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Carole Stephens
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
• 8 min read

In Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Mode, you have the choice of taking a predefined class or creating your own one. The preset classes are a great way to dabble in combat upgrades and get a feel for which ones can be really useful during full waves.

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It is accessible at the start of the game and can do good damage to zombies, but above all has a more than average point contribution. On the video above, we can see that the upgrade inflicts good damage on zombies and can be an excellent way to clean an area, or even get out of a dead end with much fewer problems.

Players are scrambling to figure out the best AK-47 class loadout in the game to increase the potential of this punchy Assault Rifle. The thing to understand about the AK-47 is that it falls short (literally) when it comes to range drop-off values compared with other Assault Rifles.

That’s why our first attachment is the 18.2” Takedown barrel, because a 150% increase to your effective range allows you to hit harder at various distance thresholds extending out to nearly 100 meters. The next most important attachment is the KGB Skeletal Stock, which is one of the strongest attachments in Cold War at the moment, delivering a massive boost to sprint to fire time and aim walking speed, at the cost of hip fire accuracy (which you shouldn’t be relying on with the AK-47 anyway).

Add to this the KGB Eliminator and the Smetana Speedgrip, and you’ve got a 100% flash suppressor alongside better recoil stats across the board. And finally we’ve opted for the GRU Elastic Wrap for its high boost to ADS speed and flinch resistance.

Optic: Sill ix Holocaust Body: KGB Target Designated Magazine: 40 And Speed Mag And that wraps up our guide to the best AK-47 class loadout we’ve found so far in Call Of Duty: Cold War.

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Plenty of Christmas noobs will be filling up the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 servers this holiday season. To help new players quickly get set up to kill hordes of the living dead, we've put together this guide with the best beginner loadouts for Black Ops 4 Zombies.

These two tabs provide a unique set of classes for the different Zombies storylines in Black Ops 4. At the time of writing, there are only two Zombies maps that use the Ether Story: Blood of the Dead and Classified.

Once you level up and unlock more perks, Elixirs, Equipment, and Start Weapons, you can begin to have some more fun in Zombies create-a- class. Call of Duty: War zone’s Zombie Royale is absolute mayhem.

Dropping into Verdant armed with nothing and ending up with a horde of zombies bearing down on you like ravenous dogs is a terrifying thrill. I’d actually say the feeling of terror I’m always in whilst playing Zombie Royale is an ideal horror experience.

Aside from the unfortunate supply box jump scares, the feeling of constant insecurity thanks to the fact that literally anything can happen and the chaos can always claim you gives me a truly immersive, creeping horror experience. I’m scared to move, I’m terrified of going outside, I’m constantly twitching, checking my six just to make sure a zombie isn’t getting the jump on me.

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After playing a whole load of War zone’s Zombie Royale since its launch, I’m gutted it won’t be here to stay after the spooky season. If you bounce around and find two antiviral syringes from dead bodies other players have killed, you can respawn as a human without any bloodshed.

The initial circle crams 150 people into a much smaller amount of space, so loot quickly as the action will start immediately. When you die as a human, you can go back to your own body and take the antiviral syringe if another zombie hasn’t taken it already.

The MP5 is my favorite close-ranged weapon for Zombie Royale because it absolutely shreds baddies who get in your face. Even at mid-ranges it deals solid damage, and you can follow up a body shot with your HDR by switching to the MP5 and finishing the enemy off.

Finally, the Claymore makes an appearance, although it’s just as valid to bring out a Proximity Mine. If you’re hunkering down somewhere, it’s helpful to cover your back with an explosive and make sure you can stay focused on the task ahead.

Zombie has, since its inception, been a more full-fledged game-within-a-game than it ever was a simple game mode, sporting its very own player base that is oftentimes completely separate from the main Cod cohort of fans. Some familiar faces return to form and some new entrants make a splash in the arsenal of weaponry to choose from this time around, so follow us while we walk you through our picks for the best guns in Cold War Zombies.

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In a game mode where you’re looking to mow down waves of zombies rather than singular foes, features like magazine size, movement speed, and straight-power become favored over pinpoint accuracy or ADS time. Indeed, the Ray-Gun was so powerful upon release that Trey arch was forced to hard-nerf it to a third of its original damage to prevent it from being, in the truest sense of the word, broken.

With a large magazine and tons of damage, the RPD LEG is not only king of the acronym but an excellent choice for players looking to annihilate zombie hordes en-masse. Until then, pairing the RPD with a capable alternate to protect you on the off-chance you make a misstep while reloading is a great way to safely escort yourself to the latter rounds of Zombies.

With incredible power, trademark AOE, and a surprisingly effective range for a shotgun, the Gallo SA12 can see you through a few dozen rounds with ease. One of the bonus features of the Gallo is that it can be purchased right off the wall at the Crash Site, making it a ready go-to for anybody looking to get some mileage in Zombies with an accessible setup.

Source A classic of early Cod games, the M16 is back with a vengeance this time around in Cold War, and Zombies is no exception. An all-around tactical rifle, where it falls short in close-range in Multiplayer, with many dozens of bodies for each burst to find home in, the M16 is a much more versatile weapon.

That depends on your favored play style, but Cold War’s version of the M4 delivers on the reliability and adaptability for which the weapon has always been known. Right now, the XM4 sits in the upper middle of the pack, hitting harder than other weapons in its class while still losing out to Cold War’s dominant SMS.

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Even if it’s not naturally ideal for Cold War’s mostly small maps, the XM4 is a solid, accessible rifle for new players that can be competitive in the right hands. To help you kit out this modular beast, I’ve put together a list of the best Cold War XM4 loadouts that will serve you well.

Optic: Microflex LED Muzzle: Infantry Compensator Barrel: 13.7” Extended Under barrel: Foregrip Handle: Field Tape (Image credit: Activision)A simple red-dot sight with minimal zoom and excellent peripheral vision.

With the combined recoil steadiness of the compensator, foregrip, and field tape, the XM4 effectively becomes a precision laser. The extended barrel helps here, too, heavily increasing bullet velocity to make the weapon feel like hit scan at almost any distance.

The basis of the build is the Task Force barrel that, in a rare move for Cold War attachments, actually raises the damage to the weapon at a heavy cost to ammo and recoil. (Image credit: Activision)Heavily increases effective damage range at the cost of sprinting move speed.

In Fire team Dirty Bomb and Combined Arms, a proper scope like the Royal & Cross 4X is necessary, as is the 13.7” Takedown barrel that cranks up damage range as high as it’ll go. Recoil and flinch resistance are secondary concerns, so take the Muzzle Brake, Foregrip, SAS Jungle Grip or equivalent attachments that you’re more comfortable with.

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