-sided love, and Zayn is one of them. Next To My Heart (Carry AU) Things worked out pretty well for him.

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He's got a nice job, great friends, a roof over his head, and enough money to eat. AU where Harry meets his new neighbor Zayn and his boyfriend Liam, and figures out he's there for more...

roses are red, your eyes are blue, the way you- oh crap! Keep going'... Graphics: @zarrycupcake © Copyright: All rights reserved.

I HAD NO IDEA THAT IT MIGHT SEEM MORE REAL AS TIME WENT ON AND CARRY BOTH PUBLISHED SOLO SONGS ABOUT.... A LOVE SO... Cherry It's usually not in Zayn's nature to prank people, but when opportunity strikes, he takes the chance.

It ends up with Harry having bright red lips and Zayn finding out he loves the taste of cherries. Buses & Bunk Beds (Carry) I glanced over at Harry.

He was looking back at me and I could see his mouth moving in that slow, sexy way of his, but I couldn't focus on what he was saying. I was too busy enjoying how pink and puffy his lips looked, imagining how soft they would feel and how red I could make them if I just leaned in and kissed him...

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I use that for Spirit Guide, so I won't have to worry about posting a chapter on Monday if my computer breaks or if I forget. Come on, who doesn't love to write about their favorite TV show or movies (Haters).

Plus they have lots of competitions, like the Writer's Camp and Incubator Program. As the novels section is still fairly new, there is much less competition here than on established writing sites.

Of course, before the wolves jump on my case, hear me out because I'm only speaking from my experience. Because of that, it's harder to gain a readership unless you write in the popular genres, like teen fiction, romance, vampires or werewolves.

I have noticed that when I first started on Tapas (before premium novels got their own section) I was getting at least 1-4 subs a week, but that has decreased since the layout changes. Now, that could be because of my story, who knows, but I feel it's harder for readers to find free content now.

The best thing I can say is don't expect anything from using these websites, and make your plans for after you finish your stories, whether that be self-publishing or traditional publishing. I have used all three sites, and I was published through one of Invite's contests as well as them accepting another series we wrote.

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I quit Wattpad because of the toxic negativity that fills the site, and the near impossibility of actually garnering any attention if you have real, original wok. I had garnered about 2k followers over the greenish years I held my last account (in about seven years of using Wattpad, I deleted several accounts because I was inevitably hounded by some hellish reader who thought they could rewrite my books and often attempted to on their profile, long story).

The site is extremely overpopulated, and the only stories that get attention are the ones that are carbon copies of the same thing (bad boy meets good girl, unfortunate girl comes up into fame/fortune/love, and tragedy porn) or fanfic of extremely popular subjects. The only reason I would ever think of starting another account there is if I wanted to write fanfic, but even then I'd post on AO3 over Wattpad because the community is much more pleasant there. The community is really the biggest reason why I left. The constant 'MAR PLY' and people who thought I would change my story because they cussed at me through private message drove me away.

I quit Invite because they are literally the biggest POS I've ever seen in my life. They advertised the hell out of themselves and that's why I got interested- I was part of the email spam chain that was broadcasting one of their contests.

I won the contest with a book I published with my cowrote, and the entire process has been a complete wreck. We published November of last year after one round of half-a'd editing, a cover we were relatively fond of, and hardly any advertising as far as I could tell despite their promised 6k advertising budget. To be fair, we made #1 bestseller in the LGBT section for like... an hour. Things quickly went downhill.

There were several reviewers who were asking for that prequel without knowing we had written it. For some reason we were stupid enough after that to offer them a six/seven book series we have posted on Wattpad which needed MAJOR editing (and honestly I never wanted to see published because it's not the best quality). If I hadn't been searching up our pen name on Amazon I never would have found out they had published the books without telling us.

him end want harry
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If you want to build a name for yourself as an author you're going to start it out with that company publishing unedited bull. The community here is wonderful, both the forum and my readers who have been very nice and supportive through a currently very difficult time when my updating was spotty.

I love the ability to make ad revenue- however small that it- and receive tips from readers who feel generous. It's hard to get noticed around the premium novels, but I've garnered a decent following without really lifting a finger. I'm really happy with this site.

Still working on ways to advertise here since I've started to slow down in gaining new subscribers. But it's definitely better than the other two choices. Just keep self-parking or traditional dubbing- even through indie pub companies, which are growing in popularity- in mind.

However, it has reputation(for people who think fan fiction has too high of standards) for a reason. 99.99% of it is garbage, either one direction fanfics (when I was last on it) or sexually explicit teen “romance”. I never came back on it again when I found actual fabrication 100X more enjoyable and better written than most of the books on there.

I'm still new to the tapes writing scene but from what I see there are more varied and better quality works(thou that can be form the smaller community) YaoiParadise: I quit Wattpad because of the toxic negativity that fills the site, and the near impossibility of actually garnering any attention if you have real, original wok.

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I will say that I honestly appreciate the mods here for recognizing and stopping toxic behavior in the threads. I want to turn my work into more of a light novel with illustrations for some major scenes but...can't really do that here without jumping through tech hoops via Firefox.

Well first Wattpad has a bad rep and has less stuff for business opportunity unlike Tapas. I think Novels will grow on here and that's a long term investment.

Don't even look in their direction. On a now defunct pen name (defunct since 2014), I still get emails, Twitter inbox messages, Twitter tags and messages on Frictionless (where they first found me) every couple of months asking me to participate in their contests. I tried Wattpad years ago, but never found much of an audience there and after some of my friends had their books plagiarized there and Wattpad never even suspended the accounts (even if they had 10+ stolen books on it), I don't even want to get close to it anymore.

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