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Carole Stephens
• Tuesday, 19 January, 2021
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Luckily for you, manufacturers like AKBAR and United Cutlery are already creating zombie -themed items built to withstand the unexpected, so your answer can be a confident “yes.” From a full apocalypse survival kit featured in shows like “The Walking Dead” to tactical pocket knives, the beauty of this zombie -themed products is that they’re not one-dimensional.

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You don’t need to leave them locked away in a safe, patiently waiting for Z-Day. Since these are built for toughness, you can use them every day.

Being prepared doesn’t mean you have to be uneasy either. All of our zombie apocalypse knives come with a 60-day, money-back guarantee because when things go down, we’re all on the same side.

No matter what type of outdoor adventure activity you prefer, there’s always the possibility that things can go sideways with little to no warning. In these circumstances, a trusty survival knife could make all the difference in a life or death situation.

Survival knives can be used in a variety of situations, including camping, hunting, hiking, and prepping. River guides, backpackers, hunters, and emergency preppers alike have myriad uses for a quality survival knife.

The blade is a high carbon stainless steel material, with a drop point shape and serrated edge. These features include a rubber handle, whistle, stainless steel hammer pommel, lashing strap holes, lanyard cord, and a fire starter with ferrocerium rod and knife sharpener built into the included sheath.

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Bush craft is inspired by the Bushmen of the Southern Hemisphere, with the idea of learning how to survive in the wilderness with only a knife. The blade is a Scandinavian style with a single bevel grind, made of O-1 high carbon steel.

This knife is an excellent option if you are looking to perform wilderness duties in the traditional Bush craft style such as whittling, skinning, chopping, and slicing. The SO Seal Pup Elite is a fixed blade, high quality, and high-performance knife.

The Seal Pup Elite was designed for military use and is one of the preferred blades in Special Forces. It features a 4.85 AUS8 stainless steel heat treated blade for added strength and durability.

The blade is partially serrated with a longer cutting edge and a newly designed clip point shape. That finish in conjunction with SO’s proprietary cryogenic heat treatment process ensures that your knife will be incredibly durable.

SEE makes it easy to order your knife and customize to your preference, including blade type (serrated or plain edge), removable handles, and various blade finishes (black, desert tan, dark earth, uncoated, stainless steel). The Buck knife brand has been around for 75 years when they started making knives to send to troops after Pearl Harbor.

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It combines the durability of high carbon alloys with the corrosion resistance of steel. Their proprietary heat treatment method creates a strong and durable blade that will be a great asset in your survival needs.

The CRT M-16 12Z is rugged, tough, and small survival knife designed for EDC. Columbia River’s Knife and Tools (CRT) brand have a huge variety of survival knives to fit your needs.

The M-16 series has several choices, but we have chosen to highlight the M-16 12Z Hotel Serrated Edge Tango Blade Knife. This is a folding knife with a Carson Flipper extension that is unique to CRT knives.

Along with these excellent safety features, the blade is durable and has a limited lifetime warranty. It is made of laminated VG10 steel, and the tang extends all the way through to the end of the handle, making a very durable knife and a strong pommel if you need to strike anything.

It comes with a black leather sheath that is also durable and easy to carry or attach to packs. It has excellent balance and a high quality feel with the convex ground blade.

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The Gerber IMF II is a top-rated, military-inspired, and rugged fixed blade knife. Their Survival Knife was designed by a former military man and was field tested to ensure it was up to their rigorous standards.

The sheath is thoughtfully designed as well and includes a built-in carbide sharpener and belt attachment. This knife from TOPS brand was designed by survival expert Tom Brown Jr.

The blade is made of 1095 high carbon alloy with a black traction coating. It was designed to be able to be used for multiple different tasks in a survival situation, such as chop, split, carve, hammer, scrape, saw, engrave, and even break metal wire.

It has two parts that can carve or chop and, along the spine, there are sawbuck serrations that mean business and jumping to give added confidence in your grip. The knife also comes with a index sheath with a rotating spring steel clip to easily attach it to your pack or hip, weighing 26 ounces total.

It is a little heavier than some of the other knives we reviewed at 16 ounces, but that is probably due in part to its durable 1/4 thick blade made of 1095 Croghan steel. The handle feels comfortable in your grip, made of Gr ivory and comes with a glass-filled nylon sheath.

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When choosing the best survival knife, there are many things to consider including blade types and material. In this Buyer’s Guide, we are going to focus on the major characteristics to consider when buying a survival knife.

In this design, the metal part of the knife is one solid piece and the two layers of the handle are then pinned onto the blade on each side. To finish the design, a bolt or threaded pommel is used to secure the blade to the handle.

The knife’s handle is then fitted or molded around the entirety of the blade to create an “encapsulated” feel. Some knife manufacturers go a step further and coat these steels to provide extra strength and improve corrosion resistance.

This is important because it improves the blade’s ability to resist rust and corrosion while also making them easier to sharpen. However, stainless steel knives generally need to be sharpened more often because they lose their edge more quickly.

Carbon is, indeed, the hardest element and, as a result, it produces blades that offer superior edge retention. However, high carbon steel blades don’t include a drop of chromium.

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High carbon steel blades need to be cleaned and maintained more frequently in order to retain their sharpness. In this section, we’re going to answer some of the most common questions about using and taking care of survival knives.

Honing realigns the microscopic teeth of the blade but doesn’t require the removal of steel to create a brand-new edge. This is a classic area where dirt, water, and other debris can accumulate and negatively impact the performance of your knife.

Fill a cup or bowl with white vinegar and place the blade in the “bath” for about five minutes. Be careful not to leave it in the bath for any longer than this, as you risk permanently damaging the blade if you do so.

Our best Kurt knife was the CRT UK which is made from above average material and has the best handle which will provide superior grip at a fair price. You also want to make sure the handle is of good quality which will provide a decent grip.

You can start with the summary below or head over to the beginners guide at the end where I will cover everything in more detail. The Kurt Plus was best for those that are on a tight budget, and the AKBAR BK21 was off the highest quality but came with a hefty price tag.

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Editors Rating : 10/10 Material Used : 65 Mn Carbon Steel Blade Length : 10.5 Best for : For the best blade and handle quality without breaking the bank, I would recommend the CRT UK which was also my top pick.

Editors Rating : 10/10 Material Used : 65 Mn Carbon Steel Blade Length : 10.5 If you could take at least one knife with you into a world of a zombie apocalypse, then I would recommend the CRT UK.

The blade has a length of just over 10.5” and is made from 65 Mn carbon steel which also has a black coating to protect it from rust or corrosion. The handle comprises two material which includes a polypropylene core with a thermoplastic rubber coating.

Products made from the company Cold Steel are known to be of high quality. The blade also has a black coating which adds an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion.

At the base of the blade, there is also a solid piece of steel guard which will protect your fingers. The handle is made from Polypropylene which gives it excellent grip and strength.

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Best for : This knife is for people that want the best of the best and are not afraid to pay the hefty price tag when it comes to Kurt knives. The handle has a unique shape and is made from Ultramid® material which provides thermal stability, stiffness and also high mechanical strength.

Best for : If you want to have a Kurt knife which has a saw-toothed edge at the spine of the blade, then the SO Safari is for you. This knife is truly unique because the spine of the blade can be used as a saw which can cut through thick pieces of wood in no time.

The knife also makes use of a Keaton rubber handle which will give you the best grip possible. This knife is best used for backpackers that plan to do a lot of chopping as the product can also be used to saw wood.

You want a Kurt knife where the blade is made from a durable metal which will not bend or break on the point of impact. The handle should not break and must give you the grip needed to do your job effectively.

It has a distinct curve on the blade which makes it ideal for cutting and slashing but not stabbing. The knife has a weighted forward center of gravity caused by its fat belly which will give it extra momentum when swinging the blade.

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The Kurt knife can be used for self-defense (in the case of a zombie apocalypse) or be used as a handy tool to slice your way through vegetation or to even split logs. This steel has a complex formula which contains Carbon, Sulfur, Silicon, Chromium, Manganese, Nickel, and Phosphorus.

It is very strong and robust steel which means the Kurt will not break and the edge will stay sharp for longer. It is also high in carbon which means it is vulnerable to rust which is why the blade is black coated for protection.

The only disadvantage with this steel is that it can corrode easily when coming into contact with moisture and acid over time. It contains Carbon, Chromium, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Nickel, Manganese, Silicon, Phosphorus and Sulfur.

It will keep the cutting edge sharp for a long time and has some resistance to corrosion. It has a long list of ingredients while the four main ones are Carbon, Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium.

A Kurt can have the best blade which is the sharpest and made out of the strongest material, but when the handle provides a weak grip or breaks upon impact, then the knife will be useless. The first material used to make the handles are polypropylene which is a thermoplastic polymer which falls under a chemical compound.

The next type of material used is rubber which offers the best grip and shock absorbance. The product which will provide the best grip and has the best handle is the CRT UK that makes use of polypropylene and a thermoplastic rubber coating.

The next product on the list that provides superior handling is the Schrader SCHF48 Jethro that makes use of a finger choir which will give you better control over the blade. If you still could not make up your mind, you can head over to the comparison table above or go through the beginner’s guide.

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