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Brent Mccoy
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
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Dwellings we now have access to the field spell Zombie World, we expect Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon to be used a lot more again because people will want to test out this card in their deck list. This means it has great synergy with RED, however it remains to be seen if this actually is better than beat down.

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Kaaba Posthumous Army Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. The field spell Zombie World is very strong because it is able to shut down, or severely slow down other decks that rely on tribute summoning.

Cyber Angels can’t use Machine Angel Absolute Ritual anymore to use resources from their graveyard, Ninjas and Ancient Gears can’t tribute summon anymore, Hazy Flame decks can no longer use Beast Rising’s effect. To top it off, every monster you destroy with Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon will be special summoned to your side of the field.

This is obviously the ace monster of this deck, and even though it’s a 7-star monster, it can easily be summoned thanks to Suzuki and Red-Eyes Spirit. The field spell Zombie World also has great synergy with Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon, because now every monster you destroy with Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon will come to your side of the field since it will be treated as a Zombie monster. You can also use the Posthumous Skill to turn your opponent's monsters into Zombies and to take control of them.

However, even if your Samurai Skull is Floodgate d/destroyed as soon as you summon it, you can still use its effect while Suzuki can't. You only run one copy of this card in your deck because you can only use its effect once per duel, you don’t want to draw it, and you can easily send it to the graveyard at the start of the duel thanks to Suzuki or Samurai Skull.

It can also be used to stop your attack in case your opponent activates cards like Wall of Disruption. Sending a RED to the graveyard and taking Red-Eyes Spirit sets you up to immediately summon it on the next turn.

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Pay attention to always send a Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon from your deck to the graveyard and not one in your hand, because you want to thin your deck, and keep that Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon in hand in case you can summon it with Suzuki’s effect. Sometimes you want to wait as long as possible before activating Red-Eyes Spirit because if you attack with a monster like Suzuki and your opponent uses a card like Windstorm of Eta qua / Wall of Disruption, you will have prevented your Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon from being affected by it because it wouldn’t be on the field yet.

If you fear that your opponent has a Floodgate Trap Hole set, which he is waiting to use on your Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon, you can play around it by activating Red-Eyes Spirit as Chain Link 2 or higher, this way your opponent won’t be able to use Floodgate Trap Hole when your Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon is summoned. To explain a bit more; imagine you summon or attack with a monster like Suzuki, and your opponent activates Enemy Controller, you will be prompted to activate your Red-Eyes Spirit.

This card works great in a Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon deck because you can chain your Red-Eyes Spirit, as well as Enemy Controller to its activation, and still be able to destroy your opponent’s spell/trap card. If you no longer need Zombie World on your side of the field, or it isn’t useful in a certain matchup you can also use it as fodder to destroy with Storm.

Always has been a great defensive card, but now you can get some extra use out of it; if your opponent attacks your Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon and you destroy their monster thanks to Mirror Wall, that monster will be summoned to your side of the field. A must-have card because of its versatility and its strength against Cyber Angel decks.

Using this against boss monsters like Making, Black Dragon Ninja, Ancient Gear Golem can be game winning on its own. Also helps to slow down the game in case your opening hand isn’t optimal.

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The reason for this is that it lowers the chance of opening with Red-Eyes Spirit and Bacon Saver in your hand which means you slightly raise the chance of having a better opening hand (yes it also slightly lowers the chance of opening with cards like Red-Eyes Insight, but drawing one of the two cards you added to the deck will still be better than drawing Red-Eyes Spirit or Bacon Saver). Remember that there may be situations were you wait until the Battle Phase, after already having attacked, to activate Red-Eyes Spirit.

Some people autoplay and feel the need to always use their beat down skill whenever they can, which isn’t always correct. If it continues to work as it does now it can be very useful in RED decks, however if INAMI changes it, and it only turns the monsters in the Graveyard into Zombies, Beat down will be much better.

CardExplanation Forbidden Chalice Great tech card to run 1-2 copies from, don’t forget if used on your own RED for the attack increase, you won’t be able to special summon the monsters that you defeated in battle if you have Zombie World activated. Wall of Disruption Just like Mirror Wall, Won will help you defend against higher attack monsters, like Making and Black Dragon Ninja, and will also allow you to defeat monsters in battle with your Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon, making them appear on your side of the field when Zombie World is on the field.

Anti-Magic Arrows Because RED decks have a lot of swarm potential they can quickly go for game, however if your opponent has back row, like Wall of Disruption, your whole plan will be stopped. AMA makes it safe for you to go for game. Don’t forget you can activate your Enemy Controller at the start of the Battle Phase followed by Anti-Magic Arrows, that way you can still use your Enemy Controller and Anti-Magic Arrow during the same Battle Phase.

Metal morph Helps swing over big monsters if you don’t run Beat down! Also helps against matchups like Hazy Flame since once their Hazy Flame Sphinx gets boosted there is little you can do, even if you did stop their Beast Rising thanks to your Zombie World field spell.

I actually find Zombie World to work better in a burn lockdown deck. So they can't tribute off their monsters when you lock them down with Mask of the Accursed, Massive morph, Floodgate Trap Hole, etc.

With new cards added every month, Dwellings metadata constantly changing, having gone from a slow game to often just as fast as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Some of these decks were so good, if they were fully unrestricted they would still be the best deck despite how much time has passed since their peak.

Updated January 2nd, 2021 by Johnny Garcia: Zeal World has officially arrived and with it, the introduction of XYZ Monsters to Yu-Gi-Oh! Not only is there an entirely new Monster type, but a new Dwellings Forbidden/Limited list has come out to balance the game to a more healthy meta.

The meta is up in the air with where it will land, but plenty of decks are able to take advantage of the new Forbidden/Limited list as well as new XYZ Monsters. A new box has also recently released, Infinite Ray that gives plenty of boosts to older decks as well as introduces new Archetypes for players to use.

During its prime, Masked HERO cards could beat over nearly all relevant Monsters in the meta game, and could even attack directly if needed to close out games. Dark Magician decks quickly rose up the ranks of power as more cards were added to the game.

Afterward, it could negate Spell and Trap cards with Magician Navigation's Graveyard effect. These hits would ultimately take Crystals out of the meta after dominating it for months, but their impact on the game's history was set in stone.

Black wings were in the game for a while, however, it wasn't until the release of Aerial Assault that they met their full potential. Shrank was one of the easiest decks to build, as all the cards needed for it were in just one Mini Box.

Shrank left the meta due to all the hits after cementing itself as one of the bestDuelLinks decks ever with its domination all throughout 2020. Tea Burn was one of the most hated decks in the early days of Dwellings.

By giving the opponent more cards to do greater Burn Damage with Restricted Revolution. In addition, the deck played regular Red-Eyes Black Dragon in order to take advantage of Champion's Vigilance which was one of the best negates in the entire game at the time.

It was the first time easy destruction effects were present with little to no cost, all while being able to easily OK due to Grit preventing Life Points going to 0. It could easily set up a negate for both Spell and Trap cards, all while putting Goa'I Mary Maximus onto the Field.

Invoked may very well turn out to be the best deck in all of Dwellings history, and it certainly has had the longest run in the meta game. Plaster The Invoked can be constantly recycled, making it easy to get Invocation back into the hand.

However, when more support arrived in the Warriors Unite Box, it shot them up to Tier 0 status, meaning players were either playing Six Samurai, or a deck built specifically to counter them. Six Samurai could easily swarm the field and gain amazing card advantage, which allowed them to set up a nearly unbreakable board.

With cards like Amazons Swords woman and Lava Golem, they could easily dismantle Life Points. The addition of Amazons Onslaught shot the deck up to Tier 0 status in its prime.

If it got destroyed, it would Special Summon an Amazons from the Graveyard, being able to recycle their powerful Monsters. With good luck, Sylvan's could easily swing games in their favor with the right excavates.

Fur Hire Monsters were incredible during their prime, the definitive best deck of its era. Dana, Hero Fur Hire would completely lock out the opponent from attacking if there were two of them on the Field.

If a player managed to get Wiz, Sage Fur Hire onto the Field as well, a Spell and Trap card negate was enough to keep the opponent from destroying the Field, which made Fur Hire one of the most oppressive decks in the game's history. Woodland Sprite FT continued to dominate until multiple cards were put on the Forbidden/Limited List that enabled it.

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