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• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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Any zombie fan knows that they are attracted to sound. The main reason is to give writers of books, cartoons, television shows, and movies an edge... Read More.

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Zombie movies have become dull and boring. There are several reasons why these movies have become some of the worst films in recent history.

However, they are both fictional characters commonly used in literature and films. A zombie is considered a deceased... Read More.

Medicine would be extremely rare to get your hands on and water would probably be hoarded too. Takes in a deep breath stretches knuckles Let’s go.

The most important thing is not having a high kill count but surviving. The government will take a few months... Read More.

It is said that to kill a zombie, it must be done in a very specific way. Near stairs down to Juggling on side of a cargo container, just after the player jumps off the boat with the power switch.

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Zombie movies took off in the 1960s with the release of the movie “The Night Of The Living Dead.” It sparked an entirely new era of horror. The best weapon during the Zombie Apocalypse would definitely have to be a double sawed off shotgun because it would make the best defense and would be light to carry and easy to use.

Zombies have always been popular ever since they became stars in certain horror movies. However, zombies were actually popular in certain parts of the world long before movies were being made.... Read More.

From video games to movies and television shows, people can't seem to get enough of the walking dead, so to speak. The award for the best zombie movie goes to The Night Of The Living Dead.

This movie set off a hysteria for zombies, which has only grown over the past fifty years. While television and movies promote the idea that a zombie apocalypse could happen at any time, the reality is far different.

Tell the zombies that they can't be trusted and then kill them Be warned, this isn't an actual zombie survival test, it's a test to see whether your fit and healthy enough to fight zombies.

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When you run through the ruined streets, what gun to you loot? I made this poll for no particular reason other than I am obsessed with zombies.

Are you a zombie movie fan or do you enjoy watching occasional scary movies that make your neck hairs stand on end? If your answer to the above is yes, then this quiz will assist you in knowing if you will survive in such a...

So, it's in the future, and for some off reason, everyone is turning into zombies and mutants, Luckily, Ryan Anton made a Quiz about it, so you know how it's all going to turn out. Ok, so the reign of zombie mutant terror has just begun, and you're watching it on your almighty television.

Unfortunatly, you find out that the reign begins in your town, and they are sealing you in. You don't panic, you simply bolt your door closed and make sure you have plenty of canned foods.

Grab the desert eagle, kill them with a head-shot and leave. You hear about a horde coming into town on TV and that everyone is dying.

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Go and sacrifice yourself to the horde to save other people. You have some basic objects around you that could protect you from the undead.

Scenario: you and your group are traveling in a post apocalypse American city. Before you leave your camp, you select your weapon.

If your answer to the above is yes, then this quiz will assist you in knowing if you will survive in such a... One morning, you wake up to an abnormally quiet sunrise-- no neighborhood dog can be heard, there is no sound of passing traffic, not even the birds can be heard from your open window.

This is a quiz on whether you would survive a Zombie Epidemic. Put your skills to the test and hope that you've got the stamina, intelligence and strength to survive.

Could you survive up to round 12,22,45,56,100 try the quiz *obey* Find out how many zombies you could fight through before you are killed.

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