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• Friday, 08 January, 2021
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They’re plentiful and emotionless eaters of flesh, which makes them perfect cannon fodder for action films and twitch shooters. It’s a wickedly funny game that relies on adorable and bizarre animation for most of the laughs, and the delightful cartoon enemies are half the fun.

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Before the journey is over you’ll battle space bugs, save cheerleaders, leap on trampolines, and fight a giant baby. Since the main thrust of each level is rescuing civilians rather than defeating enemies, it also requires a lot more thought to finish than your average arcade style game, a design innovation that adds a great deal to the challenge and replayability.

The State of Decay series, introduced as an Xbox Live Arcade game in 2013, trades in the genre's typical fast-paced brain-bashing for a slower paced focus on survival and community building. The 2018 sequel built on this zombie -sandbox premise, expanding and adding four-player co-op while maintaining the tenseness that accompanies the threat of permanent.

You only have a few action points a day to issue commands, after which you have to simply wait to move again, and the tension of anticipating another turn becomes almost unbearable as you start to consider all the awful things that might be happening while you’re asleep. Nazis have long been identified with occultism, (both in reality and popular fiction) and Trey arch’s decision to go all-in on the campy grind house aesthetic changed the face of multiplayer shooters.

Zombies helped lighten the mood in a series that was increasingly mired in its own self-importance, reminding players, critics, and creators that it is all a game. Following the success of its Resident Evil series, Cap com introduced a new, lighthearted take on the zombie genre with Dead Rising.

The survival genre owes a great debt to Day, which began life as a mod for military simulator ARM AII. Day contrasted the surrealism of a zombie infestation with the hyperrealism of exposure, infection, hunger, and the degeneration of human nature in the face of disaster.

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Just how much fun can playing as a cowering, nearly powerless victim in a world full of lumbering AI zombies and ruthless human scavengers really be? Everything from Fortnite to Rust owes Day a tremendous debt for its willingness to throw unarmed players into a hostile land with of their fellow humans and see what happens next.

It’s an RPG about being immortal, crammed with more undead than you can shake a severed limb at, including zombies assigned to alternately sad and hilarious purposes. The necrotic atmosphere permeates every moment in the game: you start the story laying on a slab, your best friend is a disembodied skull, and there are so many dead things running around that there’s a special ability dedicated just to talking with them.

The original Plants vs. Zombies blended solid, approachable tower defense gameplay with whimsical charm, leading to its mass appeal; it became a hit among both the hardcore and casual audiences, on PC, consoles, and mobile alike. Its addictive, wave-based loop spawned a number of official follow-ups and countless other imitators, making this family friendly take on the undead worthy of a spot on our list.

And with those control issues remedied in the 2019 remake, alongside vastly improved graphics and various other tweaks, RE2 has only gotten better with time.RE2 allowed you to experience a single terrifying night through the unique perspective of two victims, their occasionally overlapping paths both snaking toward horrific discoveries in a city torn apart by an unleashed bioweapon. It’s a tremendously moody and atmospheric game with great pacing, a growing sense of dread, nice monster design, frequent jump scares, and just enough resource scarcity to keep things tense through the end.

The writing and delivery are minimal and masterful, with the bulk of the effort spent creating flawed characters we love or loathe and then stripping them away from us one by one. The original Resident Evil doesn’t boast quite the scope of its sprawling sequel, but the tighter, almost claustrophobic design of the mansion often works to heighten the horror.

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The constant threat of the fearsome double-reanimated Crimson Heads in areas you’ve previously cleared fuels a compounding sense of dread that you’re in continual zombie danger no matter how heavily armed you become. The legendary cheesy dialogue is icing on the cake. Also, if you finish the game in under three hours, you can blow up zombies with a bottomless rocket launcher.

Around the same time Trey arch was bringing Zombies into World at War, Valve was introducing us all to their own cooperative take on battling the forces of death. Left 4 Dead pitted teams of four allies against mobs of zombies ruled by an invisible enemy: the innovative AI director, a carefully constructed protocol designed to dynamically influence the game as it unfolded.

The result was a ridiculously repayable zombie shooter. Only a year later, Valve brought us Left 4 Dead 2, building upon that successful formula with a familiar yet greatly enhanced team-based shooter. Explore the open world of zombie -infested, post-apocalyptic Knox County as you fight for survival.

Join the hundreds of other players in this open-world zombie -infested island and fight to stay alive. Earn points from surviving or from various tasks that you can redeem to clone yourself back to life in the event of your death.

As one of the few remaining survivors who are immune to the virus that turned the majority of the world's populations into zombies, you must fight to stay alive. It's time to take charge, recruit your team and build your community in this open-world survival-fantasy cooperative game.

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Killer zombies lurk around every corner, so you'll need to choose and fortify your base while collecting and storing supplies. Throughout 5 episodes, you'll play as original characters and interact with your surroundings to make the best use of your environment.

See another part of the popular Walking Dead comic and television universe Detailed characters and environments create a stunning game Different choices create different results for unique gameplay You'll battle the undead, bandits and wild animals while searching for food, water, and shelter.

Dynamic weather systems in addition to day and night cycles Switch between stealth and assault attacks to take down a variety of enemies Regular updates add more features to the gameplay This playfully designed game may look innocent but features many of the same aspects of your standard zombie survival series.

Find weapons and supplies while gaining experience points to upgrade your arsenal. The zombie apocalypse gets a steampunk makeover in this real-time strategy survival horror game.

As a survivor of the nuclear Third World War your only goal is to stay alive by any means possible. Find shelter and scavenge for food water and supplies while killing the zombies that seek to destroy you.

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A new twist on an old favorite, improved graphics, and a new perspective make the Resident Evil 2 Remake a terrifying addition to any fans' collection. Marrying the over-the-shoulder camera angle of RE's 4, 5 and 6 with the atmospheric tension of classic titles, the horror is relentless and will have you jumping out of your seat.

The series returns to its horror roots in this Ultra HD installment of the popular franchise. New characters, settings, and enemies will have you panicking as you try to locate your previously thought dead wife in a decaying southern plantation.

Following the mod's huge popularity, the developers Bohemia Interactive brought the project in-house, and started to rebuild it from scratch. The game has also spawned many, many imitators, including the terrible Infestation (once known as War Z, before the movie's lawyers noticed) and the equally slow-developing Rust (which has changed its approach to a more sci-fi universe since it restarted from scratch).

It also contains substantial RPG elements, meaning that players can have almost as much fun as Dead Rising, messing around with hordes of zombies, albeit without that game's ludicrous humor. But the studio made its name with the Left 4 Dead series, where four players faced off in co-op against zombie hordes.

PC's gamers got their hands on it many years after the initial PlayStation release, but this HD remake came out early in 2015, and looks much, much better. The zone around Chernobyl is full of stalkers and bizarre creatures and structures, some of which (such as the Controller, or the Miracle Machine or Brain Scorcher) can destroy a man's higher functions, reducing him to an aggressive drooling lump, which still can just about aim and reload a weapon.

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The House of the Dead series probably owes its popularity more to the cutting-edge graphics it once displayed in arcades, than to its so-so light-gun rail shooter gameplay and crazy-short campaigns. Typing of the Dead isn't just a mechanic shift though; it involves a complete rebuild of the game, including new character models, pacifistic zombie weapons and a ton of Easter Eggs.

Oh, and of course, hidden away behind the giant Icon of Sin at the end of Doom II is John Romero's severed head, which must be destroyed to win the game. Growing out of the Unreal mod scene way back in 2004, Killing Floor is something of a precursor to Call of Duty's Zombies mode and Left 4 Dead.

Players take the role of a team of police and soldiers attempting to suppress a zombie outbreak in the cities and countryside of England, following a science experiment gone horribly (wonderfully) wrong. Survive long enough, and you must fight the Patriarch, a lethal boss specimen armed with a rocket launcher, mini-gun, cloaking device and multiple health packs.

After the events of the first game, where the crew of the Animus found that a space station had been corrupted by infectious monstrosities called Mesomorphs, this one follows survivor Isaac Clarke attempting to regain his sanity, even though he keeps hearing the voice of his dead wife. Revealed as an Xbox One-exclusive launch title back in 2013, the superior PC version was dead-set on rising a year later with unlocked frame rate support.

There's still as many jockstraps, hap hazardous weapon concoctions and a wardrobe full of badass dresses just begging to be rocked.

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