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Big Prawn Bee Hewn And Clay pot Yong Tau Foo With a history of more than 37 years, it is known to serve different-from-usual wok-fried hi char, with some dishes unique to this restaurant. The signature dishes include Big Prawns Horn ($16, $32, $48), Big Prawns Bee Hewn Soup ($16, $32, $48), Crispy Noodles with Shrimp Omelette ($12, $$1836), King PAO Frogs Stir Fried with Dried Chili ($20), Cereal Butter Squid ($14, $21, $28), Samba Banking ($10, $14, $18), Black Pepper Beef ($14, $18, $24), and Thai Style Fried Rice ($6.50, $13, $19).

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While deep-fried, the inside remains very smooth and silky, poured over by a flavorful sauce with super-power wotcha. An underrated dish that I enjoyed is the Fried Beef For Fun with Black Bean Sauce.

For those who have yet to try their food, their recommended dishes include Sauna Prawns, Three Eggs Chinese Spinach, Champagne Pork Ribs, Superior Chicken Soup, An Xians Fried Rice, Pumpkin Bean curd, Diamond An Xians Crab, Garlic Steamed Bamboo Clams, Salted Egg So tong, and Hong Kong Steamed Fish. Many calamari dishes tried elsewhere failed big time, usually tasting rubbery and overpowered by salted egg yolk sauce.

Butter Pork Ribs Two Chefs describes themselves as “high class dishes at Richard prices”. It tastes like dried up condensed milk, while the traces of curry leave add a hint of fragrance.

White Pepper Crab and Salted Egg Prawn Roll Accordingly, the chefs from JB Ah Men are from across the causeway, and cook in feisty Malaysian style with wotcha. But after chomping down those sweet fleshy chunks on meat tossed in piquant kick of white pepper, I think there is some truth in that statement.

Some signatures include the Sliced Fish Noodle Soup ($7.50++ for a single serving, $24++ for 3-4 persons, $38++ for 5-6 persons), Prawn Paste Chicken ($15.50++), Spare Pork Ribs (18.5++), Deep Fried Frog with Ginger (22++), Samba Cuttlefish (18++), Beef and Fresh Crab Meat For Fun with Black Bean Sauce and Egg (18++), Fried Yam (8++). The kitchen would first deep-fry the snake-head fish bones, cook the stock for hours till it forms a white, almost-milky base.

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Many fish soup stalls now use the shortcut by adding evaporated milk to give that creamy mouth feel, but Also still use the labor-intensive way. The soup is paired with simple ingredients of white rice noodles and crunchy vegetables, and you could taste traces of wine that made it more uplifting.

Reviewed 11 December 2020 Where do I even begin to describe how marvelous their signature crab bee hewn dish is. That scrumptious...gravy gets soaked up by the bee hewn, making every mouthful of it a heavenly experience.

Reviewed 5 December 2020 via mobile My 1st time at Long Hi Richard, , after hearing some good recommendations. Their crab was gigantic (more than 1.5 kg), so if 2-3 people are eating, then you can't order too much side dishes.

Girls may have problem 'kipping' or breaking the tough shells, even with pliers. The Wolf berry Leaves Soup was very refreshing and not laden with excessive MSG.

It was delicious but a bit too heavy in taste, so one can't eat too much of it. I also tried their Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs , as it is simplistic and would reveal the skills of the chef.

#choowai2020 #wongchoowai #goodies #longjizichar #yummy dinners #crabbeehoon #cockles #cockle #laoshufen #laoshufenclaypot #sgfoodstagram #sgfoodblogger #wolf berry #Beeton #beehooncrab # outran #food porn #sgfoodbloggersMore The wok hey from the Beeton that was stir-fried with a copious amount of garlic, and the thick, flavorful broth are perfect when combined....SO GOOD.

Other dishes worth ordering include the drunken prawns in clay pot, stir-fried Mesa, coffee pork ribs and green dragon vegetable stir-fried with garlic. We were seated near the toilet, had to borrow chairs from other tables and help clean up the table ourselves, the restaurant was busy and noisy the entire evening and servers was not friendly at all.

Despite the ambience being a 4/10, I would still return to Long Hi because the food is wonderful! More Reviewed 10 May 2021 As far as I don’t normally leave negative feedbacks about restaurants on social media, but this issue is by far the most terrible experience I ever had with LONG I RICHARD.

I waited patiently as I know today is special occasion and clashed into Circuit Breaker. Has been tracking the delivery status all along but it still under preparation, Zero accountability here and there has been absolutely no way for us to at least cancel the order.

Reviewed 11 April 2021 via mobile Thanks to COVID-19, we ordered delivery for my aunt's birthday. We had the signature crab Beeton, cemented pork belly and prawn paste chicken.

They even threw in a complimentary stir-fried Leila. Reviewed 20 January 2021 via mobile This restaurant was recommended as a meeting place as my companion had dined here previously.

The cuisine is distinctly Chinese, so do expect pork dishes. My companion did remark that the...one of the dishes we ordered tasted a tad blend, and I can understand that, as Chinese cooking is all about gauges and estimates.

Reviewed 5 August 2019 Delicious crab Bee Hoon, and we even got complimentary Leila too! Most The char places offer only a seafood rendition of the time-honoured yam ring.

JB101 gives you 3 options (pork, seafood and chicken). The yam ring itself lacked the flakiness of a , and could have been slightly over-fried.

Am glad that they have an in-house watering hole on the same premise (reaches for that San Miguel tower)... You’ve got to give the a good mix with the broth.

The Huey Dial wine accent was a nice touch and the broth was light. The meat has a crustiness from its deep-fry, but is still quite tender.

$85 for a whole crab is the going rate these days for the Sri Lankan variety. They're quite a well-known zichar, and I've been here for the clay pot me tai MAK.

Huge fried drumstick that was crispy and flavorful. However, the again Ohio didn’t taste like much, it felt like soy sauce noodlesrather pricey for such a dish and Low standard of pasta.

You could also mildly taste the natural sweetness from the silken tofu. @laibaosg is definitely your neighborhood Richard stall serving up some warm soothing steamboat soup that’s especially suitable for the cold weather nowadays.

Have always wanted to try out this place as I’d read some pretty good reviews about their fish head steamboat. For the , I ordered Red Grouper and topped up an extra portion of forest mushroom.

Though the soup was creamy and smooth, I had expectations of it to be sweeter and more flavorful. @laibaosg is definitely your neighborhood Richard stall serving up some warm soothing steamboat soup that’s especially suitable for the cold weather nowadays.

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