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• Thursday, 14 January, 2021
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Full disclosure: my favorite death in Brad Pitt’s World War Z is when the young, idealistic doctor, teamed up with Pitt’s character to find the cause/cure of the zombie plague, manages to slip, fall, and discharge his handgun, blowing his own brains out. Titillating cinematic irony aside, zombies have been responsible for some of the most gruesomely awesome deaths in all cinema.

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With that in mind, we’re proud to present to you 10 of the greatest, nastiest, choppiest zombie kills of all time! And no one does zombie redneck torture like Cabin in the Woods ‘ Patience Buckner.

Even if she dresses like a 9-year-old extra from Little House on the Prairie and her religious zealot brother “hacked up and ate” her arm before she died and was then consigned to a subterranean monster zoo. Her parents tried so hard to keep her safe in the basement of that deserted farmhouse even as it was being overrun by every zombie in a five-mile radius.

Karen lay quietly, barely complaining, a good girl until the end as she calmly succumbed to infection from a bite. There was a lot of in-family zombie murder going on in this flick (Barbara and her brother), but nothing could quite top the scene of Karen in her little-girl dress clutching a fistful of her father’s viscera.

But Trash really came into her own as a nearly naked zombie running amok in nothing but her legwarmers, with a mouth made for chewing on the homeless. When they aren’t being gunned down en masse, they are being held captive in secret military bunkers and used as test subjects by nefarious scientists.

While Bub the zombie and his mad scientist shared a creepy (yet no less loving) relationship, he always managed to raise the ire of one Capt. Rhodes finally gets it when Bub chases him down a corridor and into the waiting arms of a zombie mob with a penchant for dismemberment.

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He thought he could take his little rag-tag squad of degenerate soldiers, fortify a mansion, and wait out the apocalypse. Maybe find a couple of nice ladies to help them repopulate and set up a new world order.

Mailer up in a courtyard after he succumbed to the rage- zombie infection was a good idea… until he got loose and proceeded to bite and slobber blood all over the rest of the men, quickly infecting them and turning the major’s utopian vision into a nightmare. It was Mailer who had the last laugh though, smashing through the rear window of a car and dragging the major out for an old-fashioned evisceration.

Yet, his impassioned plea for mercy on behalf of a stranger fell on deaf ears. Sadly, Dale will never know, thanks to his totally unexpected disembowelment by Carl’s swamp zombie.

After all, swamp zombie had just finished gorging on a (clearly slow moving) cow. I love me some Robert Carlyle, so you can imagine my dismay when I realized his screen time in the 28 Days Later sequel would be so short-lived.

Pretty Paola learns the hard way that a poorly assembled, weak, wooden door is not enough protection against a determined shambles. Despite his advanced state of decay, her creepy zombie stalker has no problem punching right through the door and impaling Paola, eye first, on a jagged splinter.

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Naked underwater scuba diving in shark and zombie infested water. In this glorious Italian film, there is a scene of a zombie fighting a shark.

It's pretty astounding to think how far TWD has come since debuting in 2010, not just in terms of the technology and believable CG, but in the crazy character development as well. Anyway, in high anticipation of the walkers' return, we urge you all to get in the grisly, gruesome mood by reveling in what we're calling our Favorite ZombieKills.

Well, since this entire list literally germinates from the OG, George A. Romero's trailblazing THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, it's with great deference and utter reverence that we salute the harrowing death of Barbara in the film as our #1 contender. With a shoestring budget and true independent spirit, Romero conducts his sly social commentary with a slick more-is-less movie making approach that somehow, almost 50 years later, still inspires countless imitations.

Granted, his character isn't as memorable or consequential, but this is the first time we meet our talking, spinal-wagging half-corpse gal pal who, while demanding for more brains, informs us of being dead actually hurts. The whole of Peter Jackson's exorbitant cartoon bloodbath DEAD ALIVE could be construed as one of our favorite ZombieKills.

Since it's so hard to single one out, it's the double-impact of seeing dude get his lower-body peeled to gory bone under a doorway, his intestines painting the floor, just before that chick catches a gnarly zombie -fist right through the back of her skull and out through her mouth. Strike one up for the TV crowd, and specifically, the show that inspired this whole damn gory zombie bash to begin with: The Walking Dead.

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Props to master FX man and showrunner Greg Nicole for giving the fans of the show exactly what we pine for! Just when you thought a nice, touching, emotionally moving moment took place between Don and his wife Alice in 28 WEEKS LATER, the sick sum bitch rabidly attacks his better half with a loving double eye-gouge and ravenous kiss on the cheek.

Come on now, from the moment he first appeared onscreen and opened his whiny little mouth, you and everyone else were counting down the seconds until daft old David got his f×cking torso eviscerated. I can see it now, in the Winchester, Queen's Don't Stop Me Now on the June, Shaun and his mates with pool cues in tow, hordes of dumb drooling corpses ready to advance.

I mean, as if Nazis weren't odious enough, just horrific scum of the lowest order, here they shamble along as reanimated corpses looking to feast on warm flesh. Zombie land: Double Tap hit theaters this week, and it's safe to say that fans had high expectations in regard to the epic zombie kills in this movie.

So with that in mind, here are the ten bestzombiekills in Zombie land: Double Tap. In case it wasn't obvious, there are going to be spoilers for Zombie land: Double Tap on this list.

Zombie land: Double Tap didn't waste any time before giving us the first two kills of the movie. It's good to know that anything can be used as a blunt weapon capable of caving in a zombie's skull.

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And frankly, we have to give credit to the Columbia Lady for her poise in the face of danger. As with the first Zombie land, Double Tap had some fun with the zombie kill of the week' concept.

Admittedly it would have just been easier to take out the zombies in another manner...but it sure made a point. This man used the Leaning Tower of Pisa to take out a small group of hungry (and not very bright) zombies.

The where disturbingly like our two leading males, Tallahassee and Columbus, but in some ways, they will never hold up. For one thing (spoiler warning) these two gag characters are not as good at avoiding zombie bites as our leading crew.

Remember earlier, when we mentioned that Tallahassee got his own zombie kill of the week award? The final battle involved a lot of different tactics to take the zombies out.

Bill Murray's zombie -killing rampage (done with his usual calm poise) started off with the iconic Al Roger, and just went on from there. As you may have guessed by her nickname, she is also a cat lover, though truthfully she loves most animals she has the opportunity to meet.

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Cat will take any and every opportunity to try a new book or comic series, and has an ever-growing TAR pile that she'd rather never know the actual count of.

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