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Ellen Grant
• Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
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In Call Of Duty Zombies, easter eggs have been a staple ever since the equally iconic Her Raise. This list will be referring to the major easter eggs of the series, the main quests of each map.

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Some Easter egg steps are infamously complicated and have taken over a week to be completely solved. Like all Victim map easter eggs, there are two different paths for them, with one being a Maxis side and the other Richthofen.

Moon is a little annoying as it requires a lot of Mystery Box luck as the Wave Gun, Q.E.D.s, and Gersh Devices are all needed to complete it. It's responsible for saving Black Ops 2 after the flops of Transit and Die Rise, and had one of the coolest settings and cast the series had seen up to that point.

Practically the only step to the Easter egg is flying the plane to the Golden Gate Bridge three times. The ending is one of the coolest, putting you into a PVP where whoever is Weasel fights against the rest with the zombies on their side.

Call Of The Dead was the first time a major Easter egg was beatable on Solo (excluding Her Raise). The steps were different for Solo and co-op, but the Call Of The Dead Easter egg was fun and simple.

Saving the Litmus Crew from being locked inside a room made for tons of fun dialogue. After completing it, every time you kill the George Romero boss zombie, he will reward you with a Wunderwaffe DG-2 drop (replacing the Death Machine he normally gives you).

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It requires constant communication, and practically every single step has a time limit as it needs you to be in Eclipse mode. Shangri-La is already one of the hardest maps in the series, and it doesn't help to make the Easter egg any less tedious to complete it.

All the steps are easy to remember and fun to complete (sans having to travel back in time twice). The Her Eisendrache Easter egg plays into the map's design very well and utilizing the bows in a really fun way in four-player games.

Origins was the first time we saw the Prius Crew, and they gave a story that was magnificently told as the Easter egg progressed. Both sides need to use small Mahjong tiles in order to determine how to do the end step, something that's incredibly tedious as there are so many spawn locations for them.

Netball Of Duty War zone: 5 Things They Need To Change To Keep The Game Alive (& 5 Ways It’s In Trouble) Having worked many odd jobs, including article writing, he is now a list writer for TheGamer.com.

Shooting • Top Trending If you are wondering how to complete the Call of Duty: Zombies mission with easter eggs, then I am here to guide you with each Best 5 Easterners in Call of Duty Zombie s. All the 5 most unrevealed easter eggs are going to be seen here. Then shoot the four wisps to get the staff and allocate them to the ground, and you will find the Samantha max doll.

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To get this Easter egg, you need to go the Area 51 with a wave gun, shoot your dog with a wave gun and bring him back to the moon area. Once you got on the moon, then you have to go back to find the mystery boxes and kill the zombies.

All you have to do is throw the rave fire grenades from the temple to the Viking boat. To get this started, you need to go inside the Zeus Temple, and once you in there, make your way to the bathhouse; as soon as you get into that room, get kills.

As you have done, that will get the insane reward to get to the Bathhouse, and the name will change to Blood Bath. Start your game and enjoy finding these easter eggs.

From building the Cold War 'Pack-A-Punch' machine, to finding Wonder Weapons, the Die Machine mission requires you to work through a long list of objectives as you hop in and out of the Dark Ether. When taking on waves of zombies it's best to call upon your pals for help, however you can try your luck solo.

Prepare for lots of backtracking, a twisting story, and plenty of opportunities to fail. Here's what you need to do to finish the Call of Duty: Cold War Zombies Easter egg.

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After spawning in the Yard, take out the zombies to earn points, and head over to the locked (green) door. Unlock the door to the Yacht Her Unto ten building for 500 points and head up the stairs.

Run to the end of the Bedroom, towards the purple arrow, and plant an explosive for 1,000 points on the wall marked by the red cross on the left. Make your way through the new doorway onto the Crash Site, running all the way to the end where you'll see another purple arrow painted on a rock.

Walk back down into the main part of the Particle Accelerator room and head to each of the Terminal markers. The surrounding terminals will turn green, and an anomaly will appear in the middle of the room, down a flight of steps.

(Image credit: Trey arch, Activision) Ensure there are no zombies ambling around nearby and hold F to investigate the anomaly and enter the Dark Ether. After passing through a Doctor Wholesale sequence, you'll find yourself in the Dark Ether, which is a version of the same map with a heavy Stranger Things 'Upside-Down' vibe.

(Image credit: Trey arch, Activision)You can reforge the machine by looking for the blue outline in the Particle Accelerator. The game forces you through another portal, and you'll return to the normal version of the Particle Accelerator.

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The 'Pack-A-Punch' machine lets you upgrade your weapons and equip ammo mods, but something this powerful comes with a hefty price tag. Offers large damage increase, enhances weapon attributes Level Two: 15,000 points.

(Image credit: Trey arch, Activision) It's time to take on some big green zombies. Stand next to the tree to entice the Megaton to attack by hurling green liquid at you.

Focus on eliminating the Megaton, and it'll split into two parts to make the fight even tougher. (Image credit: Trey arch, Activision)Let's backtrack to the Weapons Lab again.

With the remote safely in hand, make your way back to the building in the Yard, where you first spawned at the beginning of the mission. Now that the machine is powered up, lure the zombies towards it, so it can suck them up like a big vacuum cleaner.

Check the room with the computer terminal on the desk and pick up Doctor Vogel's Diary. There's one more stop, so let's retrace our steps to the crafting table in the Particle Accelerator.

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Exit the Dark Ether and go to the Medical Bay to enter the password on the PC. (Image credit: Trey arch, Activision) Back in the building where you found the Wonder Weapon, walk up the stairs and up the slope to the Penthouse.

It prompts you to collect cryogenic liquid, so press F to add this to your Empty Flask. Make tracks to the Weapons Lab, drop onto the lower level, and place the Empty Canister in the machine on the wall.

(Image credit: Trey arch, Activision)Take a trip to the Dark Ether by paying the Particle Accelerator another visit. Discharge each crystal into a crate in the corner on the lowest level of the Particle Accelerator.

Now head back to the Weapons Lab to insert the Fuse into the Plasma Cutter machine. After leaving the Dark Ether, return to the Pond and look for the weapon crate perched on the truck.

(Image credit: Trey arch, Activision) In the Medical Bay, shoot the large device hanging from the ceiling, using all four D.I.E wonder weapon upgrades. Walk through the doorway to enter the Dark Ether and then run up the stairs to find a blue anomaly.

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After returning to the normal version of the map, search the Medical Bay to find the Dark Ether Wrench. Kill the zombie, and throw a grenade to break the door on the top of the vehicle.

Be wary of nearby zombies and Plague hounds, and take the item to the Medical Bay. (Image credit: Trey arch, Activision)Remain in the Medical Bay and continue popping zombie skulls until you encounter another Megaton.

Kill it so that it splits into its Blaster and Bomber halves, then position them under the device on the ceiling, so they're sucked into the container. Take care of the enemies you run into, and head back to the Living Room in the Yacht Her Unto ten building to enter the Dark Ether.

It's worth noting that you should buy tactical, lethal, and support items from the nearby crafting table before interacting with the photograph. (Image credit: Trey arch, Activision) You're now standing in the Particle Accelerator with Orlon.

The best route is through the Weapons Lab and out through the Tunnel to access the Email Site at the Pond. Head to safety when the helicopter arrives to complete the Easter egg.

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