Best Zombie Books Of All Time

James Smith
• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
• 9 min read

Sale Even though The Reapers Are the Angels by Alden Bell focuses on a 15-year-old, that doesn’t mean it’s a YA book. Temple’s story takes place in the near future 25-years after zombies first appear, a perfect setting to explore a society caught between what it once was and a brutal new world.

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It revolves around protagonist Zed Zane who finds his mother dead on the living room floor where his combined stepdad looks on with crazy eyes and a rabid blood-lust. Sale Monster Island by David Wellington takes place just a month after the zombie apocalypse begins where just a few pockets of humanity remain.

Its brutality and unforgiving nature, pitting mankind against seemingly impossible odds are an ode to I Am Legend (the novel, not the movie, although that was also good). The story pairs a military man with an army of schoolgirls in an effort to find medical supplies in a zombie -infested New York City.

The Rising is a tale of perseverance when faced with impossible odds, and it delves deeply into what a man would do to find his lost child. The first novel of Mira Grant’s Newsflash Trilogy, Feed, is the best in the series, and it has an interesting premise where cancer has been cured…but replaced with a bloodthirsty hunger for those who have been cured.

20 years following the outbreak, a couple of journalists aim to uncover the dark conspiracy at the root of the disease. The idea is that Feed, Deadline, and Blackout are supposed to (and do) have parallels with the real world we live in now, and that’s part of what makes them electrifying.

Essentially, all you really need to know about The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan is that it’s like M. Night Shaman’s The Village, except what’s beyond the fence is actually freight-inducing. In Devil’s Wake, an alien race attempts to bring Earth’s civilization crumbling to its knees by using a zombie plague.

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The story follows a group who must venture a thousand miles in an old school bus while battling hordes of zombies, raiders, and each other. The book is set at the height of a zombie outbreak and follows six students who take to the local high school for shelter.

While the ravenous undead pound on the windows and doors to get inside, the six individuals fight for survival within the school’s walls. The plague that creates this novel’s zed problem is the quickest-moving diseases we’ve seen yet, with 99% of the world’s population being wiped out in just 24 hours.

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