Best Zombie Killer Battle Cats

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Use him against some weaker Red enemies in Empire of Cats. It is also a viable strategy to combine Horror Movies with the two aforementioned combos to make cats like Artist far more effective as meat shields.

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Sadly, Select's stats prevent him from being a viable anti- Zombie unit, despite gaining strength against them. Select's attack and defense boosts aren't enough to keep him from being outclassed by Island Cat and Crazed Fish Cat, but, if he is also given weaken, he can survive as long as Manic Island, sometimes.

Regardless of that, however, Select is still much more flammable, even without the recharge up talent, which allows him to still have a use, despite being weaker that even pre-trade Form Crazed Whale. Slow Resist is expensive and situational, so not recommended.

EN Description Studies at a certain film academy. EN Description Even a rusty nail can't stop the love in his heart from beating.

More versatile than Fish Cat: strong against Red/Zombies, with area attacks. EN Translation Luxury battle unit who does make-up as a zombie.

*See this section to calculate Zombie Cat's stats. Initial Stats Health Attack Power Zombie Cat 700 HP 200 damage Devil Cat 700 HP 200 damage Select 700 HP 200 damage Stats Modifier Natural Level 50 Plus Level 0 Health Treasure 300 Attack Treasure 300 Decimal Places 0 Advanced Options Health (%) 0 Attack (%) 0 100% Health Treasure Effect (%) 50 100% Attack Treasure Effect (%) 50 Base Stats Growth (%) 20 1st Reduced Growth Reduction (%) 50 Level 60 2nd Reduced Growth Reduction (%) 50 Level 80 3rd Reduced Growth Reduction (%) 0 Level 999 Normal Form Zombie Cat Effects/Talents Health (%) 0 Attack (%) 0 Level HP AP DPS Attack Cycle 59 59f 1.97 seconds Initial 700 700 700 200 200 200 101.69491525424 101 101 Attack Animation 27f + 16f + 16f 10 4,900 1,400 712 Attack Range 150 50+018,900 5,400 2,746 Attack Type Single Recharge Time 13.67 – 4.87 seconds Knock back 3 times Movement Speed 8 Cost (¢) Abilities Ch.

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