Best Zombie Movies 2020

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• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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Whether they’re rising from the grave or trying to munch on some fresh brains, zombies can be pretty terrifying. Since the inception of the horror movie genre, zombies have been a popular trope and have been presented in many ways.

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Because the zombie trope is so diverse, and popular, choosing the best zombie movie is a formidable challenge. However, the Dawn of the Dead 2004 remake, which is based on the George Romero classic, does a great job of honoring its roots and offers hours of zombie -induced scares.

Dawn of the Dead follows Ana, a shift nurse who works at Milwaukee County Hospital. Upon regaining consciousness, Anna joins other survivors who are hauled up near a mall that has been taken over by zombies.

According to local legend, the Nazis wreaked havoc on the town until they were defeated and driven off into the mountains where they presumably starved among the loot that they had managed to grab before fleeing. When the group becomes curious, they learn that the battalion, lead by Colonel Cargo, have all managed to defy time by turning into a band of flesh-hungry zombies who will eat just about anyone that comes too close.

Pros Nazi zombies Quirky and entertaining Combines plenty of gore with a dash of humor It isn’t clear how the disease started to spread initially but once bitten, people do become infected and, after a brief death, become reanimated.

Because odds of survival are slim, people have taken to calling each other by their places of origin, or at least their location during the pandemic. During the journey, Columbus encounters Tallahassee, another survivor who has a penchant for killing zombies and a deep love for Twinkies.

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When it comes to finding the best zombie movie, Night of the Living Dead by George A. Romero is impossible to ignore. The film follows a group in a small town that has, for no apparent reason, been attached by zombies who have risen from the grave and are determined to chow down on human flesh.

While the film was initially ill-received by critics and studios, it peaked audience curiosity and quickly became popular. Specifications Run Time: 90 minutes Language: English Rating: NR Studio: Continental Distributing Inc.

Pros Great story line Powerful performance A must-see for zombie fans The film has received critical acclaim for its storyline and increased the popularity of fast-moving zombies.

Early zombie movies traditionally featured slow-moving zombies that would hobble towards the target and devour anyone who can’t get away fast enough and who can generally be outrun with ease. Ignoring the warnings, the group attempts to rescue the animals and is immediately attacked.

Pros Plenty of zombies and scares Interesting story line Realistic effects Based on a novel with the same name, World War Z follows a former UN field agent Gerry Lane, played by Brad Pitt, along with his family who happens to be in Philadelphia when a zombie apocalypse breaks out.

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As chaos spreads, the Lane family survives just long enough to be rescued by helicopter and airlifted. Gerry becomes a part of the team that is put together to help Andrew Fastback, a young virologist figure out a cure.

Israel had prepared for the siege due to the fact that their intelligence intercepted a communication involving zombies several months before. Unfortunately, the zombies eventually find a way to scale the wall and overrun the city.

During his escape, and throughout his travels, Gerry continues to gather information about the zombies in his quest to find enough to give the government and ensure his family’s safety. Gerry eventually realizes that the virus has a weakness and sets out to test his theories as a way to give humanity a potential advantage.

In fact, having something funny in between watching characters run and hide helps make the movie more enjoyable for some viewers. Shaun of the Dead is among the first to combine all the horrors of a classic zombie movie with a bit of humor.

Re-Animator follows the story of Herbert West, a doctor who has recently moved from Zurich to Massachusetts. West continues to conduct his experiments at home, which he has adapted into a research facility and attempts to, once again, re-animate humans.

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Mill Jovanovich and Michelle Rodriguez star in this first installment of Resident Evil, which had multiple successors in addition to an already successful video game franchise. Anderson, who is famous for other successful video game adaptations including Mortal Kombat in 1995, the film delivers all the thrill of the video game in a movie format that everyone can enjoy.

The film follows a team of commandos who are tasked who are tasked with infiltrating the underground research facility of a company known as the Umbrella Corporation in order to stop the release of a potentially dangerous virus. As the group attempts to infiltrate the compound and reach its way to the Red Queen, the lab’s super-intelligent computer operating system.

The story begins with Alice, played by Jovanovich, waking up in a seemingly deserted mansion. As she tries to figure out what happened, Alice runs into a group of commandos who are called to recover the dangerous T-Virus, which had potentially escaped inside the laboratory facility.

As the group makes their way down into the underground research facility, known as the Hive for its extensive size and maze-like features, they face down a variety of dangers and warnings from the Red Queen, who bids the team to turn back. Alice begins to recover her memory, and it turns out that one of the survivors, Matt, is not an employee but a man whose sister was an environmental activist who snuck into the lab to steal the T-virus as proof.

Warm Bodies takes the zombie trope in an entirely new direction by adding a Romeo and Juliet rescue romantic twist. Based on a novel by the same name, Warm Bodies takes us on a humorous romantic adventure and proves that love can conquer all- even zombies.

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In general, being a zombie seems pretty boring and R only reports feeling something when he is feasting on human flesh or brains, at which point R is able to experience the memories of his victims. Then, everything seems to change when R meets Julie, a young human who is out on a supply run with her friends.

Since Night of the Living Dead's release in the 1960s, zombies have become a standard horror trope. The first zombie horror movies were made with minimal special effects and, with film technology advancing, many have tried to combine the classic zombie genre with improved makeup and post-production technology.

In some cases, slow zombies possess extra strength, especially when they've managed to munch on a new victim. The idea of zombies that are not only strong but also incredibly fast only add to the horror factor.

Still, if you prefer something pandemic-based, we recommend choosing films like 28 Days Later and World War Z are great options. As with any movie, choose a film that fits your preferred time frame and schedule.

For instance, if you want to laugh a bit, consider a zombie action-comedy such as Shaun of the Dead or Zombie land. This won’t affect the price you pay and helps us offer the best product recommendations.

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