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Maria Johnson
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
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Play 5 Tracks EP Download Earlier this year the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta released a report to reassure Americans that there is, in fact, no impending zombie apocalypse.

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Although the CDC certainly had its tongue firmly in cheek, it was also answering a number of genuine internet queries about zombies. But it is also the case that zombies, like all topi of science fiction, horror, and fantasy, indirectly get at something that is actually quite serious in the culture in which they appear.

There are, it would seem, some fears and frustrations bubbling up under the crust of American satiety, and the zombies are coming out to pierce the pie. While the show is certainly not for everyone (it is very violent, and the camera never shies away from spilled brains and black zombie guts), those who can stomach the gore will be rewarded with a lot to ponder and appreciate.

At one point a man and his son are boarded up in a house, afraid of leaving, horrified by the modification of their wife and mother, who is now roaming around outside with the other walking dead. In the next sequence, we see the slow turning back and forth of the door knob, which is gleaming slightly in the dark.

The show is equally good at creating and returning to iconic images: there is a shot of cars piled up on a highway in front of Atlanta, which is smoking in the background; and a shot of a windmill in front of an idyllic country farm and barn, hiding its joys and secrets alike. To tell that story, you must develop characters that viewers care about, and The Walking Dead does the trick within the first ten minutes of the first episode.

We meet two of the primary characters: the sheriff, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and his partner, Shane Walsh (Jon Bertha). As the two men talk, Shane gets Rick to admit that his marriage with Lori (Sarah Wayne Callie's) is in trouble because he has difficulty communicating his feelings.

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Zombies: Human hosts taken over by violent alien ‘ head crabs ’, typically attacks by clawing and overwhelming the victim. Resident Evil always does a great job at making a game feel unsettling.

Suddenly walking past creepy “body part art”, that didn’t seem to be there before, for example. As soon as you feel safe, you realize you aren’t, as attacks become more disturbing as they spread out through multiple realities.

Instead, a blend of plot, environment and timing are used to drive the action forward. Pro: Refreshing breakaway from singular reliance on FPS playing style.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie Developer/Publisher: Smartly Dressed Games Steam page: Unturned If number of reviews its has on Steam say anything about a games' popularity, Unturned has… over 300,000… It’s free to play.

Pitted against the harsh terrain littered with zombies and “block” gore. Human controlled players add extra levels of creativity.

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While relying on simple graphics, the landscape is detailed enough to offer a solid gaming experience. Zombies: Speed and strength can range from very slow to super human.

“Hulk” zombies can take great damage before dying while others crawl weakly around at your feet. Primarily made for an intense FPS experience, the game breaks up the action with puzzles and strategy.

Summary: While referred to as a “shooter” game, many players prefer to use weapons like chainsaws to cut down zombies. Set in the south, it offers a wide variety of levels, from swamps to urban buildings large enough to drive a car around in.

Extremely fast-paced action, with seeming little concern for gamers emotional well-being. Zombies: Infected by psychosis causing flu virus.

First person action, along with story building and towers to defend. One of few remaining livable places left in the world, occupied by massive hordes of zombies.

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More active at night, attacks with biting, hitting scratching, patience, overwhelm with numbers. Pro: Variety of zombie types from spiders to police officers.

Genre: Adventure Developer/ Publisher: Telltale Games Steam page: The Walking Dead The main appeal is the story, which begins in Georgia, right after the zombie infection started.

Character building starts immediately with Lee, a former professor and convict meeting a child named Clementine. Heavy focus on player decision causes Season 1 to have 7 different ways of ending.

Genre: Action, RPG Developer/Publisher: Tech land/Tech land Publishing Steam page: Dying Light Summary: Dense populations of zombies that require extreme focus and a lot of ammo.

Summary: It’s hard to believe, but OF started out as a mod for Unreal Tournament. Yes, there is a Killing Floor 2, but the original is still more appreciated, even in 2018, according to Steam ratings.

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Chase down dangerous science projects as they escape from a failed biotech facility. FPS heavy, but character classes like “support specialist” keep the action varied and interesting.

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