Best Zombie Games Xbox One 2020

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
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While many groans at the mere mention of zombies due to their over-saturation of modern media, by and large they’re still extremely popular. AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series, for example, still attracts millions of viewers with each new episode, and zombie -based games, whether we’re shooting them or running away from them, generally tend to do well.

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It won’t cost you anything extra, but we’ll get a small slice of the purchase. The initial adventure of Frank West, photojournalist caught up in the middle of a zombie outbreak, Dead Rising originally released back in 2006.

Scoreless update on 2020 -09-27 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API Prepare for the undead as each year we get a slew of new video game titles with zombies and protagonists looking to survive in a harsh environment.

There’s a good amount of additions to the game if you’re familiar with the Zombie Army Dead War franchise. We only have one video so far for the gameplay footage, but the title is expected to launch early 2020 so more information is bound to come out sooner rather than later.

This franchise became a worldwide hit and fans can’t get enough, however, this year we got a closer look into the world of The Walking Dead with a VR title. Just like the show and comic books, players will need to go through the area carefully with the various undead zombies roaming about.

This is a 4v1 multiplayer title that puts players together as they work to figure out puzzles, defeat monsters, and progress to the next room. Still, for fans of the franchise, over the years we’ve some video game titles turn more action-horror oriented rather than being survival horror.

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That fortunately changed for the hardcore fans as Cap com opted to go back and deliver a more traditional survival horror game when Resident Evil 7 went into development. The reception has been great and Cap com released another big hit in the franchise when they opted to bring out a remake of Resident Evil 2.

Within the first installment, there was a big focus on the creatures with the goal of finding a cure to prevent this virus from spreading any further and claiming any more innocent lives. In the trailers released, it seems that the main antagonist force is a small cult faction group.

Hold Out is currently available on Steam through Early Access and as a result, we’ve put this title as a bonus game. In the title, players are going through Hold Out as a co-op shooter set in an infested world filled with zombies.

Overall, the game is all about survival, seeking resources, exploring the various environments and ultimately overcoming the fast hordes of undead. From shambling zombies to super-accurate undead snipers and hulking chainsaw-wielding elites to scrambling crawlers, the horde is as varied as it is huge and unrelenting.

Brutal 1 to 4 Player Action : Whether you’re looking for a single-player game or something to play with your pals, we’ve got you covered. Zombie Army 4’s massive story campaign offers third-person shooter mayhem for one to four players.

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Continue the alternate history of Zombie Army Trilogy in huge new levels, and uncover a sinister plan that takes the Survivor Brigade across Italy and beyond! Experience genre-defining ballistics, build the slayer that suits you and harness the power of fire, lightning and divine essence as you upgrade your guns to fight back against the dead.

When the horde surrounds you, tear them apart with enhanced melee combat and flesh-rending takedown moves! The 2010s, however, represented a step forward for the industry, with titles like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the Batman: Arkham series.

The PS5 showcased heavy-duty tech that rivaled the guts of even the strongest PC tower, while the less-heralded Xbox Series X proved itself to be just as formidable, if lacking in launch titles. This year was stacked with titles spanning all audiences, from plenty of action-RPGs and first-person shooters, to some insanely narrative-driven games, to some equally artful and wacky indie projects.

The Last of Us Part II hit right in the first few months of the pandemic, which meant all of us were already in a not-so-stable mood when we first got a chance to catch up with Ellie and Joel again. It defied a lot of what made the previous title so good, and caused a bit of a riptide in the gaming community.

But, although it may have isolated some fans who were hoping for more of the same, Naughty Dog deserves a lot of credit for having the courage to spend some time looking in the mirror and reassessing the modern action-adventure genre that the studio itself helped create. They wrote a story so challenging, so tortured, that it left many of us flat on our backs, afraid to ever press start again.

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In the months since, I’ve wondered what a video game needs to do to be good, or great. Sure, any game surrounded by this much hype was bound to have criticism heaped on it, but Final Fantasy VII Remake is a masterful reimagining of the title that redefined what an RPG could be.

It was revelatory as a longtime fan to dive back in and experience so much more of Mid gar, all while digesting it in the way the original illustrators wanted our imaginations to see those primitive, block 3D characters more than 20 years ago. Led by Bluepoint Studios, who remade Shadow of the Colossus back in 2018, this rebuild of the 2009 PS3 title seamlessly shows off just how much the PS5 can do.

The textures, gameplay, lighting, and combat are the quintessential Souls experience while still feeling nothing like what I’ve ever experienced before from this caliber of game. The demons and landscapes come to life in immense and remarkable detail, and everything from magic to armor has a unique glow or shine to it that’s just plain beautiful.

This game is just too damn good for any PS5 owner to forgo playing for fear of intimidation. At this point, your island might be long forgotten, blanketed by a musty coat of weeds, weeping villagers everywhere, as your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons sits untouched.

Which… is okay, even if Henry the Frog and his sweet Virgo heart won’t ever recover from your absence. Animal Crossing: New Horizons blew up the scope of its predecessors, providing comfort to a whole damn planet in crisis.

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So, just know: When Tom Nook yelled at you and took your money, he really meant to take your mind away for a bit. This game demonstrates precise action-RPG combat, where timely dodges and blocking are crucial, then blends it with so many (and challenging) play styles.

A title with a combat system so deep that it can support never-ending options for tackling any given obstacle deserves a massive amount of respect. Ghost of Sushi blends stunning and non-exhausting open-world adventuring, intensely thoughtful combat, gorgeous landscapes, and in-depth story, peppered with homages to classic samurai cinema.

When the quarantine first started, when all of us buckled down and shuttered ourselves inside for the indefinite future, I found a lot of comfort from Doom Eternal. Maybe it’s my pandemic brain speaking right now, but Doom Eternal felt like a cold shot of joyful relief straight to the ass cheek.

I’d spend the day reading the worst news imaginable, and then start my evening by popping demons like bubble wrap. I ripped, tore, and exploded every dead-eyed ghoul I could find, until I killed Satan himself in the end.

Eternal may not have had the best (or most coherent) story, but hey, towards the end of the game you get a fucking sword. There are a few fan-made Sonic games that finally show Sega how the speedy blue guy could work in three dimensions.

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A cute and inventive Kiev rampage game called Ruckus earned a lot of attention earlier this summer. The list goes on, but the real highlight of Dreams, I think, is all the horror experiences that people have made.

Earlier this year I wrote about Seinfeld Chronicles, a spooky exploring title based in the Seinfeld universe. I still check back in with Seinfeld every few months just to see what’s going on with Jerry, Kramer, and their demon-infested apartment building.

In past years, the act of remaking an old game usually meant just getting the bones of it to stand up on a modern-day console. Activision combined all the nostalgia from the first two entries in its skateboarding franchise with gorgeous, sun-soaked 4K graphics, and a roster featuring all of skating’s most beloved icons, old and new.

God, did it feel good to drop into the Warehouse again, or to grind the helicopter in Hangar. I'm stubborn, so I’ll hold to that, but honestly, Fall Guys is one of those games that took the internet by storm.

This game is designed to pit players against each other and environments, causing mass battle royale chaos. Additionally, the art direction is just about the cutest thing to come out of 2020, not that there was a lot of competition there.

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It's so damn nostalgic, and as goofy as this character is, there’s a reason he can come out of the woodwork years later with the same hardcore loyal following. What the folks at Activision and Toys for Bobs did is a true feat, as it feels new and exciting while still tapping into those old Bandicoot skills.

The gameplay is just as hard and unforgiving as ever, but in a wonderful way that I personally have been missing from 3D platformers for a while now. All this coupled with the beautiful designs and visuals makes for the perfect rebirth of the old Crash.

Crash and some others on this list prove that gaming, at least this year, unlike Hollywood, knows how to revitalize old franchises respectfully. Hopefully that gives me some cred when I write that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s game-within-a-game is one of the year’s best.

Some context: Since World at War and Black Ops’s original takes on the round-based, zombie shoot-em up, the experience saw fanfic levels of multiplying storylines and stuffy maps that demanded you watch YouTube tutorials to even get going. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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