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Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
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Having access to blue certainly helps the Commander game with self mill in addition to protection with counterspells after you're all set up. If your zombie strategy involves dumping as many tokens on the board as possible, it's hard to imagine a better commander than Ghoul caller Lisa.

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I've personally never seen a Stitches Gerald deck, but I'm a big fan of the possibilities this card has to offer. Also, make sure to stack your deck with massive-powered creatures since Gerald mills ALL players when looking for the ingredients for his masterpieces.

To be honest, despite the excellent three-colour combos Sultan gives you, Sides's on board ability of milling and making a 2/2 zombie isn't super spectacular. What Sides does give you is a reliable way to fill your graveyard and access to an awesome three-colour wedge, with some incidental zombie synergy.

One of the main reasons is simple; the Commander tax hardly ever applies to this guy. You can cast The Scarab God all game long for the regular fireman which, let's be honest, is way too cheap for a card with this power level.

I feel like since Lisa and Gerald and The Scarab God have invaded the tribal scene, Grim grin, Corpse-Born doesn't get quite as much love as he used to. Being a sac outlet on legs that gets bigger the number of creatures you sacrifice, PLUS having spot removal built right in makes Grim grin a formidable zombie tribal leader still.

Speaking of combo decks, Piraeus, the Unhallowed can definitely be at the helm of a mean mono-black zombie deck. While that may seem, weird Sedaris is a great commander for those guys and brings a lot of value to the table.

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Easily one of the most underrated generals in EDS, Sedaris, The Traitor King has great synergy with zombies, whether through graveyard unearthing or combo enabling. The reason he's underrated is probably the fact that unearth isn't a real sought after ability in Commander.

The fact that you have to exile the creature is definitely not attractive to commander players who like to squeeze every last bit of value from every card in every zone. Trust me, Unearth is WAY better than it looks and if you don't mind exiling a few zombies, it'll steal you games you never thought you could win.

Bimodal the Necromancer costs way too much, and I only included him here because he happens to be a great zombie tribal card, but certainly not a commander. I mean you CAN run him, but his ability to steal dying creatures makes him a massive lightning rod.

EDS 0 / 0 Between their synergies with the graveyard and others within their ranks, it's not hard to see why Zombies are one of the most popular tribes in Magic: The Gathering.

The two things that many tribal players want to do the most is buff up their creatures and reduce their costs, and Undead War chief covers both of these bases. Living Death is a card that takes your graveyard strategies and turns them up to eleven.

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As if that wasn't enough, Army of the damned possesses flashback, meaning it can be cast again from your graveyard, creating yet another thirteen zombie tokens. Entomb and Buried Alive are two cards with similar abilities that a zombie deck would not want to be without.

Luckily, zombie decks have a reputation for graveyard abilities, meaning that these tutored cards often might as well be in your hand. While not all zombie decks possess blue, those that do have the benefit of being able to include the enchantment Rooftop Storm.

It is not uncommon for a zombie -tribal player to win a given game within a turn or two of playing a Rooftop Storm, so be prepared to have a target painted on your back as soon as you cast it, as the other players will likely band together to try to stop your ensuing zombie onslaught. A 2/1 for only one black MANA, Grave crawler's inability to block simply means that it will be getting used primarily for attacking and fueling sacrifice based abilities.

This means that no matter the circumstance of death, Grave crawler can be repeatedly cast, allowing for extremely strong synergies with cards like Grim grin, Corpse-Born With the ability to sacrifice creatures at any time to create two colorless manas, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more efficient way of generating massive amounts of value in a zombie tribal deck.

Packed with three potent abilities, The Scarab God does everything that you'd want in a zombie tribal deck. For four manas, The Scarab God can exile a creature from any players' graveyard, creating a token that is a copy of that card except its power and toughness are 4/4, and it's a black zombie.

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And the vast majority of Liliana's synergize in fantastic fashion with zombie tribal decks. In similar synergistic fashion, Liliana, untouched by death allows for zombies to be cast from your graveyard, and Liliana, Dread hoard General's ability to draw you cards whenever creatures die pairs well with nearly any Zombie Strategy.

About The Author Paul Salvo (119 Articles Published) Staff Writer, Paul Salvo is a writer, comic creator, animation lover, and game design enthusiast currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. A complete list of the best MTG Commander decks updated to January 2021, ideal for CEDH deck builders.

PCI Tear is a unique fast combo deck based on artifacts and highly synergistic and complex to pilot, based on the graveyard recursion ability of Tear, Ancestor's Apostle. It has several overlapping redundant combo pieces, giving the necessary consistency to reach the numerous possibilities involving looping artifacts to win the game quickly and with some security against common disrupts such as counters and artifact removals, due to recursion provided by the commander.

This is a turbo ad nauseam deck that uses its 0 MANA commander to enable cards that are incredibly good in the archetype at a very early turn (e.g.: MOX Amber, Culling the Weak, Fierce Guardianship). The deck is incredibly fast, even when compared to other turbo nous commanders.

Blued is based around the Combo Chains involving Birthing Pod and Kiki-Jiki ending with infinite creatures. Blued is a tempo deck at instant speed holding counters and Thrashes activations.

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Soft locks tax pieces bring the game to a slower pace where multiple counters can be held up. Blued has more redundancy in both the Kiki-Jiki and Pod lines and has a resilient plan along with the backing of infinite MANA into a Thrashes win.

This is a deck that uses Maialen of the Morn song and Opposition Agent to steal your opponents win conditions. This particular variant is built as a turbo Ad Nous deck, designed to recoup the loss of life cause by Ad Nous with Antireflux Reservoir and finish out the combo with Bolas' Citadel and Sense's Divining Top.

With a large variety of options and a high learning curve, this deck might test your puzzle solving skills. One of the main lines of the deck is to achieve infinite MANA using Emery's versatile utility kit and shoot the table with Walking Ballista.

5 Color Storm is an archetype that combines the best tutors, acceleration, and combo enablers in every color to assemble powerful storm turns often involving Ad Nausea, Yang Will, Breach, and 2-card combos such as Consultation. The deck aims to resolve an early Ad Nous or Peer and assemble one of the several infinite MANA combos to sink into our commander, Jersey, Thrice Reborn.

Barring this, TNA's card draw potential and Jersey's board control keeps Rebirth relevant at all stages of the game. Underworld Breach and Brain Freeze are used as backups to the primary line, which allows the deck to maintain higher card quality.

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Malcolm's ability to ramp with Treasures also allows the deck to pivot into a more midrange game as well as leverage wheels effectively Krona adds a unique flavor to the world of Random CEDH in that he is both an outlet in the command zone and does not require activated abilities to win.

Krona's win condition will require only one card in hand (Animate Dead) and one card in the graveyard (Worldgorger Dragon), allowing the pilot to continue the game unhindered if hands are attacked or the game state is reduced to top-decking. This is an interactive midrange combo deck that looks to play Kraut or another card advantage engine T2, then follow up with Jersey to answer any MANA dorks or Hymns.

Ideally it seeks to assemble ISO/Rev or Dockside/Curio to make infinite MANA to deal repeatable burn damage to opponents with Jersey. Backup plan is Jersey's 3x damage modifier on Kraut to 2-shot each opponent through combat.

Edgar enables these strategies to work in tandem, as well as laying the groundwork for concise win conditions. Lobster Usurper is a June turbo Ad Nausea Breach deck, with additional lines benefiting from Cargo, the Shipwrecked.

Our general has both high CMC and power, and it is castable for as little as R. Eldritch Evolution into finding Nazareth, the Foul blooded is the first one, using Cargo repeatedly as fodder. Similarly, we can hard cast a Nazareth that we have drawn into by going for Burnt Offering or Sacrifice.

Life's Legacy and Disciple of Bolas act as one-shot Greater Good activations. The Altar can infinitely cast Cargo over and over, only needing an outlet to win from there.

Compact combos include Curiosity effect on Niv-Mizzet, or sometimes with Glint-Horn Buccaneer or Cochran Scepter + Dramatic Reversal. This deck uses effects like Poly morph to turn Program into a Tide spout Tyrant and then generate infinite MANA.

The deck also uses Cochran Scepter+Dramatic Reversal and Underworld Breach lines as backup win conditions. Okay and Zndrsplt is a traditional Inlet Breach deck that utilizes each of its commanders for value and a win condition.

Choir is a UR artifact combo deck which that heavily leans on the commander as a draw engine. It wins using Brain Freeze or Copy Artifact lines and has several ways to see many cards in a single turn.

A Hermit Druid focused build with the addition of Red for Dockside and Breach, as well as a cheap partner pairing for access to the free spells in Fierce Guardianship and Deflecting Swat. The deck looks to be faster than 5 color druid variants and have more diverse lines than PUBG versions.

Jumping Beans is a midrange deck that seeks to leverage the power of Dockside Extortionist and various bounce effects to get to a win of infinitely casting and bouncing Jelena to exile our opponents libraries. We also play other ways to a victory, including the ubiquitous Theirs's Oracle & Tainted Pact/Demonic Consultation, Underworld Breach and Brain Freeze, and the slightly less popular Notion Thief & Time twister/Wheel of Fortune/Windfall storms method.

Ta yam decks may additional leverage common GB strengths such as Ad Nausea, Hate bears, and Reanimation to win. TNA Kraut Breach focuses on quickly assembling win cons with one card enablers such as Ad Nausea or Intuition.

The deck puts a heavy emphasis on Ad Nausea, Underworld Breach, and Dockside Extortionist flickers. TNA Kraut Breach utilizes a lot of fast manas to power out either explosive wins or strong early card advantage engines such as Kraut or Mystic Study.

TNA Kraut Breach usually seeks to be the fastest deck at the table, but it has the potential to grind when needed. A midrange Theirs's Oracle list which is exceptionally difficult to star out.

A draw-go control deck that aims to establish an early card advantage engine (Mystic Study, Mystic Record, Adam, etc) to counteract the card disadvantage that counterspells, and general interaction, create. Adam seeks to clear the deck with Paradigm Shift or Cochran Scepter+Dramatic Reversal followed up with a Lab Man effect to end the game.

A control deck which uses its commander to create a MANA advantage over its opponents. We also use Demonic Consultation and Tainted Pact along with Race and the new Theirs’s Oracle to get around Torpor Orb and Cursed Totem effects in order to win.

Full suite of counters and tutors to make sure our assembled combos go through. The Poly versions look to win with Poly morph / Proteus Staff getting Tide spout Tyrant to generate infinite MANA.

A control deck which uses the CST shell with a package of card advantage engines such as Compost and Runic Amateur to trade speed for a better grind game. Mary Elf ball is a proactive deck that plays very similarly to Selvage Bro storm.

With nearly 30 creatures, over half of which are Elves, Mary aims to assemble a storm-like win using pump spells and a critical mass of Elves with win conditions seen in most typical mono green CEDH decks. The Poly versions look to win with Poly morph / Proteus Staff getting Tide spout Tyrant to generate infinite MANA.

A low-curve, engine-oriented combo shell for Park that leverages cards like Cloud of Faeries, Alien, Earth craft and Intruder Alarm to net infinite MANA off of continuous creature casts, which are fueled by bounce outlets such as Shrieking Drake, Cavern Harpy or Cloud stone Curio. Combined with an ETB draw creature like Wall of Blossoms, the deck can then win with a win card of your choice, usually with a large Finale of Devastation, Laboratory Maniac or an established Time twister loop.

Shuffle Atlas is a NASA star deck that seeks to stymie its opponents MANA with hate bears, and close out the game with a 2 card combo of Mirror Entity and a pump spell. The deck runs an extensive suite of creature tutors to enable its wins or to allow it to find its most relevant hate bears.

It’s a primarily disruptive deck that does best in a meta where blood moon and null rod are powerful star pieces, especially when it can lean on other disruptive decks for stack based interaction. Utilizes the commander as a strong value engine to assemble its resilient and dedicated combo with a discard outlet and Armor Salvage.

Finally is a proactive combo deck with multiple one card win conditions backed up by the proven and powerful consultation package. What Finally lacks in command zone value and the utility white or green provides decks, she makes up for with absolutely blistering speed backed up by an interaction suite rivaling that of many of the formats most controlling decks.

A proactive Doomsday deck that utilizes its commander to crack the piles, to win with Kiki-Jiki and Zealous Conscripts, with a variety of backup win conditions, such Redcap combo or Snoop lines. A Femur control deck that aims to slow the game down with counterspells and interaction, maintain card advantage with various creatures/enchantments, and eventually win the game with Dockside Extortionist and Kinney, Border Prodigy combos.

This is an aggressive storm deck focused on Ad Nausea and Underworld Breach. The extremely high density of nonland MANA sources (specifically net positive ones) enable both explosive starts and very consistent main phase Ad Nausea ms with little to none MANA floating.

Jelena as a general provides a way to expend this surplus of MANA the deck so easily generates, either when we keep hands with little action or when we get stopped and need to dig for “gas”. Matchups are bad against heavy tax or others tax effects and decks/metal full of control decks.

Key cards include, Ghostly Flicker, Whispers of the Muse, Ash nod's Altar, Blue Sun's Zenith, and Illusionist's Stratagem. Young Wolf and Strangle root Last are key counter cards.

The list also runs plenty of interaction to be able to disrupt a variety of other CEDH decks while pushing towards going over the top with large amounts of MANA. Some Kinney lists also utilize Mirage Mirror, which allows for redundant artifact tutors to be converted into an outlet for infinite Monolith man awhile maintaining high card quality.

Deck aims to win fast and quick with Thrashes activations into a lethal finale or a Time twister loop of spells. Divergent Transformations and Ad Nausea are the one-card win conditions with wheel synergies and Consultation lines as backup.

It has game against the faster decks in the format thanks to powerful hate pieces like Rest In Peace, Cursed Totem, and Suppression Field. Divergent Year looks to utilize Divergent Transformations and the similar Synthetic Destiny to use Year's token generation as a compact and MANA efficient win condition, turning them into the Niv-Mizzet, Pa run + Tandem Lookout combo to win the game.

Along with this main win condition, Divergent Year uses the Sensei's Divining Top + Future Sight combo, as well as Cochran Scepter + Dramatic Reversal to present a consistent and resilient win condition package. The main goal of the deck is to control the board long enough to deploy our commander with reasonable protection with plenty of interaction in the forms of counters.

A deck that uses Muldrotha to recur hate or value pieces before its combo finish. BUG Scepter storm decks tend to rely on the card quality of the BUG color combination to leverage the Sore combo, along with an infinite MANA outlet in the command zone.

A midrange deck which ramps into Movie, and combos with a color changing effect for a deterministic and consistent win. Besides combo pieces, the deck consists of a large quantity of ramp, counterspells, removal, and a few star effects.

A fast Crisis storm deck looking to win the game off Ad Nausea, Peer into the Abyss or early wheels and assembling Underworld Breach lines or Theirs's Oracle and Demonic Consultation. Less makes the deck more resilient to disruption and allows for more lines to a win.

Fast June storm deck focused on Underworld Breach, Ad Nausea and Dockside (please check the primer section for more info) A sans-blue combo deck that features powerful graveyard reanimation targets, card advantage engines, and interaction.

A proactive strategy with a lights tax package, this deck aims to win through assembling the Squirrel Craft combo, and either swinging or using Goblin Bombardment. Faille is a commander reliant deck that attempts to disrupt opponents tempo with moons and dork denial while using Faille's ability to outdraw opponents and set up for late game wins by way of sheer card advantage.

Most often the deck wins with Underworld Breach as an enabler to set up one of various combo options. Tatyana is a small card value engine with a high combo potential.

A food chain combo deck with a commander that both serves as an outlet and a card draw engine for grind situations The deck utilizes the strong card advantage engine and flexibility in timing that Elsa's ability provides to progress its own game plan while hindering others.

The list boasts high card quality due to the windowless nature of its combos, allowing it to run a strong suite of interaction. The primary win condition of the deck is Antireflux Reservoir, found via Doomsday piles.

Limited due to the nature of Mono-Black, K’Erik’s shortcomings are made up for by play as a predatory deck. Given that the deck aims to win between turns 3-5, we aren’t as “all-in” as other lists, despite having comparable speed.

K'Erik's best matchups are playing into star and in pods that lack countermagic and/or graveyard hate. Easier is an important asset to the deck that can greatly help us in the late game by acting either as a political resource to recur disruption or as a source of card advantage.

Femur Saber tooth if dockside makes 5 plus MANA that goes infinite draw your deck with Thrashes, Triton Hero. Spell seeker can get either Tainted Pact or Demonic Consultation or any relevant 2 CMC or less spell.

Year is the best fit as a commander because his MANA acceleration turns him into a combo piece, rather than just utility and ramp. The main combo lines involve High Tide or Dockside Extortionist.

The biggest appeal of this deck is that all of its pieces are active in the game, and you don't need to hold back anything in your hand due to the nature of Hadron. A star deck that uses Dark’s abilities coupled with bears to assemble managerial locks.

A draw-go control list which uses Rash mi to generate card advantage for counterspells. A star list which uses repeatable draw effects and mana-blinking to break parity.

Marathi Holy Trinity is a star deck that seeks to assemble the “holy trinity” of star pieces: Lineal, Keeper of Silence, Living Plane and Collector Life to completely lock down your opponents’ ability to cast spells. In the meantime, Marat his a powerful tool for controlling the board, picking off MANA dorks and small commanders with ease.

Powerful support cards like Unbound Flourishing, Earth craft and Dockside Extortionist eventually become combo pieces to put the game away. This is an adaptive combo-control list that aims to create a “100 card Doomsday pile” through activating Proteus Staff.

The deck has a high density of interaction, and runs little to no dead cards. It plays well under star conditions, and is able to shut down faster decks due to its a wide variety of efficient control options.

With numerous flex spots, the deck can be easily customized for specific meta games. Typical win cons include Oracle Consult and Dockside Mayhem loops with Kennith.

This is a slower storm deck that seeks to quickly land Toothy and use can trips, wheels, and draw engines to put counters on him. The flickers this deck uses bring Toothy back to the battlefield immediately meaning he will see all the cards you draw from him leaving the battlefield netting you huge amounts of cards at little cost.

This deck does best in a slow meta where it can use its can trips to set up a mid-game combo turn. This is a fast combo deck that seeks to layer Food Chain, and Consultation strategies.

This deck seeks to consistently power out early wins by leveraging its commander TNA, dorks and rituals to win with multiple one card win-conditions: Either cracking a Doomsday or Goblin Recruiter pile with her card draw or using her as Birthing Pod fodder to convert into a Kiki-Jiki and LIDAR Guardian win. The deck plays best in creature-light metal where dorks can easily swing in to best utilize TNA's card draw effect throughout the game to grind and threaten multiple wins.

Wino ta cheats creatures into play at an alarming rate and the deck can overwhelm the board quite easily. The explosive nature of the deck in combination with its tightly layered combos allow for the first real opportunity for Boris to play at the competitive tables.

A potent midrange deck which slows others down with star while making big MANA. A sans-white turbo Ad Nausea strategy that focuses on powerful early starts to end the game quickly, focusing on the common crisis core of fast Ad Nausea strategies in conjunction with Underworld Breach and Dockside Extortionist.

When it is unable to win quickly, it can utilize the powerful card advantage engine Kraut provides while keeping Ad Nausea relevant and lethal even in the later stages of the game through IRA Hiding's life gain. Draw engine, mass removal, and part of a three card combo in its own right, Mammoth, Than Physician is a flexible commander with devastating potential at all points of the game.

Turbo out a quick storm kill or grind your opponents to dust, the Grand Evolution is inevitable. Turbo-Ad Nausea list which is capable of explosively fast storm wins.

This deck aims to control the game using countermagic and star effects long enough to execute one of multiple game-winning combos. The primary combo in this deck uses the commander, Towns, with Sands of Time to generate infinite MANA during the upkeep.

It leverages early MANA dorks, disruptive hate bears, and quick combo lines to win. Our game plan is to soften up life totals with Thar, help answer early combos as needed, and then develop a board state or hand that allows us to advance comfortably towards a win.

This deck creates infinite MANA and draws library to win. Budget friendly land base compared to 4 color TNA builds and easier to pilot.

Several tutors available to grab infinite combo pieces helps negate the loss of black, but overall must deal with being slower than BUG-based scepter decks. This deck looks to win the game early as turn 2 by using Hermit Druid as a one-card combo.

This requires not playing anything with a CMC of 3 or less, but this deck rises to the challenge, and can win as early as turn 3. Deck perks include an average CMC of 4.69, surprise Got into somebody else's Theirs's Oracle, and our guest star, Uncle Ivan.

A blue control deck that runs a high density of counterspells and instant-speed draw. It can threaten wins as early as turn 3, and can recover by grinding out value should that fail via Main and other value engines.

An adaptive, efficient, and consistent green list which can combo midgame or grind late. This deck relies on its opponents taking damage with through combat and through their own cards, such as MANA crypt.

Otherwise, SGG may fail to generate enough card draw to fuel the deck. As a consistent alternative plan, it has the package of Theirs's Oracle and Demonic Consultation.

A deck based around playing small creatures with evasion and chaining extra turns. A star deck which ramps into Runic Thar, then uses wipes and land destruction to win.

You do this by milling your deck with Hermit druid with Fiona on the field, thank you flashback Seine's reclamation targeting shielded by faith and concordant crossroads. Draw through your entire deck by turning your creatures into can trips (Guardian Project, Beast Whisperer, etc) and rituals (Food Chain, Earth craft, etc), as well as using large power based draw spells (Ishtar's Expertise, Greater Good, etc), then loop Oblivion Sower to mill out your opponents.

Heavily artifact-centric and stormy, it's the closest thing to a colorless deck in CEDH. Welcome to literally a garbage rambling of someone who had some time one night and thought that somehow in a fever dream induced haze it would be a good idea to put together a pile of garbage deck with a bunch of explanations of how to do stupid loops with stupid cards no one in their right mind will actually play in a competitive game of EDS.

Also, based on your meta, simply flashing in Aura Thief or Agent of Treachery to steal enchantments or a win con is a solid game plan as well.

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