Best Zombie Novels 2020

Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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Regardless of whether corpses rise from their tombs or some flu-like plague turns ordinary people into flesh gobbling ghouls, there’s going to come a day when society crumbles and the world of the living succumbs to the whims of the dead. Of course, for those who want to be prepared for it either practically or psychologically, the following books offer a glimpse into this fictitious fate of mankind.

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It’s been popular ever since then, it’s rise running parallel with societies’ interest in the living dead. This is a book written by the first-hand survivors of the upcoming zombie apocalypse, and it gives the reader a narrative that’s not only entertaining but also charged with emotion.

Many people encapsulate the essence of this book by referring to it as somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster that takes the reader up to the brink. This book examines the emotional upheaval that’s caused by a fictional zombie apocalypse, a journey that started in China and moves all over the globe.

In our opinion, although we felt it was a little longer than it should’ve been, it still told a story that had a great emotional punch to it. Anyone who hasn’t read this book and considers themselves to be a fan of zombie horror is going to want to rectify that situation as soon as possible.

Mike Carey is an acclaimed writer that’s known not only for his adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Never where but is also known for writing the screenplay, Frost Flowers. This book is a twist on the traditional zombie fare and will leave the reader’s expectations laid as bare as if it were ripped out of their body by a pair of gnarling teeth.

Although this book does start a little slow, it begins to build up a head of steam as it moves along. All of this makes this a book for not only fans of the zombie genre, but for anyone who enjoys a good story.

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Warm Bodies is another novel that many people might be more familiar with its film adaptation than the book itself. Sure, he does engage in the occasional bit of cannibalism, but he’s also riding around escalators, and listening to music in his impromptu home–a 747 plane.

The story then takes a subtle shift as he meets a girl, a survivor of the zombie apocalypse, who he can’t get out of his undead mind. Now we’re sure we’re going to get some flack for putting Stephen King, the master of horror and suspense, so far down on our list of zombie books, but we had to.

In our opinion, it starts as one of the fastest developing zombie stories we’ve ever read. It hits the reader directly between the eyes and then never takes its foot off the gas pedal.

Although this revelation may make some zombie genre fans skip over this book, they might not want to be so quick to do so. That’s because this book contains zombie stories collected by some of the most remarkable authors in the horror genre.

Some writers of these stories include Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Joe R. Lawndale, George R.R. It contains some great stories that include Home Delivery; Sex, Death And Star shine, and Everything Is Better With Zombies.

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That’s because this is a haunting, dark and beautiful story that keeps the reader glued to the page and has them wondering why it ended so soon. It’s a quick read that’s punctuated with imagery that the reader won’t find in any other story.

This book is told by a 15-year-old girl known as Temple who recounts the fall of human civilization and lays bare the completely savage nature of mankind. If we are to speak honestly here, we have to say that this book wasn’t even on our radar until we held a physical copy of it in our hands.

We generally like to think of ourselves as horror and zombie aficionados, so we found it very curious that this book wouldn’t even end up on our radar. We daringly thought that perhaps we hadn’t heard about it was because it wasn’t a good book, but we couldn’t have been more wrong.

We won’t spoil the book any further, but we will say that all things considered, we thought that it was a wonderful story and one that’s worth reading. Anyone tired of the kinder, friendlier zombies of the modern age, will want to take a look at this much darker book.

These novels are filled with blood-chilling stories of people who face the threat of living dead and try to survive while battling these horrible creatures. This masterpiece of zombie fiction became so popular among the audience that it even got made into a movie with Brad Pitt in 2013.

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James Spenser is a special boy from Kansas City who tries to survive in the world full of zombies along with his family and a little bunch of the others who managed to save their lives. This epic story is filled with blood-chilling horror, unexpected plot twists, surprises, and even has a little of humor.

The main task for all who stayed alive is to collect enough food and supplies, find guns, and fight for their life. This unusual story describes a cruel and convoluted experiment that was held in one town to submit them.

It has a lot of dynamic action involving bright and memorable characters, so, you will definitely not be bored while reading it. The vaccine that was meant to save people start turning them into living dead.

The plot combines elements of horror and adventure and even has a tint of romance between the main heroes who try to survive and make their way through this. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors.

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Unusual Structure and Narrative When it comes to zombie literature, undoubtedly one of the most famous books ever created in this genre is World War Z. Not only did it bring a lot of attention to the genre but also it made Max Brooks a world-famous writer.

The book has held the New York Times best -seller positions for four weeks and was made into a blockbuster movie with Brad Pitt in 2013. The author drastically changes the tone of the narrative, so this book can be rightfully considered a horror piece.

The writer tells the story of the whole world through the eyes of survivors who witnessed the planet suffering from the mystical epidemic which turned a major part of humanity into the walking dead. Brooks provides a detailed look at how the authorities of different countries face the threat of the deadly virus.

Now, the survivors have to wonder whether Koreans stayed safe and untouched by the virus or there is a ton of zombies locked underground. A Piece of Zombie Classics The author covers a pretty long period of time in his book.

It shows the reader how the population of the planet evolves under the scary condition, finds new ways to survive, and comes up with the salvation plan. The end of the book reveals whether there is any hope for people to destroy the virus and return to a normal life.

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So, if you are looking for an unusual zombie -themed read, we can't recommend this book by Max Brooks highly enough. Considering its major success among readers and critics and the fact that the book hasn't lost its popularity for over a decade, World War Z can be rightfully called a piece of horror classics that is definitely worth reading.

Additional Info Last updated price$0.00Stock In stock ASIN0307346617 Max Brooks World War Z: If so, give This Plague of Days written by Robert Chain Chute, a journalist who became a writer a try.

The author provides a look into the mind of this boy who, alongside his family, tries to survive in a zombie occupied world. After more than half of the world’s population was killed by an unknown flu virus, it starts mutating and bringing people back to life.

Through Jamie’s eyes, you will be able to witness how a pack of British zombies invade America. The survivors divided into small groups, desperately trying to find a way of how to fight the living dead.

But as the story goes, the boy eventually realizes that those who stayed alive could be not less dangerous than those flesh-eating monsters. Each chapter is like an individual novella or short story that reveals some important plot twist or a surprise in the end.

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Before the book was published, each chapter came out weekly, flaming interest in readers and making them suffer in anticipation. As the story progresses, you will be able to see how this special kid grows in tough conditions of the apocalyptic world and manages to stay true to himself.

Complete Trilogy in One Book Keith Taylor has a massive writing experience as he tried his hand in various genres under a few different pen names. It includes three books: Hunger, Codices, and Vaccine, all of them collected in one volume for your convenience.

The main character of this series is Tom Freeman, an American citizen who faced the consequences of zombie invasion outside his homeland. He decides to run back home to the US, where there is still no infection and where he can return to the normal life, away from all this horror.

But the truth may not be as promising as Tom wants since the horrific virus is following in his footsteps and the terrifying smell of the decomposed walking corpses invades his nightmares. As the disease progresses, millions of people are slaughtered, and there is barely a chance for salvation.

All Tom can do now is to find enough food, supplies, and armor, lock himself inside and stay in. What makes things even worse is that there are people who try to use the catastrophe opportunistically rather than unite and protect what is left of humanity.

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And when it looks like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, a glimpse of hope in the form of the vaccine appears on the horizon. The book is full of descriptions of violent murders, zombies feeding on human flesh, and the brutality of people who will do horrible things just to save their own life.

Yet, the read is very engaging and has a lot of intense action, so it will be really hard to put it down until you finish it. No parts of the book seem too boring or excessively long, and the author does a great job creating a thrilling horror story with the elements of drama.

Summing up, the Last Man Standing written by Keith Taylor is a great trilogy for zombie fans. The author uses all the popular genre tropes to create a solid piece of horror fiction that should fit the taste of those who are real big on such intense heavy literature.

Vile Experiment in a Small Town If you are not a fan of post-apocalyptic zombienovels, but you still want to read something about the living dead, we suggest checking out Night Chills by Dean Koontz. The magnitude of the tragedy in this book is way smaller and occurs on the territory of only one town.

The main characters of the story are Paul Annandale, a widower who has lost his wife, and his two kids, Mark and Ray. Paul plans a nice family bonding and decides to take his kids camping in the quiet town of Black River, Main.

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Scientist Ogden Salisbury and multimillionaire Leonard Dawson teamed up to create a horrific poison and added it to the town water supply system. The experiment is related to subliminal advertising, and since the scientist and his rich partner have no moral ground, they make people do horrible things including rape, the murder of family members and friends, and eventually, commit suicide.

The author manages to create great suspense with an unusual plot and smart characters. Overall, if you seek a not-so-typical story about mindless zombies, make sure to check out Night Chills by Dean Koontz.

The Vaccination Went Wrong Lora Powell managed to create a real page-turner about the zombie apocalypse that should fit the taste of all the fans of the genre. The First 30 Days is a horror story with elements of adventures and even romance all coming together in one exciting read.

The bad things start happening right of a sudden when the vaccination goes wrong. When the number of the dead began to drastically rise, it was clear that the old world had come to an end.

Surrounded by the horror of death, they start getting closer and even develop romantic feelings towards each other. Basic Plot With Interesting Innovations In this book, author Lora Powell used a very popular post-apocalyptic fiction trope.

A couple of strangers travels in the devastated world, trying to cope with the consequences of a zombie invasion. The writer comes up with smart plot twists and puts her characters through tough tests.

Although some readers managed to find a few repetitive descriptions in the book, the adventures of the protagonists are filled with action, and there are no boring or slow-paced moments. To wrap the whole thing up, The First 30 Days is an interesting story with a basic premise but unusual plot twists.

If you don’t like gruesome horror yet still seek something a bit chilling, this book will fit you. Considering how many zombie -related films, TV shows, books, and video games are available today, it might be hard to imagine that this term is actually quite new.

Later on, its interpretation as a zombie was used by George A. Romero in the later works of his iconic series The Night of the Living Dead. The zombie -focused plot usually describes some sort of virus, disease, or curse that brings those who passed away or were killed back to life.

Such books are not easy or some entertaining read since the descriptions of a flesh-eating zombie’s brutality may not befit everyone. Author Even though zombie literature became popular only in the 1990s, there are a few people who've already managed to make themselves a name in this genre.

You can never go wrong with novels written by such classics as John Skip and Max Brooks, two American authors who have gained world fame and brought zombie fiction to a new level. In such books, the author describes either future or parallel reality where zombies have taken over the planet and those few people who have managed to survive, try to fight back the creatures.

If you are not a fan of such stories, there are books that describe events when the magnitude of the disaster is much smaller. In such books, everything starts with only one zombie, or they usually invade one town, city, or even one science lab.

If the action takes place in the past, especially against the background of some significant event, this automatically makes the book a historical novel as well. In 2010, Isaac Marion published his novel Warm Bodies that became a massive hit and the best -seller and even was adapted for the big screen.

There are other light stories, in which the living dead retain their humanity and people have some sort of happy ending. When it comes to the zombie genre, anthology series with a few short stand-alone novels can be frequently found as well.

Whether you prefer to have a paperback version, read a novel on your e-book or listen to audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to find something to fit your taste. The word spread on to Haiti with the slaves from Africa that were moved there to work on plantations.

The Very First Descriptions There, in Haiti, the cult of powerful voodoo witches and sorcerers began to grow. William Seabrook in his book The Magic Island wrote about the life of Haitian slaves, his own experience there, and described some voodoo rituals from the perspective of an occultist.

Even when it comes to classic pieces of writing like Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, you can clearly see that the theme of the living dead was present even there. Romero's Breakthrough in the Genre The image of the modern-day zombie (which is a flesh-eating, weirdly-walking corpse) was created by the American film writer and director George A. Romero who made a number of films in his world-known series Night of the Living Dead.

Night of the Living Dead also gave a boost to a completely new movie and fiction genre, which is a zombie apocalypse. Usually, in such stories, a small group of people try to survive in a word invaded by zombies.

A virus, parasite, or curse are the most common methods of bringing the dead back to life. But even though the root cause can vary, modern zombies usually have similar features and can be killed in the same way, which is destroying their brain.

Modern-day Zombies Nowadays, the creators also try to experiment with the appearance of their monsters to make them more unique and interesting while still fitting in the cannon.

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