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Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
• 9 min read

With so many movies and TV series focusing on a zombie apocalypse, it’s likely that at some point, you would wonder what will happen when the dreaded event becomes real. Here are 15 places that you can take refuge in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

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But if your ultimate aim is survival, neither option is that good, unless, of course, you manage to discover a pub or mall in the middle of nowhere. Their results indicated that the best place to avoid infection is in remote, sparsely populated locations.

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Grueling Building, Perfect ZombieHideout Image courtesy of UHF. If you happen to be in Fairbanks, Alaska, and the zombie outbreak comes to a head, a good place to avoid the flesh eaters would be the Grueling Building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus.

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They are riot windows, which are designed to prevent a human, living or dead, from coming in and out. An added advantage is that the riot windows start on the third floor, making it very tough for Zack to reach the height necessary to access the building.

One is by elevator, which is easy to disable in a pinch, and a main and secondary set of stairs. (|/| the best point for zombie access to the rest of the building, and would be easy to block at multiple levels.

Living in an area where it's below freezing for half the year helps in preparations for spring and summer. Human flesh freezes solid in cold temperatures, and Zack is dead, so there's no core heat.

A look at the Grueling building on the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus, and the ideal zombie hideout. A team of scientists at Cornell University have simulated a zombie outbreak in the US as a novel approach to studying infectious disease.

‘We build up to a full scale simulation of an outbreak in the United States, and discover that for realistic parameters, we are largely doomed,’ said the researchers in their paper. London would fall in days in the event of a zombie apocalypse, as would major cities in the US due to their population density.

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Cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco would become overrun with zombies within days, with less densely populated rural areas lasting a few weeks. But it would take months for the infected to reach the northern Rockies, making the mountains an ideal hiding place to escape the undead hordes.

Nightmare: If the model was applied to the UK, the Scottish highlands might be the best analogue to the Northern Rockies with a low population density and similar terrain (scene from the Walking Dead pictured) Don’t fight: Zombies wouldn’t have the neural responses to care about pain, so unless you could shoot to kill, it would be best to run for it.

Distract them: Damage to zombies’ posterior parietal cortex would mean that they couldn’t concentrate and would be at the mercy of whatever grabs their attention. Don’t try reason: ‘CDD presents with a massive dysfunction of the language circuits in the brain.

In 2014 scientists analyzed zombie behavior in films, identifying two different types and the areas of the brain likely to be affected based on their characteristics. If you suppose that zombies are created by a supernatural version of mother nature, it appears she is very clever, because the specific brain changes mean that the consciousness and free will of zombies would be high jacked, but their brain functions needed to hunt, would be preserved.

The fungus takes control of the ganglion cells that make up the insect’s brain, forcing it to bite down hard on a leaf with its mandibles. At this point, Codices kills its host, causing a stalk to erupt through the ant’s head and release more zombie spores to secure the fungus’ grisly existence.

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In humans, tapeworms can make its way into the brain to change our behavior, but a microbe called Too plasma Gandhi (T.Gandhi) goes a step further. Found in cat feces, it can infect humans and stop them fearing risky behavior, with tragic results.

Editor’s Note: The majority of this review focuses on the game as it was at launch on Oculus Rift with Touch and HTC Five. For our thoughts on the PSV version, you can read more here and see the updated section at the end of this review, which was contributed by Staff Writer Jamie Felt ham.

The hulking mass of a former human is only a few feet from my face now, so I level my sights at its head and squeeze the trigger. I frantically release the magazine, then slam a new one into place by bringing the gun down to my belt, and raise my arms again just in time to blow a huge chunk of its head off, dropping it to the ground, just before it gnaws on my face.

So many other zombie shooters in VR right now are obsessed with either locking you in place, neutralizing your ability to move other than what your room allows, or location-based teleportation to pre-defined areas. It’s an effective solution to the movement problem, one popularized by Cloud head’s The Gallery, and it avoids motion sickness.

I set out on my mission to find the source of the transmission and, ideally, a safe haven from all the madness. The focus isn’t so much on the overarching narrative, but more so on the world and the main character’s relationship to the apocalypse that makes it so pleasurable to play through.

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That personality was enough to make it an adventure worth taking, but it never ascends to the heights of other narrative VR games, such as The Gallery, in its storytelling. The utter lack of any other characters, or at least diversions in the plot, make this a very by-the-numbers story of the zombie apocalypse, one that we’ve all heard before, even if it’s exciting to play again in VR.

My memories of playing the game feel more like I visited this place and vividly recall getting lost in the mines, scared for my life. Playing the campaign in multiplayer offers the exact same experience, but increases the difficulty in just as many ways as it decreases it.

You can play this endless wave section of the game either alone or, as we would recommend, with up to 3 other people, scaling it from either 1-4 players total. In later waves they started running and pouring into the arena in larger numbers, amping up the intensity even further.

Over half a year on and Arizona Sunshine finally arrives at PSV as a slightly watered down but still very much enjoyable experience. You get all the same modes and features, but an added twist on the campaign that lets you play with the new Aim Controller.

Graphically the game’s taken a big hit, though it’s by no means unsightly and playing with the rifle-shaped device is a real joy. PSV’s tracking and feature limitations are never too far from your mind; the Aim jitters when looking down the sights, and walking/turning with the Move controllers is cumbersome at best.

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The protagonist’s witty humor make it worth recommending on his charming personality alone, with enough depth and variety to keep people coming back for several hours. By doing so many things so well, Arizona Sunshine quickly rose to the top of the pack as the best overall zombie shooter we’ve seen yet in VR.

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