Best Zombie In Pvz Heroes

Bob Roberts
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
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Pied PiperDancingPet Zombie GravestoneWhen revealed: Plants here get -1/-1. 2 2 1 He was told that playing the pipe would summon raccoons.

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Smashing GargantuarGargantuar Zombie All Gargantua rs have Frenzy. 5 5 5 When he phones home, it means something completely different.

Cosmic YetiPetMonster Zombie When played:Conjure a Pet, and it gets +1 /+1. 2 2 1 Flooding Hollow Earth with water from above, Neptune attacked with flying whale cavalry.

5 5 5 Deep in Hollow Earth, Zombie warrior women tame herds of enormous dinosaurs. Event Fraidy Carpet Zombie When a Plant Trick is played, this gets +1/+1 and moves to a random lane.

2 2 2 It takes a lot of practice for two Zombies' heads to fall off at the exact same time. 4 4 4 His cholesterol level is off the charts, and yet he seems to be in wonderful Health.

4 2 4 Flowers give her awful allergies and sickening sneezes. King of the GrillGourmetGargantuar Zombie Frenzy When a Gargantuan destroys a Plant, Conjure a Gourmet card.

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6 6 6 Chilling' beside the of' backyard grill, cooking' up some brains, hanging' with his zombies... that's the good unlike. Token Zom-BatsPet Zombie Amphibious When this hurts a Plant, draw a Card.

3 2 1 Like Chihuahuas with wings... and fangs... and a taste for Plants. Superpower Acid RainSuperpowerTrick All Plants on the Ground get -1/-1.

Pool SharkMustacheSports Zombie Bullseye 2 3 1 Not actually a shark. Brain VendorGourmetSports Zombie When played: You get 3 this turns.

Mountain ClimberS ports Zombie BullseyeWhen played on Heights: This gets +2/+2. Medulla NebulaGourmetEnvironment When you play a Zombie here, you get +2 this turn.

MoonwalkerDancingScience Zombie When played on Heights or an Environment: This gets +2 /+2. 3 2 2 That's one small nibble for Zombies, one giant bite for Zombie kind.

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Flying a kite in a lightning storm WAS a real bright idea. 5 2 3 Wishes the Mad Chemist would stop copying his hairstyle.

Wormhole GatekeeperHistoryScience Zombie Bullseye Each player draws an extra card each turn. 3 2 5 “Stand here and guard this gate with your unlike,” she was told.

TricksterParty Zombie While in your hand: This costs 1 less when you play a Trick. 1 2 2 In a parallel dimension, this zombie is a Space Pirate.

A gigantic, metal, laser monster that gates in four more dinosaurs. 3 3 2 Trick-or-Treater Gourmet Gravestone When you play your first Trick each turn, Conjure a Treat.

3 6 1 Jester Dancing Party Zombie GravestoneWhen hurt: Do 2 damage to the Plant Hero. 3 1 5 Zombots Wrath Science Gargantuan Trick Do 3 damage.

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5 2 2 Hip pity Hop Gargantuan Pet Gargantuan Zombie When hurt: Make a Mystery Egg in a random lane. 3 1 4 Medic Professional Zombie When played: Heal 4.

1 2 1 Geologist Science Zombie Gargantua rs cost 2 less. 2 2 3 Turkey RiderImpPet Zombie When destroyed: Gain a leftover.

4 3 4 Defensive End Sports Gargantuan ZombieArmored 1 Plant Tricks cost 2 more. 6 6 5 Token Octo-PetPet Zombie Amphibious 3 3 2 Superpower Heroic HealthSuperpower Trick Heal your Hero for 6.

4 2 2 Tomb Raiser Zombie History Zombie Gravestone When this hurts the Plant Hero, make a random Gravestone in a random lane. 1 1 1 Dr. SpacetimeScienceHistory Zombie Cards you Conjure cost 1 less. When this hurts the Plant Hero, Conjure a Galactic Gardens card.

3 4 1 Thawed VikingPirate Zombie AmphibiousWhen played: Freeze all Plants in the Water. 5 5 5 Digging graves is hard work, but seeing customers rise out of them makes it all worth it.

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3 2 4 Amazon helmets mostly protect their ears from all the roaring. Event ImposterMustacheImp Zombie When destroyed:Conjure a 1-cost Imp.

Fire Rooster Zombie This moves to a random lane when a Plant is played here. 2 3 1 According to the Chinese Zodiac, it's the year of the Fire Rooster.

We have to go deeper... Captain FlamefaceMustachePirate Zombie Gravestone All Pirates have Strike through. 3 2 4 You get your beard caught in the toaster ONE time, and it's all anyone can talk about... Zombie High DiverMustacheSports Zombie GravestoneWhen revealed on Heights: This moves to the Water and gets +1/+13 2 3 He used to be afraid of heights... and water.

4 3 3 Purveyor of only the finest banana peel coats. Token Infinity Clone Zombie Amphibious 1 2 1 An Imperfect copy, but it'll do.

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