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• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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Black Ops Collar Zombies goes all out in delivering some stunning upgraded features as players fight hordes of the living dead on Die Machine. Though the basic setup may look familiar, there are a variety of changes and improvements to keep things fresh and flexible.

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But fret not, for we are here to clear all doubts and shed some light on the workings of the system, the individual perks, and how they might impact your game. Also, worth mentioning, going prone in front of the perk machines will still net a player bonus of 100 essence.

Every subsequent perk purchase will increase the cost by 500, regardless of which order they’re obtained in. Every perk contains three tiers of increasingly useful abilities that players can purchase through the Ethereum crystals.

Screen grab via: HeliozThe complete effects of this perk will allow players to regenerate health faster, receive additional health while sprinting, less fall damage, and even some immunity against explosives. Tier 3 effect is, arguably, the most important upgrade to have as many Zombies veterans would concur.

Screen grab via: HeliozPlayers will essentially be doubling up the reload speed when they get all the way to tier 3. This will definitely come in handy when you’re gunning your way through droves of zombies and don’t have the time to reload.

It essentially becomes a support-focused perk with its base effect being ‘ Drink to recover health and revive faster by 50%’. Screen grab via: Helios Tier 1: Downed crawl speed is increased by 100%.

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Screen grab via: Heliopolis perk improves not just your movement speed, but also regeneration, sliding, and gives you the ability to fire while sprinting. Screen grab via: Heliopolis is the newest perk in Call of Duty Zombies.

Tier 1: Equipment damage also has a small chance to apply a random base Ammo Mod effect. Screen grab via: Heliopolis perk introduces the element of surprise to your equipment damage and could potentially freeze and incinerate the Zombies with, say, a frag grenade.

Screen grab via: HeliozPlayers who rely heavily on tanking their way through would definitely benefit from this perk’s base effect: Aiming down sight moves to enemy critical location. Tier 1: Deal 100% extra critical damage if an enemy is at full health.

Screen grab via: Helios Dead shot Daiquiri is definitely a weapon-focused perk that trickles down its effects to improved abilities, multipliers, decreased hip-fire spread and recoil, and even the ability to carry a third weapon. A combination of these two will also ensure that you don’t die early and lose your perks.

Other than these two, Dead shot Daiquiri can buff up the damage that you deal and let you romp your way through the game. Speed cola could also potentially improve your tactical advantage when used in conjunction with Dead shot Daiquiri.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Collar will deliver multiple new maps that are played across a variety of modes. Currently, the known variations of modes in Black Ops Collar are: standard multiplayer at 6v6, Combined Arms at 12v12, and Fire team at 40 players.

Express is a roughly U-shaped map featuring two train tracks looping around the transportation hub’s main hall. Players can expect plenty of close-quarters combat in the hall, but should note that its glass ceiling leaves it susceptible to enemy Score streaks.

These areas are also great places to watch one of the high-speed trains bolt by the station on one of the tracks, where it won’t hesitate to take out any Operator who doesn’t mind the gap. A legendary map that debuted in Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Raid is a sprawling luxury complex within the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California.

Fighting takes place across the living space, including a lush courtyard at the map’s center, a bedroom overlooking a breathtaking pool area, a basketball half court, a well-kept garden and nearby guest living space, and the iconic roundabout entrance to the mansion. Don’t stop to admire this exquisite dream home; the three-lane design gives way to competitive 6v6 combat, especially in objective modes where the central courtyard draws in action from all sides.

The date is January 21, 1984, and there’s little time to check out the latest tech at Radio House or drop a few quarters into the Pitfall!™ machine at the Galaxy Room: This is where Stitch and Adler get reacquainted. Cutting through the unique shops that populate the side lanes allows for quick, intense close-quarter battles and focused combat, while heading through the middle of the mall enables longer range assault rifle and sniper-focused duels.

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NATO Special Forces shutdown a hidden Perseus training facility, built to practice an assassination attempt against the POTUS. Perseus ups the ante by targeting a NATO base in Hanover, West Germany, during a joint military exercise.

Surrounding the street is a hotel with a pool (complete with a working diving board), clubs, and even a beach. The map features long sight lines across a frozen lake, a sniper overlook, multiple bombproof buildings, tanks and snowmobiles.

In the middle rests a downed airplane that provides cover from the snipers on the opposite side of the map. This studio setting features plenty of places to engage a less cerebral form of competition, from the contestant podium to the stepped stage and ‘80s camera equipment.

A roughly circular setting, with control stations, support struts, and a central payload area all viable options to take cover behind. Hammer victory home among the ostentatious trappings of the old USSR: Deep within the famous Lanka KGB building is an ornate hallway of imposing marble.

Seek cover behind thick wooden desks and tall library bookcases and secure a Gunfight win for you and your comrade. Ten squads of four will head up to the Ural Plains to fight over objectives and vehicles on land, sea, and air.

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This map is specifically made for the Fire team modes and features combat in large cabins and forest land. We’ll continue to update this post as we learn more about what maps will be available in Call of Duty: Black Ops Collar at launch.

This guide will explain the best perks in Black Ops Collar Zombies. These perk machines with their catchy jingles can give you a decent leg-up on the endless waves of the undead.

While the four-perk limit has been removed in Black Ops Collar, points are scarce in the early rounds of Zombies, so it is crucial to spend them on the stuff with the biggest benefit. The perk gives a 50% boost to your base health which is extremely helpful when the mini-boss zombies start spawning.

This perk gives a significant boost to your overall speed which is great for reaching high rounds. Quick Revive can be found in the pond for 2,500 on solo but 500 points are added to the cost for each player with you in a group session (for example, three people including yourself would make it 3,500).

If you need more help with Black Ops Collar, you can check out our full wiki here. New features have been introduced such as Field Upgrades (which have replaced Specialists from Black Ops 3 and 4).

zombies perks war call duty
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Each Perk and Field Upgrade is distinct; some aren't worth taking a second look at, and others are the most essential things in the game. Upgrading it doesn't change much with it, only giving you an extra charge and doubling the range.

Frost Blast often delays the inevitable, rather than helping you out of a tight spot. The Energy Mine does linger, so you can put it in a place to run into with a train of zombies, but you can accomplish the same with much less effort with just a C4.

Dead shot Daiquiri was widely considered to be one of the worst Perks in the previous Zombies installments. This trend continues in Black Ops Collar, although being able to upgrade it improves it slightly.

Healing Aura isn't necessarily bad, however, it's something that you will only need on rare occasions. After being gone in Black Ops 4, Speed Cola returns in a traditional Perk machine.

Like previous installments, Speed Cola is a useful Perk but doesn't directly help you in any major way. When used a ring forms and when standing inside it you do more damage while Zombies entering into it will be slowed down.

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Elemental Pop is the first Perk new to Black Ops Collar, and it immediately stands out as one of the best. Elemental Pop will randomly trigger an alternate ammo type even if it is not attached to your gun.

Having access to more powerful alternate ammo types is never going to be a bad thing, and it affects all weapons. However, with its Black Ops Collar iteration, it also boosts the speed it takes for your health to start regenerating again.

This means that Quick Revive is such a necessity in Black Ops Collar, as maintaining full health is so important in Zombies. It also gives more incentive to use it in Solo, as originally it would just act as an extra life.

Ether Shroud stands out as the best Field Upgrade in the entire game. Ether Shroud is the ultimate tool to save you when you mess up, and that's what makes it so good.

After being missing from Black Ops 4, Juggling returns and reclaims its title as best Perk in the game. With how damaging some zombies can be such as the Megaton, having extra health can make or break a run.

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