Best Zombie Killing Music

Earl Hamilton
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Notes Twenty-four tracks that puts a fun spin on killing zombies... You can also download one of our free apps to enjoy internet radio on your favorite device.

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Show preshow less Loading... Here are just 10 examples of music videos that star the living dead, each one sure to get you in the Halloween spirit in as gory and/or corny a fashion as possible.

A warning to anyone who picked up Metric's Live it Out on vinyl: spinning this record may lead to zombie attacks and haunting. In the first seconds of this 2006 video, lead singer Emily Haines is pulled to her living room floor by disembodied zombie hands.

They seem to be more interested in spooking her and occasionally copping a feel than scooping out her brains, but that doesn't mean these zombies are as harmless as your average zonked-out Toronto concert-goer. Eventually released from the Z-Grip, Haines wanders the halls of a spooky apartment building, only to find her band mates bloodied and borderline combined, as shocking-red plasma begins to ooze from the taps, walls and ceiling Evil Dead-stylez.

The fate of a bikini clad WWE-style model is in jeopardy, and only one thing can save her: a Canadian pop-punk band beating a team of zombies at soccer! A roly-poly baby is terrorized by visions of zombies in this 2009 clip from MGMT.

To be fair, though, zombies are just one variety of beastie lurking around the kid's crib. There are plenty of other things that'll likely be haunting his nightmares until freshman year.

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This 2007 single from indie rapper Aesop Rock gets the grind house horror treatment, though seeing the Mountain Goats' John Danielle pop up for a verse in the video's final minute is probably more shocking than any shot of zombies feasting on some dude's digestive system. There's plenty of b-grade gore, though someone should tell those back-up dancing zombie girls they need to work on their choreography.

Rob Zombie offers a clunky re-enactment of The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in this 1998 video, featuring his special lady Sheri Moon Zombie as the “irresistible creature who has an insatiable love for the dead.” Same diff -- especially when the song title happens to name-drop a George Romero classic.

In this 2008 video from the British synth-pop group, a mob rises from the closest thing to the grave -- the suburbs -- for a jammie-clad zombie walk. On the way, they get up to their typical zonked-out habits: getting ready for work, going for a swim, making out with the neighbors, worshiping garden gnomes, etc.

(Bonus video: “Zombie” by Major Lazer, featuring comic Andy Milonakis wandering the streets of Hollywood as a “fake Jamaican” zombie. Yes, it's the most obvious inclusion on the list -- and one of those songs that's as unavoidable as girls in sexy-cop costumes each Halloween.

The Cranberries were an alternative rock band from Limerick, Ireland that formed in 1989 and rose to mainstream popularity in the early 1990s. The band consisted of Noel Hogan (guitar/vocals; also a member of Mono Band), Mike Hogan (bass/vocals), and Feral Lawler (drums/percussion; also a member of The Low Network).

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Combining the melodic jangle of post- The Smiths indie pop with the lilting, trance-inducing son… read more The Cranberries were an alternative rock band from Limerick, Ireland that formed in 1989 and rose to mainstream popularity in the early 1990s.

Vojvoda 28 Jun 2012 6:09 a.m. Tokay this one just had to come out as it addresses both music and Zombies the number one and two topics on TMP this week. Patrick Sexton 28 Jun 2012 6:20 a.m. Psyche Ram ones, the soundtrack to the original Dawn of the Dead, the soundtrack to 28 Weeks Later and Motörhead.

Vojvoda 28 Jun 2012 6:25 a.m. Show about “In the Heat of the Night” by Ray Charles? RicharDISNEY 28 Jun 2012 6:27 a.m. PST Rob Zombie's Hillbilly Deluxe.

One of these species, Ophiocordyceps unilateralism sense late, specifically infects, controls, and kills carpenter ants (Camponotus castanets), native to North America. The ants become compelled to climb to the top of elevated vegetation, where they remain affixed and die.

Share on Pinterest A species of parasitic wasps takes full control of small, social spiders, driving them to their death. A. Eximius spiders are social animals that prefer to remain in groups, never straying too far from their colonies.

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But Fernandez-Fournier and team noticed that members of this species infected with Zapata larva exhibited bizarre behavior, leaving their colony to weave tightly-spun, cocoon-like webs in remote locations. When the researchers opened these artificial “cocoons,” they found Zapata larvae growing inside.

When the egg hatches and the wasp larva emerges, it starts feeding on the spider and begins to take control of its body. Share on Pinterest A newly ‘reanimated’ giant virus from the Siberian permafrost offers a chilling warning of possible dangers to come.

In 2014, researchers from the Center National DE la Recherché Scientific at AIX–Marseille University in France dug a fascinating organism out of the Siberian permafrost: a so-called giant virus, about 30,000 years old, which they named Retrovirus Siberia. The size of giant viruses, as well as the fact that they contain such a large amount of DNA, can make them particularly dangerous, explain the researchers who discovered P. Siberia since they can stick around for an extremely long time.

Yet Laverne and Bergen warn that there may be similar giant viruses buried inside the permafrost that could prove dangerous to humans. Though they have remained safely contained so far, global heating and human action could cause them to resurface and come back to life, which might bring about unknown threats to health.

While the transformation does not cause the plant to die, researchers are fascinated by how cytoplasm can bend this host’s “will” to make it grow the elements they require spreading and thrive. “The insects transmit bacteria, so-called phytoplasmas, which destroy the life cycle of the plants,” says Prof. Günter Than from Friedrich Schiller University Jena in Germany, one of the researchers who have closely studied the activity of cytoplasm.

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The final case study concerned another woman who had “died” at 18 but was spotted again as a zombie 13 years after this event. The first zombie had catatonic schizophrenia, a rare condition that makes the person act as though they are walking in a stupor.

“People with a chronic schizophrenic illness, brain damage, or learning disability are not uncommonly met with wandering in Haiti, and they would be particularly likely to be identified as lacking volition and memory which are characteristics of a zombie,” the researchers write in their paper. But there is also a specific psychiatric disorder called Coward’s syndrome that can cause people to act like zombies.

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