Best Zombie Comics

Ava Flores
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
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I used to sneak into the theater just to catch the latest goriest zombie flick. But I do have a theory on why the government forces you to be buried in cement crypts now... and it's not disease as they may claim.

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I'm just kidding of course I'm not a loon well a maybe a loon, but my heart is in the right place... until it ripped still beating from my chest by the undead!! Written by Trevor Van As Published: 31 Oct, 2013 • Updated: 17 Aug, 2020 Zombies are terrifying.

Not only are they rotting corpses that have a cannibalistic hunger for flesh, but the fact that they were once human makes them send shivers up people’s spine. While frightening audiences, zombies have been used as metaphors to comment on aspects of real life.

Film-makers like George A Romero, who shaped zombies into what we know them today, is a prime example with many of his films commenting on society. The advantage is that you can tell whatever story you like for your budget and the nature of the ongoing narrative has been appealing to many and there have been many successful zombie comics in recent times.

The Walking Dead uses your classic zombie concepts but the further the series progresses begins to add some interesting twists on them, especially when it comes to becoming one. The New Edwardian is a unique take on zombie comics, commenting on the English class system, especially in the Edwardian period.

The series follows Chief Inspector George Settle in a world where the upper-class are vampires and the lower classes are zombies and humans. The other is the way that the comic explores greed by juxtaposing their unnatural hunger against the knowledge of the heroes they once were.

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Visually, this zombie comic has created an interesting world with crazy robot designs and a bleak post-apocalyptic landscape. The series also uses wild ideas from robots that can reassemble themselves at the push of a button to Zombietaurs (a zombie Minotaur).

The series featured many top writers and artists including Steve Nile's, Monte Cook, Ming Doyle and many more. Gwen is a zombie, but in order for her to pass off as a normal person, as well as keep her memories and intelligence, she must eat a brain a month.

Using these thoughts, she teams up with an array of odd characters to fulfil the recently deceased final wishes. Studios released a 28 Days Later comic series that bridged the gap between the movie and its sequel, 28 Weeks Later.

Based upon the classic film by George A Romero, Night of the Living Dead comic first serving as a prequel. Fanboys Vs Zombies is a currently running series and, at the time of writing this, is up to issue #19 and is collected in 3 trade paperbacks.

On Sunday, April 24, 1966, this small unsuspecting town, nestled in the valley of Breakneck Creek, PA, becomes the epicenter of a seeming apocalypse: the dead are reviving. In ten stories that start in the universe established by the cult classic Night of the Living Dead, follow Double Take’s new diverse, exciting characters as they find that there are more than just hordes of walking dead rising…but also 51-foot-tall women, mad scientists, and indestructible teens.

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Each story is unique, but as a collection, stands together with the others to create an ultimately immersive world. And, if you love the original 1968 film, you won’t be disappointed as we revive our favorite characters from the cult classic.

Starting in 2003 by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, with art duties later transferring to Charlie Ad lard, The Walking Dead tells the story of Rick Grimes during the zombie apocalypse. As fans of the television show know, Rick was a deputy injured on the job and was in a coma when the zombie thing started.

He wakes up in the middle of the zombie outbreak and tries to find his wife, help other survivors, and ultimately build a community. The Walking Dead doesn’t shy away from death, and a lot of your favorite characters will die, but it’s also one of the most realistic zombie stories out there.

Video, the protagonist of I Am a Hero, struggles for quite a while with heroism when the zombie apocalypse hits Japan. Video sees himself as more of a side character, not a hero, and accordingly spends a good time at the beginning of the story simply running away.

Now Officer Dana Cypress has to deal with them too, in addition to an awful murder investigation. Revival is a fantastic dark, noir crime comic with a female lead.

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Brian Ralph takes advantage of the visual medium of graphic novels to tell his zombie story in Daybreak. Like its source material the zombie genre just won't die, dominating comics, movies, TV and popular culture as a whole.

Fear the Walking Dead is set in the earliest days of the zombie outbreak, before society crumbled into chaos. If you enjoy gorgeous artwork and a book that expertly plays with familiar zombie tropes, grab Afterlife with Archie today.

DC's Blackest Night explored the concepts of death and resurrection in a superhero universe through the eyes of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, who’s not exactly a stranger to dying himself. The culmination of Geoff Johns’ “War of Light” trilogy, The Blackest Night pits Hal Jordan and his allies against Neuron, the embodiment of death in the DC Universe.

After resurrecting a host of dead superheroes to form his Black Lantern Corps, Neuron attacks Earth, hoping to uncover a hidden secret that would erase every living thing on the planet. But the real draw was seeing solidified versions of DC's characters, reanimated to grotesque life by the Black Lantern rings.

A mix of bright colors and dull grays, The Blackest Night masterfully blends zombie horror with traditional superhero tropes. Gorgeously drawn by Ivan Was, the story ends several long teased Green Lantern plot lines and set up the final act of the DC Universe before it rebooted in 2011.

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Revival stars a cast of characters in a small Wisconsin town struggling to deal with the sudden rebirth of many of their friends and family. Prevnext Although it’s a fun mash up of the zombie and crime procedural genres, CW’s zombie has little in common with its comic book counterpart.

IZombie ’s comic inspiration stars a young woman named Gwen, who works at a graveyard to hide her brain eating ways. Like the star of the CW series, Gwen needs to eat brains on a regular basis to retain her intelligence and not turn into a stereotypical shambling zombie.

IZombie is a bright and chic take on the zombie genre, featuring impeccably dressed heroes and villains, and a mix of goofy humor and old-fashioned drama. Night is falling, and it’s down to just me, my best friend Eric, and Laura, the girl I like, that I’ve never told how I feel about her.

He says it’s a cold, but with the undead walking around outside… Well, point being, I should probably get through this list of the top ten zombie comic books ever quickly: And it is, as the Great Detective battles the undead in the late, lamented Windstorm’s mini-series and its sequel.

Eric certainly liked the sly winks to Holmes continuity, before he started to get so interested in my head. Studios series of short zombie stories hits the dead spot just right.

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There're shorts from great writers like John Rogers and Keith Geffen; and the stories run the gamut from gut-bustingly funny, to gut-twistingly scary. But we’re fond of the grittier MAX version, which found a mostly human Garth stuck in a world that’s dealing with the zombie epidemic, rather than overrun by it.

Again, there’s been a ton of series featuring Marvel’s version of superpowered zombies, from their encounter with The Ultimate Fantastic Four, to Robert Kirkman’s originals. But it’s the later series, written by Fred Van Lent, that found the concept hitting the right groove between ridiculous, gross, and sad.

The “last” issue, set in the real world, as a sad nerd becomes the lone participant in a zombie outbreak perfectly played pathos with humor. Bellboy’s Mike Magnolia crafts an action-packed, yet creepy tale of a mad necromancer looking to raise the dead, and the team of experts trying to stop him.

From Ashley Wood’s superb painted art, to the raucous robot action written by Chris Ry all, it was justifiably spun off into more and more ridiculous miniseries. Chris Roberson and Mike Allied’s take on zombies as weirdos on the fringe of society is as bizarre as anything on the stands, mixing monsters and humans in a frothy, intrigue and romance filled mix.

But it’s the grounding Roberson brings to the title, as well as the central relationship that… Why Laura? Oh, Laura, as we make the beast with the two backs ourselves, finding one moment of peace among the ruins of our society, it seems particularly appropriate to tell you about my choice for the third best zombie comic of all time, Zombies.

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I’ve offered to stay awake, but I cannot stop looking at her beautiful golden hair, or counting down the top zombie comics ever. And number two is clearly The Goon, Eric Powell’s intensely creative book about a man just trying to protect his town from an undead menace, while constantly losing everyone and everything he’s ever cared about.

For a book that often seems more about gags and gross-outs, it has a real grounded center of emotion that often figuratively, and literally, rips your heart out. My true love Laura and I surrounded by undead hordes who only want to feast on our brains and flesh, one unused grenade, and the best zombie comic book ever made.

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