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Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
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Zombies in film have evolved over the decades, from corpses reanimated through witchcraft to infected individuals driven to acts of violence and cannibalism. While prior films focused on the dead coming back to life, 28 Days Later focused on an infection that causes the living to transform into manic killers who lose all sense of their humanity, survive nearly anything and turn others by biting them or having their blood or saliva enter their victims' systems.

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Despite the manic nature of these zombies, the film also provides beautiful moments of humanity among the core cast while also reminding viewers the real antagonist is a corrupt society, not the victims of it. Anna and the Apocalypse give a musical, holiday twist to this genre, reminding viewers that despite the gore and death, zombie movies can be campy, fun, and weird.

However, the antagonists still conform to a lot of the tropes from prior zombie films, including the dead coming back to life, feasting on the living, having inhuman resilience and only being stopped when decapitated or having the source of their possession destroyed. This movie is equal parts campy as it is horrific with tons of practical effects, body horror, blood, and pus along with performances that are over-the-top greatly.

Night of the Living Dead is the most iconic zombie movie, hammering home many of the classic cinematic tropes associated with this monster: the slow walk, the gaunt expression, the people eating, and the guttural groan. It's also an impressive film, balancing a large ensemble cast, creating plenty of tension in a set location and having social commentary that's still relevant, along with an unexpected end that hits hard no matter what year it is.

The fun of the zombie genre is that it can be applied to any location or time, and in doing so, there are unlimited possibilities to explore, like the horrors of World War II. To put it short, the film is a bloody thrill ride, perfect for anyone looking for a classic action movie with a zombie twist.

Now sixteen years old, the quick and dry humor still holds up, making it a perfect movie for a few scares and laughs. This allows the movie to show how catastrophic a zombie apocalypse can be with literal waves of the undead flooding the cars and stations.

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Zombie movies might seem a little too close to home right now given the pandemic and everything, but there’s a lot to be said about catharsis, and besides, isn’t exploring our worst fears what horror’s all about? Here are some of the bestzombiemovies currently available on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Shudder, and other streaming services.

The story focuses on an overworked dad named Seok-woo is riding the rails with his neglected daughter, Sudan when a Z-word outbreak strikes, putting the passengers in grave danger. As Seok-woo and Sudan try to make their way to the front of the train for safety, they confront legions of turned riders, sequences that feel claustrophobic and terrifying thanks to contorting bodies and shaky camera angles.

Freeman plays Andy, a fairly easy-going guy who’s forced to make some tough calls when he gets stranded in the Outback with his newborn daughter during the apocalypse. Freeman rarely plays the rugged hero type, but he does so convincingly here, and while there aren’t hordes of biters wandering the desert, the isolationist aspect of things makes this horror story feels eerily plausible.

The unlikely origin of the modern horror film: a farmhouse in the rural area surrounding Pittsburgh where director George Romero shot most of Night of the Living Dead. Working on a tiny budget, he not only created the modern movie zombie but made horror safe for grimy, uncomfortable visions taken from everyday life, helping to pull the genre out of Gothic castles and away from theatrical monsters.

This ’90s Western horror flick stars Guy Pierce as a shamed Lieutenant in the Mexican American War who, after playing dead on the battlefield, is sent to a remote outpost in the Sierra Nevada as penance for his cowardice. While there, he investigates the claims on a lone soldier who says his wagon trail became trapped by snow, and people were forced to eat each other to stay alive.

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The story follows a warehouse owner, a couple of his employs, a mortician, and some teenage punks as they fight their way through the undead, who’ve been accidentally awakened by a chemical gas leak. Elijah Wood and Rain Wilson star in this absurd dark comedy that manages to elevate the zombie horror genre.

Wood, Wilson, and Alison Pill play teachers at an elementary school in Fort Chicken, Illinois. When a student eats a contaminated chicken nugget containing a mutant strain of a virus that turns her into a mindless cannibal, the teachers are forced to fight their way through swaths of bite-sized biters to survive.

Aubrey Plaza and Dane Dean star in this horror comedy about a guy named Zach mourning the loss of his girlfriend, only to discover she’s come back to life. Plaza stars as Beth, the dead girl revived, who begins exhibiting strange behavior, eventually going into full-blown zombie mode while her devoted boyfriend Zach (Dean) tries to manage her mood swings and her pesky craving for human flesh.

John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon play Beth’s parents, who hilariously try to cover-up their daughter’s current undead state. Watching Plaza play a moody, angst-ridden walking corpse is one hell of a good time, and Dean is a worthy straight-laced foil.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline is a 2018 American zombie horror film directed by Hector Hernández Vices. A small group of military personnel and survivalists dwell in an underground bunker as they seek to find a cure in a world overrun by zombies.

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8 Marrakech Dancing, JIRA La-ongmanee Directed by: Banking Pisanthanakun, Darkroom Songbook, Minute Poolvoralaks, Songs Sugmakanan, Pa ween Purijitpanya A field hockey-playing pizza delivery boy finds himself transformed from slacker to zombie slayer during an outbreak of the undead in Kuala Lumpur.

During Mexico's War of Independence, a group of men faces unimaginable horrors when they attempt to steal from the seemingly helpless Cordero sisters. “Train to Susan” (2016) Let’s kick things off with director Leon Sang-ho’s South Korean horror masterpiece, which ranks as the single best zombie movie of (at least) the last 10 years.

“Cargo” (2018) Martin Freeman is a great actor who many know from playing the role of Bilbo Baggins from Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” movies, and he delivers another terrific performance in this Australian horror film. This fun flick addresses the difficulties that come with dating the undead and features an all-star cast of Aubrey Plaza, Dane Dean, Molly Shannon, John C. Reilly, Anna Kendrick and Garry Marshall, in what was his final film appearance.

Still, this zombie installment proves that Korean cinema continues to kill in all genres. It's a cult favorite and one of the most successful independent films, made with only a $400,000 budget.

Residing in that contemporary genre of “post-horror” (smarter, smaller-budget art house screams), It Comes At Night is less an all out zombie fest and more a meditation of all those things that go bump in the dark, including images of ravenous humans. Cargo is just an overall solid post-apocalyptic flick, similar in structure to The Road but without being (quite) as bleak.

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This Indonesian action comedy exists squarely within the What the FM*# Did I Just Watch category. Set in Quebec, this Canadian horror movie hits mostly all the zombie tropes, but in a way that feels fresh.

It's also (possibly) an allegory for Quebec politics, giving it that extra layer of interpretation on top of all the decayed human matter. “Zombies” are “hungrier” in this British film based on Mike Carey's novel of the same name.

Translated to “soul thieves,” this Mexican horror slasher is just good bloody fun, as well as a decent period piece on the Mexican civil war. So it’s technically a miniseries, but it clocks in just over two hours, so we’re just going to put it here.

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