Best Zombie Roblox Games

Maria Johnson
• Friday, 01 January, 2021
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No matter what type of game you’re looking for, there is undoubtedly something that fits the bit available on the Roblox platform. If you’re looking for something a little more intense that can really get the blood pumping and the hair standing up on the back of your neck, look no further than this list of the bestzombiegames on Roblox.

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People are still playing this game, even though it’s no longer receiving any updates. Instead of managing a restaurant or other business like you might in other popular Roblox tycoon games, Zombie Defense Tycoon has you managing an operation of soldiers, miners, and other characters to fight back against the apocalypse.

So, naturally, sticking a bunch of zombies into a school would make for a good time, right? You and a bunch of other humans join forces facing off against zombie hordes.

Featuring an active community and more than 5 million plays to date, this is one of the more robust, if generic, zombie games out there. The game's enjoyed frequent and consistent updates since its launch, and has massed more than 44 million visits.

If you’re still not sold, read up on why millions of people can’t stop playing Roblox right here. David Juneau is a tech and gaming journalist with bylines on several prominent media publications such as IGN, Polygon, Playboy, Uploader, Motherboard, Game crate, VICE, Games Master Magazine, and many others.

It’s published by Adams Media and is now available for purchase on Amazon right here, as well as from Barnes & Noble, Walmart, and other select retailers. Each game has a max of six people and even has a Mystery Box almost identical to Call of Duty.

roblox zombie game legacy
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What makes this one unique is that you get to fight bosses that drop keys you can use to buy skins for your characters at the end of each round. Zombie Attack also features quests you can complete each game, giving it a lot of replayability.

© Provided by GamePurThis game feels like a combination of Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies and Blooms Tower Defense. Zombie Defense Tycoon is the perfect game for any player looking for a solo challenge.

© Provided by Gamer Image via Roblox Wiki Zombie Rush is a group survival game with a twist. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS TOP 10 Subscribe and like for aids (° °)(° °)(° °)(° °)(° °)(° °)(° °)(° °)(° °)(° °) This is the links to all the games for you lazy people Lately, the scary Robloxgames genre has been gathering attention and if you are having a hard time finding horror games on Roblox then this list of the best scary and horrifying games in Roblox might assist you.

Originated on a forum site in 2009, Slender man is an Internet monster and the primary reason behind the existence of one of the scariest games on Roblox namely Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn. Blood, gore, jump scares, and scary scenes are the dominant design elements of Slender Man’s Revenge Reborn.

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To progress, you have to explore and survive the dark environment and find the hidden pages along the way. If you have grown up listening to horror werewolf stories then the multiplayer scary game on Roblox by the name A Wolf Or Other might horrify you.

Created by Otter Space the classic murder mystery game randomly assigns the players to be innocent, a hunter, or a werewolf. The task of Innocent players is to survive the attacks of werewolves and stay alive for as long as possible.

Small things like ghastly visuals, horrifying sound effects, and an engaging tale have made Alone In A Dark House quite popular in the Roblox community. The answer to “What’s the scariest game in Roblox ?” is different for every player but for me its none other than The Haunted Imperial Hotel.

Synonyms with the term entrance to hell, Imperial Hotel was once a prime real estate. Prior to the discontinuation on Halloween of 2009, many demonic rituals took place in the Imperial Hotel.

A mysterious natural phenomenon caused large sections of the hotel with many people to collapse as far as 30 meters into the earth. Even though, Dead Silence allows a maximum of three players, playing this game all alone makes it terrifying.

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In this game, you are assigned the job of an investigator who has to gather every bit of information about Mary Shaw. The primary objective of the bear is to kill every survivor in a time span of five minutes.

The dark environment with red accent accompanied by scary soundtracks make this game truly spooky. Developed by Europe, the game simulates a mirror that showcases disturbing visuals.

Roblox is one marvelous game creation and playing platform. Some games are so amazing that you can play them for days continuously without getting bored even once.

If you need some game suggestions on Roblox, this post is specially written for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a Roblox rookie or professional, you’d love playing all of these.

In this game, your motive is to mine, kill animals, craft weapons, and make your character explore and survive the world. If you are a fan of survival games, this one could become your instant favorite after playing.

roblox uncopylocked game games zombie backpack
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You can opt to play this game as a criminal, police, or even as a superhero. You can carry four weapons including an SMG, Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Explosive and Cold Steel.

Phantom Forces is a shooter game based on tactics, skills, and strategy. The gun recoils are pretty similar to PUBG, and you won’t have a tough time understanding them.

There are certain advanced features that you’ll have to understand before becoming a pro player. Vehicle Simulator is the next great Roblox game on our list.

Q-Clash is the Roblox version of the widely popular game Overwatch. From the game mechanics to play style, everything is very similar except for the graphics, obviously.

Call out your friends, form a squad, distribute roles and go into the battlefield. It is a casual game that is widely loved by light gamers.

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I remember playing similar games on a Java-run mobile when I was in school. This game is very similar to Rollercoaster Tycoon and Planet Coaster series, but it is even more interesting.

Struck is an amazing battle royale Roblox game. Jailbreak is a fun Roblox game where you can opt to play as a criminal or as an officer.

If you are playing as a Criminal, then your game will start in a prison, and you have to plan an escape with your friends. Or, if you are playing as an officer, you have to keep an eye on the criminals and fail any attempts done by them to escape the lockup.

Bad Business is a wonderful FPS Roblox game. It allows you to play through the multiple game modes, but my favorite one is the standard deathwatch.

You can tilt right and left, slide, and also grab ledges to go onto higher areas. The lake is full of unknown secret, and you have to complete various quests while exploring them.

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You can also find cash and other collectibles in the lake that you can use to upgrade your avatar. The goal is to grow your pizza business and fulfill as many orders as you can.

Arsenal is a very intriguing shooting game where you can win a battle by getting a kill with the golden knife. You have to punch, kick, and defeat your opponents to win the match.

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