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• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
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Home-style food, wide variety of dishes, wallet-friendly prices and humble setting are the best phrases to describe Singaporean Richard eatery. Unlike your typical fine dining restaurants where excellent customer service is given much emphasis, Richard eating house is not the place for frills and luxury.

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Most of the Richard places own the same menu with typical dishes like cereal prawns, sweet and sour pork, and beef for fun. Great selection of signature dishes: KEY specializes in piping hot comfort food to warm your heart and please your taste buds.

Its delightful signatures like Salted Egg Crabs, Moonlight For Fun, Ming Rolls and Clay pot Pork Liver are truly outstanding. Deep-fried crab placed in a gravy of salted egg yolk is something you can’t afford to miss.

For those who love the contrast between modern and vintage, this ZI char place is an enjoyable culinary destination. Homemade Yong tau foo is simmered with eggplant and capsicums filled with squid and prawn paste to achieve that bold, wholesome flavor.

With a brilliant wok Ha, it is a clear winner on hands with its smokey aroma and spicy, starchy broth spiked with raw egg ribbons and traces of dried shrimp. Innovative dishes: Two Chefs is particularly known for re-inventing traditional ZI Char food to suit the modern-day taste of the locals.

First-timers won’t have a hard time choosing which to eat because there are lots of recommended dishes that can leave them with memorable experiences. Allows you to place an order before you even secure a table : The dining area is spacious but the popularity of the restaurant overwhelms it during dinner.

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So to make sure guests will have a fulfilling dining experience, diners are enabled to order in advance while waiting in line. It is served cold, loaded with garlic, chives, and doused in a very spicy sauce, ready to warm up your stomach.

Every chunk of pork ribs is deep-fried to perfection and then covered with condensed milk powder making it a total eye-candy. A wide selection of Cantonese dishes : Lotus Root Soup, Cereal Prawns, Fried Beef For Fun, and Homemade Bean curd are just some delicious offers on its menu.

Friendly eating house: It is no secret that ZI Char eateries run by aunties and uncles do have a reputation for being a place for no non-sense and straight forward customer service. Get your hands dirty with live seafood in tanks: Have a pound of crabs, prawns, squids, or red snappers cook-to-order.

Vegan-friendly starters and mains : Don’t be surprised when you see a couple of Indians coming by to this eating house because the menu is vegan-friendly. It doesn’t help that the location itself is a busy road, along East Coast in Along, so you get to watch many locals pass by or flock in to the restaurant.

Most The char places offer only a seafood rendition of the time-honoured yam ring. JB101 gives you 3 options (pork, seafood and chicken).

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The yam ring itself lacked the flakiness of a , and could have been slightly over-fried. Some places smother the dish with a salted egg yolk sauce.

JB101 employs a salted egg yolk batter, which is deep-fried to a crisp! Am glad that they have an in-house watering hole on the same premise (reaches for that San Miguel tower)...

You’ve got to give the a good mix with the broth. The Huey Dial wine accent was a nice touch and the broth was light.

$85 for a whole crab is the going rate these days for the Sri Lankan variety. They're quite a well-known zichar, and I've been here for the clay pot me tai MAK.

Huge fried drumstick that was crispy and flavorful. However, the again Ohio didn’t taste like much, it felt like soy sauce noodlesrather pricey for such a dish and Low standard of pasta.

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Lie Bad Fish Head Steamboat Have always wanted to try out this place as I’d read some pretty good reviews about their fish head steamboat.

@laibaosg is definitely your neighborhood Richard stall serving up some warm soothing steamboat soup that’s especially suitable for the cold weather nowadays. Have always wanted to try out this place as I’d read some pretty good reviews about their fish head steamboat.

The collagen bone broth is cloudy and velvety, with natural sweetness from the fish and vegetables, and an earthy heft from the seaweed. Though the soup was creamy and smooth, I had expectations of it to be sweeter and more flavorful.

@laibaosg is definitely your neighborhood Richard stall serving up some warm soothing steamboat soup that’s especially suitable for the cold weather nowadays. For example, Two Chef’s Butter Pork Ribs, KOK Sen’s Big Prawn Noodles, and King Eng See Seafood’s Ming Zhu Rolls.

The signature dishes include Big Prawns Horn ($16, $32, $48), Big Prawns Bee Hewn Soup ($16, $32, $48), Crispy Noodles with Shrimp Omelette ($12, $$1836), King PAO Frogs Stir Fried with Dried Chili ($20), Cereal Butter Squid ($14, $21, $28), Samba Banking ($10, $14, $18), Black Pepper Beef ($14, $18, $24), and Thai Style Fried Rice ($6.50, $13, $19). This Cantonese-style restaurant most famous dish is its Big Prawns Bee Hewn Soup, costing a pricey $16 for the smallest portion in a seemingly humble Richard place.

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For Sauna Prawns and Salted Egg So tong There are some reasons for its success: positive reviews from critics and bloggers, and a fairly interesting variety of Singapore meets Malaysian Richard dishes. For those who have yet to try their food, their recommended dishes include Sauna Prawns, Three Eggs Chinese Spinach, Champagne Pork Ribs, Superior Chicken Soup, An Xians Fried Rice, Pumpkin Bean curd, Diamond An Xians Crab, Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clams, Salted Egg So tong, and Hong Kong Steamed Fish.

Arriving like a round pancake, the Beeton was crusty on the outside layer, yet moist and flavorsome on the inside where the bee hewn had soaked up the rich stock. Butter Pork Ribs Two Chefs describes themselves as “high class dishes at Richard prices”.

I was expecting a wetter sauce, but the mighty crustacean came in a drier form such that the fleshly crabs had already absorbed some flavors. The outer coating was grainy with a moderate touch of sweetness, added with fragrance from the curry leaves and butter.

The kitchen would first deep-fry the snake-head fish bones, cook the stock for hours till it forms a white, almost-milky base. Many fish soup stalls now use the shortcut by adding evaporated milk to give that creamy mouth feel, but Also still use the labor-intensive way.

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