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Risk: 3/10 Zombies are not very risky as they can recover from mass destruction effects and are also able to use combos to get around huge monsters. Power: 8.5/10 They have big beaters but once they are in the mid/late-game when boss monsters appear, they might have a little of trouble, but they can recover anyway.

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Heavily Relies on the graveyard : Against Macro decks, Zombies have real trouble. What makes it worse is that if you side in Imperial Iron Wall, you can't play Mizuki or Book of Life.

Editor's Note : Why would you play Imperial Iron Wall in your own deck ? Maybe change the order of the words, as right now it's kinda confusing to understand the 2nd Weakness.

Gadjiltron's Note : He means if one tries to side Imperial Iron Wall to counter Macro Decks, it also shuts off the ability to use Book of Life and Mizuki. This card is awesome because it works without any need of a hand, and it's a +1 that can happen at any time.

Pyramid Turtle : Can search even more stuff than Goblin Zombie, but it needs to be destroyed by battle and instead of grabbing the Zombie to hand it summons it to the field directly. IL Blue : Some decks only use this as a beat stick, because with the speed of the game these days Gemini Monsters won't stay on the field for long time.

Paladin of the Cursed Dragon : Only good in Zombie World decks. Editor's Note : Pain Painter isn't that great, it can work, but not that amazing.

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I mean it's not super great, but it can serve to detach an opponent's material, and manipulate levels. You can revive a Zombie, and then banish a key card in your opponent's Graveyard, such as Inventor Hornet or Light pulsar Dragon.

Tour Guide From the Underworld : Useful to make rank 3 XYZ Monsters like Levier the Sea Dragon. Levier the Sea Dragon : Use this along with Mizuki to create a very advantageous play.

This deck uses the extreme speed of Zombies to help fuel the summoning conditions of Dark Armed Dragon, and provide fodder for his effect. The deck uses Zombie World with various effects to summon monsters from your opponent's graveyard.

Ever since Joey Wheeler threw down with Bond in the Duelist Kingdom, Zombie monsters have been part of Yu-Gi-Oh. But they’ve also unfortunately been one of the least respected Types in the game, as generally, we don’t get to see very much of them outside the most casual of decks.

Pay some respect to one of the oldest and most effective zombie cards in the game. The card couldn’t be destroyed by battle, meaning getting rid of it was pretty difficult without some form of spot removal.

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The key to it was that if it dealt direct damage to the enemy, it forced them to randomly discard a card. With cards being such a precious resource, even one or two of these attacks were enough to ruin an opponent’s entire strategy.

While on the field, players can make Uni- Zombie gain a level by discarding a card from their hand. This offers some very specific modulation to allow a number of Synchro and XYZ plays that you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

At 1800 ATK he can run over most level 4 or lower monsters, but his effect is what really makes him important. Having this and Mizuki in hand essentially gives players three monsters on the field with a single normal summon.

It can banish itself from the graveyard to target and special summon a Zombie monster in the grave. Glow-Up Bloom can be sent to the graveyard via any method, then banish itself to add a level 5 or higher Zombie from the deck to the hand.

This is helpful, but it doesn’t exactly elevate the deck since usually, players don’t want to draw into higher-level monsters. It’s this additional card that offers a boon to zombie decks running higher level monsters.

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It’s got a simple enough effect, gaining 100 ATK and DEF for every zombie in either graveyard. Though not quite as dangerous as her sister Ash Blossom, Ghost Belle is still a powerful effect that hits three types of cards at once.

It can negate an effect that would add a card from the graveyard to the hand, deck, or extra deck. Though still widely used, this card isn’t nearly as popular as Ash Blossom, but it can ruin the day of any graveyard or banish zone dependent deck.

It’s an all-purpose hand trap that hasn’t dropped past six dollars, despite multiple reprints. Going second, you have hand traps main decked already like Ash Blossom and Infinite Impermanence and you can deal with back row and negates with Twin Twister and Super Polymerization.

3 Uni- Zombie for your main tuner plays and for sending cards to the grave. 2 Glow-Up Bloom to get large bodies like Dooming and Jack-o-Bolan out onto the field or to search LV 5 or higher zombies like Vampire Fräulein.

3 Shrank Solitaire to summon Uni- Zombie or Glow-Up Bloom from deck. 3 Mizuki which you can choose to play at 2 who summons zombies from grave.

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2 Necroworld Banshee to ensure a Zombie World on the field. 3 Super Polymerization to deal with your opponent's board and for a form of interruption when you set it on turn 1.

1 Card Destruction to set up your grave and to get targets for Jack-o-Bolan and Ice Dragon's Prison. Extract isn't that important, so you can choose to play Pot of Extravagance if you want.

1 Chaos Ruler, the Chaotic Magical Dragon for the mill effect. Ironically 1 Rampaging Smash tank Rhynosaber since it's synchro Nearly who can tag out into materials for a LV 7 synchros which would be Red-Eyes Zombie Nero Dragon which is a massive body, and it has a similar monster-stealing effect to Fräulein.

Vampire Sucker for draw power and tribute summoning Dooming LULU. 3 Ghost Belle & Haunted Mansion since it triggers Dooming.

It’s not a particularly powerful card, in terms of attack and defense strength, but its effect gives you a chance to play some new tactics and start turning a duel around. Level two and extremely weak, Pain Painter may not seem like a lot before, but there sure is a fair bit of text in its effect description box.

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A dark type monster card with 500 attack points might not seem like much, but if you have nothing on the field, the Boatman will be willing to bargain with you. In the case that you aren’t controlling any monsters, but your opponent is, you can target one fusion monster in your Graveyard, and banish this card from the field and the target that you’ve chosen.

Then, special summon a dragon synchro monster card from your Extract. But Princess the Princess of Ghosts is a sneaky card to play on your expecting opponents.

If Princess the Princess of Ghosts is destroyed while on the field (specifically in a monster zone), you can use it as a continuous spell card. Any and all monsters that your opponent controls lose 100 attack and defense points for each Pumpkin Counter that ends up on this card.

These tokens act as zombie cards in the dark attribute with no attack or defense; and they’re level one, of course. A card to make your opponent suffer while you negate any effect that they try to use as a part of their tactics.

Ash Blossom’s effect is quite extensive and easily broken down into several steps. Play to your advantage and have more than one Ash Blossom, or a way to get her back into your hand or on your field.

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Not only is it a level four card with decent attack and defense points, but it can also help you make the next step of your strategy easier. Once this happens, you can special summon a zombie from your deck that has 2000 defense points or less.

These tokens are zombies of the earth attribute, resting at level one, with a small amount of attack and defense. Amar is the Chief Nerd at Near Bear and can be mostly found binge-watching Netflix, researching tech, shooting things on PS4, and arguing over who is the strongest Avenger.

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