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Maria Garcia
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
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In 2020, Dayton, one of the “Godfathers of Trap”, put out 17 projects, with 5 of them being beat tapes. On the other 12 projects, Dayton worked with the likes of Little Keep, Little Yacht, Moneybag Yo, Goodrich Pablo Juan, Bankroll Fresh, Young Scooter, and many, many more.

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His music is played during every function, those beats bring that atmosphere that we can all vibe to. Not only does he murder the Hip-Hop game, he has received a Grammy for Usher’s hit song ‘Papers’, an R&B track that flooded the charts.

Dayton continues to surprise us with more hits as he lets it be known that he’s definitely a producer that stands out. His ability to create beats in less than 5 minutes is quite amazing, and to witness his natural talent murder the game so effortlessly is crazy.

Although even after reaching Grammy status, he doesn’t succumb to the pressures of the music world. Moneybag Yo is bringing real rap back to the south, I rock with him.

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I finally got around to listening to their self-titled EP this week, and it is truly great: a harmony-rich melding of three distinct-but-complementary styles that walks the line between folk balladry and indie rock. There is such an avalanche of new music released every year, making these year-end lists feels increasingly like a futile gesture, like trying to create order out of limitless chaos.

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Courtney Barnett cut back a bit on the word salad but didn't forget the hooks on Tell Me How You Really Feel. And Eleanor Feinberger kept up her unbroken streak of wonderful solo albums with the Grecian vibes of Rebound.

AAL, 2012-2017 : Nicolas Jar, a Chilean-American recording artist based in NYC, has become known for his collage-like, ever-shifting electronic compositions, which can range from extremely minimalistic art projects to “dystopian techno-punk.” It leans toward house music but sounds warmer; its complex songs are stuffed with obscure soul & funk samples and jammed with hi-hats and kick drums.

It's inviting to listeners who aren't necessarily electronic obsessives, and you'd be hard-pressed to find more unabashedly happy, layered songs than “City fade,” “Now U Got Me Hooked” and especially, “I Never Dream.” Amen Dunes, Freedom : Damon McMahon has released other great records (Love in particular) but this was his big breakthrough, in which his drone, reverb-drenched folk sound crystallized into hypnotic rock grooves, almost like a singer/songwriter cousin of The War On Drugs.

His voice still has its own Dylan-esque idiosyncrasies, but everything has more clarity and sharpness, and there is an unabashed patchiness to songs like “Blue Rose,” “Mike Dora” and “Calling Paul The Suffering” that is addictive. And you can't get better than “Time,” which is like if Tunnel Of Love -era Springsteen took mushrooms and tried to write a Velvet Underground song.

There was inspirational Bronx poetry on “Get Up 10,” immaculate trap music on “Drip,” and one of the summer jams of the year with the jubilant “I Like It.” Beyoncé/Jay-Z, Everything Is Love : It's kind of incredible that a new Beyoncé album dropped out of nowhere on a Saturday in the middle of June...and everyone completely forgot about it by the end of the year.

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Elvis Costello, Look Now : Combining the ambitious arrangements of Imperial Bedroom with the Bacharach-ian melodies of Painted By Memory resulted in Look Now. It's filled with sophisticated piano compositions with ornate melodies, carefully-drawn lyrics, and a lemon slice of bitterness.

Lucy Daces, Historian : I can't tell you how many times I found myself pressing repeat on opening song “Night Shift.” Between this and boy genius, Daces deserves some sort of prize for hardest working person in rock this year.

The massive hits were better than everyone else's hits (“Nice For What,” “God's Plan,” “Nonstop,” “In My Feelings”), there were hidden gems that probably could have been world conquering singles (“Summer Games,” “Emotionless,” “Can't Take A Joke”) and lots of addictive, minimalist album tracks (“Elevate,” “Mob Ties,” “Blue Tint,” “After Dark”). Guided By Voices, Space Gun : Robert Pollard is the greatest rock songwriter of the last thirty years, an uninhibited explorer of the four PS: pop, punk, psych, and pro.

Khruangbin, Con To-do El Mundo : Psychedelic-tinged mostly instrumental guitar music with a hint of funk that just happens to have better hooks than most rock bands could ever dream of? There's no denying that West had a truly tumultuous, upsetting year filled with public gaffes and Trumpist nonsense, and I can't blame anyone for being completely turned off by his personality by now.

The Internet's supremely talented Steve Lacy produced Lena's wonderful, bubblegum soul EP. Songs like “Sticky” and “Closer (Ode 2 U)” pair her fluttering vocals with a technicolor washed-out funk sound that is bursting with personality.

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Sparkle Hard introduced a lot of new colors to his musical array (autotune in “Rattler” and “Brethren,” strings on “Solid Silk,” Kim Gordon on “Refute”), but he also could rattle off timeless hooks (“Middle America”), kooky time signatures (“Future Suite”), intricate band jams (“Kite”) and Pavement-worthy perfection (“Cast Off”). Mitsuki, Be The Cowboy : The synths are more new wave, the guitars are more wiry, the climaxes are more cathartic, and the chorus hooks are more unabashedly pop than ever.

Everything seems a little more fragile this time around: starter homes stand in as metaphors for stagnated relationships, and drinking with a friend can only do so much. Despite hooking up with producer Danger Mouse, this album runs closer to their peppy post-punk roots than something like Broken Bells.

It's got tons of classic, shout Parquet masterpieces that'll make you want to throw your office desk chair through a window (“Total Football,” “Almost Had To Start A Fight/In And Out of Patience,” “Normalization”) or grab a friend and dance awkwardly (“Mardi Gras Beads,” “Tenderness,” “Wide Awake”). Imagine Karen Carpenter getting down with an airy mid-'70s early disco band, with lyrics attuned to the political atmosphere of the country (but with a mood closer to defiance than depression).

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Hope Downs : An Australian band on legendary pacific northwest label Sub Pop who sound like they are carrying on the legacy of The Go-Betweens & R.E.M.... in this economy?! Ultimately, it's a darker, more heartbroken affair, as with “LIFE,” which is dedicated to his cousin who was stabbed to death in Chicago last year.

These short party songs were full of reckless abandon and fake radio stations and about 20 seconds of new earl sweatshirt, and the lyrics were also completely traumatized. His lyrics are introspective and vulnerable and constantly surprising, forcing the listener to lean in really close to hear.

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Chis has popped up on countless tracks by artists ranging from Gorilla to Tyler, The Creator to Dipso, and it'd be an understatement to say she makes everything she touches better. US Girls, In a Poem Unlimited : Whenever I tried to boil down the sound of Meghan Remy's experimental pop project for people, I came up with the same phrase: sinister ABBA.

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