Best Zombie Deck 2020 Yugioh

Daniel Brown
• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Going second, you have hand traps main decked already like Ash Blossom and Infinite Impermanence and you can deal with back row and negates with Twin Twister and Super Polymerization. 3 Uni- Zombie for your main tuner plays and for sending cards to the grave.

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2 Glow-Up Bloom to get large bodies like Dooming and Jack-o-Bolan out onto the field or to search LV 5 or higher zombies like Vampire Fräulein. 3 Shrank Solitaire to summon Uni- Zombie or Glow-Up Bloom from deck.

3 Mizuki which you can choose to play at 2 who summons zombies from grave. 2 Necroworld Banshee to ensure a Zombie World on the field.

3 Super Polymerization to deal with your opponent's board and for a form of interruption when you set it on turn 1. 1 Card Destruction to set up your grave and to get targets for Jack-o-Bolan and Ice Dragon's Prison.

Extra Deck isn't that important, so you can choose to play Pot of Extravagance if you want. 1 Chaos Ruler, the Chaotic Magical Dragon for the mill effect.

Ironically 1 Rampaging Smash tank Rhynosaber since it's synchro Nearly who can tag out into materials for a LV 7 synchros which would be Red-Eyes Zombie Nero Dragon which is a massive body, and it has a similar monster-stealing effect to Fräulein. Vampire Sucker for draw power and tribute summoning Dooming LULU.

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Waiting for an actually good generic Zombie XYZ Monster Try to get Red eyes zombie Nero dragon out, and he will be your main damage dealer.

Vampire sucker + red eyes on the field just becomes draw a card once a turn and steal one of your opponents monsters. All mine decks are well tested and optimized in terms of draw power, dead hand, synergy.

Very interesting and short link combo starting from one card, with an overwhelming end result. A decent hybrid deck made up from burn cards, floodgates and of course random effects.

Interesting thing in this deck is that we CEN use very rare phenomenon in GO which is “infinite loop”. Simple and fun deck for fans of Red Dragon Archfiend.

My old idea adapted to current ban list and with application new cards. Fun and simple deck, with a little of LOCK, not everything in life must be complicated.

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Do you like Green Meiji, banish cards gain a lot LP and ATK? Cards with peculiar conditions can introduce strange new “rules” for duelists to follow.

It has opened a new era in making Yu-gi-oh Forbidden Memories mods. Forbidden Memories 2 Ghost on both PC and Android, so you can enjoy this game whenever and wherever you want with a mobile phone.

The difficulty level of the game is more challenging than the original version, so I made a decision to share the basic steps to complete this game more easily. If you are a newbie, you should read this guide to enjoy fully the specialty of this game.

Fairy + Beast = Beam 1550/1650(Increased 400 pts for each LIGHT card in your hand). So if you have 3 LIGHT monster cards in your hand this card's power will be: 2750/2850Dinosaur + Beast Warrior = GLADIATOR BEAST SPARTACUS 2.200/1.600(Increased the EARTH attribute by 400 points).

When you defeat Simon Mural in Campaign, he will appear in “FREE DUEL”. After you can fusion stronger monsters easily, you SAVE game and return to Campaign with DUEL GROUND.

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TEANAMAHADISHUZU STARRIEST Sopwith some fusions I gave you above, you can defeat them more easily. After talking to him, you return to CARD SHOP and SAVE the game.

Now you need to focus on ISUZU ISHTAR and PRIEST SET DOOMSAYER DRAGON + Zombie /Dragon = BERSERK DRAGON 3.500/0After dueling with Priest Set, you should build a ZOMBIE desk include: 9 Dragons; 3 King of Skull Servant; 3 Skull servant; 3 Wasteland; the rest are zombie cards and other.

You return to CAMPAIGN, go to Ground Duel and take down KARIM and MARK. Then finish the Ancient Egypt with defeated by KINGSHIP SAKURA.

DRIVING SNOWDestroy monsters with ATK <2.000 pointsNEEDLE CEILINGDestroy monsters with ATK <2.500 pointsAfter that, your ZOMBIE desk should be: 9 Dragons; 3 King of Skull Servant; 3 Skull servant; 2 Buster Rancher; 3 Sword of the soul eater; 3 Zombie dragon; 3 Pumping the king of ghosts; 3 Wasteland; the rest are zombie cards. With this, you can continue to take down MAKE TSUNAMI, RIO SAKURA, SET KAABA, JOEY WHEELER and PEGASUS and finish The Dueling Tournament.

After returning to Ancient Egypt, you talk to Shade at King Valley KING'S VALLEYSHADIThen head to Duel ground and face KARIM 2 and DEANA 2, with ZOMBIE desk let’s finish them as fast as possible.

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Then you search for the map at Pharaoh’s Palace and give it to Shade at King valley. SEA SHRINEMOUTAIN Strengthen you return to Duel ground and take KARIM to save DEANA.

DUELING GROUNDWATER KARIM TO SAVE SENATE VAST Swineherd you need to beat Guardian DOX and escape from the labyrinth with LEFT-RIGH-LEFT-RIGH, and you need to try your best luck to defeat YAM MARK. LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT TO ESCAPE FROM THE LABYRINTHAfter saving DEANA, you need to finish the rest mages, do not let your guard down, High mage ANUBIS and KENDRA are really powerful.

SAKURETSU ARMORDestroy all monsters (except: Immune to trap Monsters) Finishing getting 3 MESOMORPH, your desk now should be: 3 King of Skull Servant; 3 Skull servant; 3 Mega morph, 2 Buster Rancher; 3 Sword of the soul eater; 3 Zombie dragon; 3 Pumping the king of ghosts; 3 Wasteland; the rest are zombie, dragon and powerful traps. AKNADINODION ISHTARTHIEF KING SAKURA 2NDYAMI MARK 2NDDIABOUNDZORC NECROPHADESPHARAOH ITEM Facing Pharaoh Item, you should choose “DUEL” to unlock him in the “FREE DUEL” Win or lose, you still finish the game. Congrats, you have finished the great journey.

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