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The best books about Zombies aren’t just good reads during fall but they’re perfect for sure. While we love classic zombie books with dystopian futures we also wanted to create a list of unique zombie books with writers who aim to change your mind about the genre. Zombies come in many shapes, sizes, and personalities, and they can come with the most fun and entertaining world-building you’ll find in books.

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We want to prove that while zombie books are great at scaring the Dejesus out of you they are also able to make you laugh, cry or fall in love. Justina Ireland quickly became a celebrated author in the historical fiction and zombie horror genre.

The first book swept fans of the undead off their feet and couldn’t wait to finally read more about 19th century USA and a kick-ass female protagonist zombie hunter Jane McKee ne. She is always prepared for the worst, but when Summer land falls, she expects a somewhat easier life to come, with fewer troubles.

To ease the pain she makes an unlikely ally; Katherine Devereaux, who has seen the USA at its darkest hour and learned to appreciate a companion like Jane. Life seems to be a much more relaxed nowadays than it was between the Civil War and WW2 when a virus turned people into ravaging bloodsuckers and flesh-eaters.

At every dark hour of history FVA (Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency) came to the rescue but thanks to vaccination, there was no need for them. A new strain seems to turn people but luckily a kick-ass agent is nearby to face and eliminate the threat.

This eye-catching and bone-chilling graphic novel by David Fine (written) and Roy Allan Martinez (Illustrator) is definitely going to your new favorite. You are in for a scary time with this zombie horror, which has a new angle on how the world may end this week.

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Seth Grahame-Smith is a huge fan of horror movies but simply cannot stand scenes, where characters die who could have survived easily. We think everyone agrees, it is important to make the scenes relatable and realistic to be terrifying.

Anyway, if you love horror movies, enjoy a good mocking of them, or just simply looking for some dark humor, this is your book. You can be assured of a great time, the same author brought Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter among many other hilarious horror books.

It may sound a negative description, but the truth is Alden Bell has a great talent when it comes to awakening all sorts of feelings with her books. Naturally, we have heard of the undead taking over the living and forcing the handful of survivors to run or seek shelter.

What makes This is Not a Test outstanding is the fact that this time we have six teens who barricade themselves into their school and do their best to survive. It still a pretty imaginable scenario, but one of them, Sloane is rather welcoming the little desired gruesome death and what comes after as a zombie.

She doesn’t want to live anymore, even before the breakout she found very little joy in her life. There is a very interesting dynamic in the group, and it seems the real threat isn’t coming from outside but the youngsters crumbling under the pressure may bring upon their end.

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He has an outstanding sense of humor and a pretty fascinating imagination when it comes to how the world can become a terrible place just in a moment. Jake is a quiet, difficult-to-notice kind of guy, who would only dare to dream about beautiful girls like the school’s number one Amanda.

Obviously things cannot get back to normal and when a secret agent, Class is after them, who later becomes their companion, they have to leave their home. As the title references to the soul-searching book, Jake, Amanda and Class go on a journey themselves to figure some stuff out.

In case you were wondering Brad Pitt’s Zombie movie (with the same title) World War Z is based on this book and the second one is announced. He doesn’t want to join his brother, a zombie hunter as they aren’t very close.

Furthermore, it is a delight to find two strong females brought to life as Nix and Lilac. Additionally, despite having a mostly dark vibe as most books with zombies, there is also plenty of humor hidden in the pages.

The book has plenty of funny, entertaining lines to lighten the mood, but it’s also able to quickly pull you back into the dark reality of its world. However, we think if you enjoy unique worlds you’re going to love this science fiction novel that combines the world of steampunk with zombies in an alternate history version of Seattle. Cherie Priest has a very good concept going on with a unique writing style.

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It’s a one of a kind steampunk book about zombies that may start off a little slow, however, it is necessary to build up the story. The Boneshaker, a gigantic drill was invented by Dr. Blue to unearth Pacific Northwest’s gold reserves.

The drilling resulted in releasing a gas in Seattle that turned people into zombies who inhaled it. Dr. Blue’s widow, Brian Wilkes, and their son, Ezekiel are struggling to shed his negative reputation.

This rather funny paranormal fantasy fiction with a story you’ll find nowhere else. Angel has a lot of difficulties fitting in society, nothing works out for her. Everything changes on the day when Angel wakes up in a hospital after a car crash without a scratch.

With its outstanding story and character building, it is a superb read for those who love books with dark humor and some zombie comedy. It gives us the opportunity to peek into how people react and how dynamics shape in surviving groups. The artwork itself is great and is creating a melancholy that helps you imagine yourself in the characters’ situation.

Not to mention surviving when ferocious walking dead people want to take a bite from you. The excitement, the hope things will work out for the better make you read the book in one sit.

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Alice in Zombie land is an entertaining and fun young adult zombie story. Despite this Gena Show alter has done a good job creating a kick-ass lead female character, who has to go through the same issues in Combined just like the Alice we know and love had to in Wonderland.

Alice has lived her life abiding her father’s rules, who was always sure zombies exist. It is a fun and easy book with zombies, where nothing indigestible or gore comes along.

The characters have distinctive personalities, unique voices, which can be a rare find in the young adult romance fantasy world. Seth Grahame-Smith has really done the impossible and turned Jane Austen’s beloved classic into a thrilling zombie novel.

Secondly, the Bennet sisters are well-trained Shaolin Kung Fu fighters making them the best zombie hunters in the county. One thing is for sure; it’s going to be one of the weirdest and funniest books about zombies you’ll ever read.

The book, however, really deserves more attention as Isaac Marion has kind of created the zombie version of Twilight. So don’t think it is a simple knock off and the only difference is that the handsome and polite vampire was just swapped to a zombie.

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Star Trek geeks and zombie fans brace yourselves because Night of The Living Trekkie is a surprisingly fun, well written and geek-friendly book awaits your reading glasses. Kevin David Anderson has really done it when combined two of our favorite things Star Trek and Zombies.

The story is about Jim Pike who has just been promoted to assistant manager at a two-star hotel, where a Star Trek convention is being held. But don’t worry his survival instincts kick in while he also has to deal with his PTSD because of his time spent in Afghanistan where he lost his troops.

Throughout the book, we meet superb characters, laugh hard on funny dialogues and get emotionally invested. There are plenty of Start Trek and even some Star Wars references along with hilarious situations.

Happy Hour of The Damned is something else… This chick flick zombie novel is a completely different read from the ones above. Meet Amanda Feral, a marketing executive, who had just been turned to a zombie.

Up until one day, her undead friend disappears and Amanda has to realize; death wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to her. Prepare for a little cussing along with gruesome scenes as Amanda takes on the dark side of Seattle.

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Upon arriving at the office, the not-so-happily married couple sees Dr. Kelly munching on his previous client. And last but not least the lovable and relatable characters make the story into a completely tasty, saucy, zombie slaughter.

This is in part due to the runaway success of The Walking Dead and World War Z. So, just for you wonderful people, I present some best zombie apocalypse books written in the last few years.

If you’d like specific books about zombies to be added, feel free to drop me an email. However, Patient Zero as a book had me glued from start to finish, thanks to a strong cast of characters and well-written action scenes.

I think fans of military-themed zombie apocalypse books will fully enjoy author Jonathan Mayberry’s release. The plot centers on the legendary Joe Ledger, a hardened Baltimore detective, who joins a secret response team to stop terrorists.

Overall, I find Patient Zero to be one of bestzombiebooks in recent years, told in a fast-moving military style. As an anthropologist, I really appreciate author Sophie Little field’s attention to underlying cultural themes, explored amid the bleak setting of a zombie apocalypse.

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Class then embarks on a dangerous search for her daughter, seeking help in a world filled with flesh-hungry Beaters (i.e. zombies). Interestingly, I first met author Rhiannon Crater online many years ago on an obscure forum for horror fans.

Fast-forward a decade later and Rhiannon is now an accomplished author being published by Tor Books. Among her most celebrated releases is the As The World Dies zombie apocalypse trilogy, beginning with The First Days.

And, yes, there are sections in the book where author Mira Grant veers too deep into the technical aspects of online journalism. The Newsflash series offers plenty of character and emotional depth, wrapped up by a largely satisfying ending.

From Extinction Horizon and beyond, author Nicholas Smith feeds you an exquisite serving of frenzied zombie action. This military story follows Master Sergeant Reed Beckham who, as leader of his Delta Force Team, has lived through his fair share of nightmarish missions.

However, his worst hell begins when his team is sent in to investigate a super-secret research facility that’s gone dark. An epic catastrophe soon unfolds when they discover that infected zombies have started to spread across cities, threatening human extinction.

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While coming across as a back-to-basics thriller, you’ll be surprised to find a host of intriguing characters woven into an addictive narrative fabric. The plot brims with solid dialogue, coupled with attention to military & scientific detail.

At the start, you aren’t fully informed of what Melanie’s ‘gifts’ really are, leaving you guessing. Older than most books on this list, The Rising treks a father’s journey through a zombie apocalypse in an effort to rescue his son.

The plot centers on a group of students who find themselves trapped in school, with a zombie horde pounding to get in. In Cell, a zombie -like virus known as The Pulse is able to spread via cellphone reception, turning people into hungry, angry freaks.

However, I think the strong plot and surprisingly charming characters will definitely find an audience with adults alike. However, as far as zombie novels go, The Briefing seems to be a hugely overlooked gem for the genre (based on the many five-star reviews I’ve read).

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