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The shooter title that this whole wiki has been waiting for. And out of the characters they're using, there are certainly some outstanding ones, and some that fall short on the game.

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For a trade off of 25 health you now have the highest damage per second in the game. Given that the player has decent accuracy, spam the right trigger and your target is dead in less than a second.

That and the ridiculous reload and the Chili Bean Bomb earns the plant this title. While he has good damage up close, his long and mid range game is pathetic.

And the damage may not be enough sometimes for the extreme accuracy required to play him. Now that his starting health is buffed which remedy him a little, his speed is surprisingly outstanding for a Chomper.

This thing can two-shot any zombie that's not an All-Star or a Super Brain with her final two bullets. She is also capable of taking down the two mentioned zombies in four shots.

This makes Zen Cactus amazing in Garden Ops, as well as being the bane of any sneaky vanquish streaker zombie. Logically, she has the slowest rate of fire out of any Cactus.

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Infamous for cluttering the beta, this bounty hunter is a direct upgrade from the original. The overheat is worth for the significantly increased damage and freezing capability.

Then shoot at it continuously, put up your shield in the process to ensure no health is lost. By the time the stun wears off, the freeze takes effect.

Give her the fastest movement speed in the game assuming you've also obtained the speed upgrade, and she does 15 damage per thistle. WHY IS THE FULLY CHARGED SHOT F***ING HOMING LOL I DON'T GET IT.

Imagine a homing fiery big ball of death flying straight at your face with little to no possible method of escaping it. The weapon doesn't do a lot of damage and the freezing doesn't really help that much.

It also helps him as an assaulter due to the increased mobility, and helps his horrible normal movement speed. Decent but the slow projectile speed makes him horrible in 1v1s.

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He has a rather accurate projectile, and it freezes in only four shots for its speed! Roadie Z is basically a Chemist with 150 health.

54 damage for a fast firing rate, and an increased speed, and the ability to self heal. The only way to stop this guy is when you happen to spot him halfway across the map and snipe him.

Tennis Star is extremely mobile, and you barely have reduced speed when zooming. Cricket Star has broken damage and is pretty accurate, and also fun to use.

Both are also armed with Imp Punts, a very good ability to aid your retreat, and Sprint Tackle, an ability to plow through a whole group of plants to escape. While I like his Imp form, the Much is atrocious.

The improved-but-still-slow speed isn't very worth it for 50 less health, especially when you die instantly to Born's Shuck Shot. Electron Brain has a very good punch combo and a broken long range weapon.

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Comic has a good long range weapon, but his punch is mediocre at best. Super Brain is meh, the laser isn't very reliable.

In the beta I was like, “Oh no...” (because of an accident that his weapon was Captain Cannon's), but he managed to regain my trust with his new and improved version. His shotgun's firing rate is just insane to the point of being comparable to Zoologist's.

Come on over to discuss the game, interact with Poplar developers, and share your videos and fun experiences! There is a total of eight playable zombie classes, with the four original classes, and four brand-new ones: three since the game's release, and one added in the Trials of Gnomes update after the game's initial release.

The zombies are semi-mindless, decaying corpses that have won the Battle for Suburbia against the plants. The zombies' leader, the brilliant Dr. Zombies, managed to beat the plants by contacting his future self and bringing back advanced Z-Tech from the future, including the extremely powerful Much that gave the zombies the advantage over the plants.

Zombies have made significant advancements in science, construction, and especially robotics, likely thanks to their genius ruler Dr. Zombies, and also likely thanks to the tech from the future. There are a total of eight playable zombie classes, with each having their own unique weapons, variants and abilities.

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Parrot Barrel Blast Cannon RodeoFuture Parrot Ballot Booty Barrel Blast Sniper class Imp 75 for Imp350 for Much Little' DrakePylon Imps. H.R.IMPZ7 Impart ImpScallywag Imp BlastersRobo Laser 4-5 (impact damage)4-6 (critical damage)6-9 (Much impact damage)7-10 (Much critical damage) ImpkataGravity GrenadeRobo Ballroom StompMissile MadnessExplosive Escape Assault class Super Brain 200 Comic BrainzElectro BrainzToxic BrainzParty BrainzBreakfast Brain Heroic FistsHeroic Beam 15-25-45 (punches)3-4 (beam impact)4-5 (beam impact critical damage) Melee class Hover Goat-3000 125 N/A Radical Ray gun 5-9 Damage Buff Booster Beamed Awesome LaserTubular Turbo Support class *exact damage varies depending on distance Zombie Image Health Primary Weapon Damage * Variant Perk Rarity Chemist 100 Beaker Blaster 35 Close range weapon variant Super Rare Physicist 100 EMP Frazzle Launcher 20-57 (impact/critical damage)5-10 (electric splash) Electric variant Rare Dr.

Boxer Bot Punches Plants at close range, counterpart to the Bonk Chop CLOSE RANGE: MELEE Mr. Toasty Creates fire at a short distance, counterpart to the Snap Dragon CLOSE RANGE: FIRE Mr. Electron Deals electric damage to nearby Plants, counterpart to the Lightning Reed MEDIUM RANGE: ELECTRIC Explode Bot Deals a devastating explosion that vanquishes nearby Plants, counterpart to the Doom-shroom CLOSE RANGE: EXPLOSIVE Loudmouth Bot Temporarily stuns nearby Plants, counterpart to the Goop-shroom MEDIUM RANGE: STUN Breaker Bot Punches through Plant shields, counterpart to the Fume-shroom MEDIUM RANGE: ARMOR BREAKER Uplink Bot Calls an airstrike on nearby Plants, counterpart to the Bamboo Shoot LONG RANGE: AIRSTRIKE Mr.

A reference of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). About Plant vs Zombies 2 Warfare is a game directed by Jeremy Vancouver, and was produced by Kyle Duncan.

There's also a Quest Board with different objectives for Plants, Multiplayer, and Zombies, Sticker Shops, a Multiplayer Portal, a Mailbox, and a special Garage with Quest missions for both sides. There have been several added modes including the Garden Ops, Graveyard Ops, and an alternative of Gardens and Graveyards, and the Herbal Assault.

In the middle, the plant and zombie forces fight each other, and is also where the Flag of Power game mode is located. The player can access the Garden Ops and Graveyard Ops modes through Crazy Dave's RV or Dr. Zombies' blimp in each side's base, and can access every other mode through the Multiplayer Portal, where they can choose to play any mode solo, private with friends or go online in multiplayer.

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Flag of Power : The player must defend the Flag of Power from the opposite faction, who will be sending out waves of enemies, with each wave being harder than the last. The mode is endless, so the player can't actually win, which is quite a shame.

After that, they must run and survive to the extraction point to be saved by Crazy Dave. After that, they must run to the safe point and survive until they are saved by Dr. Zombies.

A game mode where players must collect orbs from fallen opponents to receive credit. Gardens and Graveyards : A game mode where players either capture (as zombies) or defend (as plants) various objectives.

Herbal Assault : A game mode which is the opposite of Gardens and Graveyards, where players either capture (as plants) or defend (as zombies) various objectives. Gnome Bomb : A game mode where players attempt to secure a bomb (strapped to the back of a helpless gnome) and detonate at various bases.

Subordination : A domination variant, where the objective is to capture three areas, A, B, and C in the map. Infinity Time : A cooperative endless mode where players either take control of a giant robotic triceratops or a giant robotic cat, and must vanquish waves of gnomes to earn Time Shards.

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Once defeated, the players will be teleported to a different colored realm, starting from blue, then going to green, then yellow, then red, then rainbow, in that order. Boss Hunt : a cooperative game mode that is usually held once a month.

This requires a team of 4 or less to defeat a boss that will have more or less health depending on difficulty. The difficulty is chosen by choosing the normal, enchanted or scrumptious version of the item on the platter.

Cats vs Dino's : This is a last team standing style game with no respawn. The game take place in the present day after the events of Garden Warfare, after a long war, the Plants have been defeated by the Zombies after Dr. Zombies contacts his future self and obtains the more technologically advanced Much, which is piloted by Zombie Imps.

The Zombies use it to turn the tide on the Plants and conquer Suburbia, which they rename Suburbia. The Plants go to war against the Zombies to reclaim their home and fight for what is left of Suburbia.

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