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Bob Roberts
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
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At any given time you can see people claiming Dayton > Beethoven” on Twitter, and if you’ve heard the right batch of beats, it's hard to disagree. His trademark sound is a blend of woozy, bottom-heavy thump and fluorescent, sprinkling synths that flutter spry melodies with a haunted-house tinge.

zaytoven beats
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Limbo leaves his fingerprint via hyper-bounce and drum programming, The Neptune's make you dance with groove and instrumentation, and DJ Premier is deadly with breaks, loops, and scratches. Often times these artists owe a substantial part of their meteoric rises to the beats that they were given, and their legacies intertwine with the sounds of their go-to producers.

Seeing how his production has buoyed projects like Young Rich N----s' and Gucci’s ambitious trilogy of recent mixtapes, it’s about time that Zaytoven’s best beats get some shine. Coming from D.C. and slurring his words something serious, his obtuse style draws comparisons to Little’ B, except that this hook is a monster.

Dayton hooked him up with two dope beats for his 'Ain’t Shit Changed' project, and the understated synth flutes on this one give Gleesh a nice bed on which to ramble. Arguably the summer anthem (we see you Rich Home), 'Versace' is boosted as much by the playful repetition of the hook and Drake's bandwagon addition as it is by the booming jitter of the beat.

'Bitch I’m Fresh' is a mix of skittering hi-hats, tinkling keys and bass-y depth, incorporating influences from both his home base and his current locale. 15 If your mom asks you whether you’ll be home for dinner, fight the urge to answer, “Bitch, I might be.” As lustrously disrespectful as this song is, she gave birth to you dog, come on.

If, however, you encounter a nosy girl who has the nerve to ask if you’re high or something like that, then by all means, apply this swift dismissal, and if any of your friends are worth having, those who hear you will laugh their asses off. As minimal as can be, Day employs a hypnotic, synthesized loop paired with a drum pattern that melds Southern trap and West Coast body-knock.

zaytoven nard making beats beat type
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14 Gucci’s first breakout hit became the unfortunate lightning rod issue that sparked beef between GOP and Young Jeezy. Day used percussion that's a bit more organic than the by-the-numbers drum patterns that he would slip into later on, so the track has more jumpy life than his recent productions.

Like in the movies when you see someone rooted off too much chronic, and they go into some town fair and the clown faces start turning upside down and the music gets real creepy? His beats kind of sound like that, except they’re so intoxicated that all that scary stuff makes you smile; it’s fun.

This is the type of s--- that makes you close your eyes and raise your face to the sky, reciting the words and losing yourself in a trance. 8 Creepy thriller movie strings make it sound like Future is really ducking’ the feds on this banger from an early mixtape.

7 You know that a producer is truly exceptional if they can be versatile, and that ability is on full display here as Usher repines about his marriage over electronic clicks and eclectic percussive touches. It’s crazy because it works so well, and while you can hear Zaytoven’s favorite organ fills at certain points, it doesn’t sound like the normal trap you’d encounter from him.

4 On a tape packed with skull-blasting dangers like 'Mark Acquire', 'Karate Chop', and 'Chosen One', the currently incarcerated Young Scooter shows up in the middle for a bitterly somber cut dedicated to locked up friends, ironically hoping that they get appeals. Within the mixtape’s context 'Appeal' is beyond refreshing, but when you take into account Scooter’s current situation, Day’s heart wrenching piano gives the song that much more punch.

zaytoven beat
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The latter could be heard in dorms across the country, as Day layered descending xylophones, wobbling organs, and airy synths to make the quintessential shifty backdrop for a drug-dealing anthem. Both were born in Germany, both mastered the organ and piano at a young age, both boast a genuine interest in music and most notably possessed the same good foresight to align themselves with key people who could help further their careers.

“He has the potential to be one of the greats.” The result was the controversial hit single “Papers” from the certified platinum album that sat at the #1 spot on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. More recently, Dayton has production credit on LA Reid protégé Future’s mixtape Astronaut Status and served as the beat smith for the entire BA YTL project with Gucci Mane and fellow Bay-area artist V-Nasty.

This fall, you will be able to find Dayton on the big screen as he makes his acting debut in the independent film Birds of a Feather, loosely based on his life in the music business. Written and directed by business partner Al Nuke, Dayton will not only star alongside his musical collaborators such as Rock, Gucci, DJ Scream and OJ The Juice man who make cameos, he will also score the film, which is another new challenge for the multi-talented father of 2.

He spent his formative years in San Francisco and upon graduating from high school, decided to stay in the Bay Area and pursue a career in music while his parents and siblings headed to southern California, eventually making Georgia their permanent residence. It was during Zaytoven’s time on the west coast that he met rap legend JT the Nigga Frigga, who took the young protégé under his wing giving him access to his studio and wisdom.

Although he didn’t have much experience with recording equipment, like most talented students, Dayton assimilated the information quickly and eventually struck out on his own where he began to look for artists who fit his sound. By the dawn of the new millennium, the aspiring entrepreneur moved to Atlanta and had amassed enough experience to establish himself as a viable producer on the music scene, although he first wanted to create a workable space for his prospective clients.

zaytoven beat making
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The duo scored big in 2005 with Gucci Mane’s hit single “So Icy” featuring Young Jeezy, which peaked at #23 on Billboards Hot Rap Tracks chart. He has a flair for cultivating raw talent, a skill that speaks volumes on his ability to recognize and support new artists and develop them to reach a broader audience.

Dayton is on a quest to expand his boundaries while simultaneously taking the traditional elements of his church heritage to create a distinct sound that continuously provides him with inspiration. And unlike the many trends in music that are ushered in just as quickly as they leave, Zaytoven’s artistry and creativity are timeless, which in addition to longevity, is what he consistently strives for.

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