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Daniel Brown
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Dropping into Verdant armed with nothing and ending up with a horde of zombies bearing down on you like ravenous dogs is a terrifying thrill. I’d actually say the feeling of terror I’m always in whilst playing ZombieRoyale is an ideal horror experience.

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Aside from the unfortunate supply box jump scares, the feeling of constant insecurity thanks to the fact that literally anything can happen and the chaos can always claim you gives me a truly immersive, creeping horror experience. I’m scared to move, I’m terrified of going outside, I’m constantly twitching, checking my six just to make sure a zombie isn’t getting the jump on me.

After playing a whole load of War zone’s ZombieRoyale since its launch, I’m gutted it won’t be here to stay after the spooky season. If you bounce around and find two antiviral syringes from dead bodies other players have killed, you can respawn as a human without any bloodshed.

The initial circle crams 150 people into a much smaller amount of space, so loot quickly as the action will start immediately. When you die as a human, you can go back to your own body and take the antiviral syringe if another zombie hasn’t taken it already.

Because ZombieRoyale takes place in the dead of night, I’m prescribing you with a loadout that includes thermal scopes and zombie -busting close range weaponry. With a thermal sniper, you’ll be able to get those sick cross-map snipes and pick jumping zombies out of the sky, whilst a few headshots with the MP5 will stop the undead from clawing your face off.

Finally, the Claymore makes an appearance, although it’s just as valid to bring out a Proximity Mine. These lethal are great for when baddies sneak up on you, which happens all the blooming’ time in ZombieRoyale what with the zombies’ ludicrous jump distance.

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After having enjoyed it, it seems like lots of War zone players believe ZombieRoyale has topped all the battle royale's previous game modes. ZombieRoyale was added to War zone in October as part of The Haunting of Verdant update, and brought along many Halloween-themed cosmetics and skins with it.

There are a number of reasons ZombieRoyale feels like such a big change from the normal War zone experience, and it's not just because of the undead enemies. The starting area is about as small as it would be in a late-game situation of battle royale, which means players will be engaging in firefights throughout the whole match.

ZombieRoyale eliminates this problem by forcing players into a small circle to loot up and prepare for an immediate fight. Being respawned as a zombie makes ZombieRoyale feel much more forgiving than the classic battle royale.

Being switched to a zombie puts players right back onto Verdant, allowing deceased teammates to help out their friends from the dead. Playing as a zombie is even as fun as being a human, with super jump and silent movement abilities.

ZombieRoyale manages to keep the battle royale -style while re-introducing Modern Warfare's core multiplayer gameplay. Hopefully some ideas that ZombieRoyale implemented will stay in War zone, but interested players should take advantage of the fun game mode while they still can.

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Last Updated: 27th October 2020 15:33 IST COD War zone makers have recently introduced a new subway system to their map. The players can now access this new system to travel throughout the map faster than before.

We have got you covered with our small guide about the strange magic watch in War zone. Getting these Kali sticks can immediately improve your Zombieroyale loadout.

Rest the people can choose different guns according to their play style for their Zombieroyale loadout. Apart from this, the war zone Halloween event has been released and the players are curious to know details about it.

The horde of the undead has been a popular addition to Call Of Duty ever since its first appearance in World at War. The Verdant map is covered by the dark of night, and players have to defeat each other and any zombies that may be on their tails.

Players also gain special zombie abilities and can attack the living, giving them a chance to rejoin the warm-blooded. Just like COD: War zone, players must defeat all the living and dead enemies for a nice Halloween-themed Victory banner to appear on their screens.

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Image Credits: ActivisionThis may be surprising, but the best weapon in COD: War zone's ZombieRoyale mode is not a gun. While the typical meta loadout will work well against the human players, the zombies are a little trickier to deal with.

Call of Duty: War zone features a massive, expansive map that will throw you into a myriad of scenarios from close quarters battles, to long-range sniper duels and everything in between. Depending on your style and the routes you take while playing War zone, going with an SMG with a bit more control will help.

The Gray 5.56 is great at close to mid, so have your teammates pick off enemies snipers while you watch for anyone pushing in on you. You don't have to stay in one place, but it's much easier for someone to tag you with a long-range weapon since the Gray .56 is intended to quickly dispatch your enemies up close and not for long-range encounters.

The Hybrid Optics paired with FSS Brute barrel will allow you to quickly mow down close range targets, and then switch to long-range controlled fire. For perks, they will be very similar to the War zone LEG loadout expect you’ll be looking to run Point man in Plunder.

As for the AX-50, TheXclusiveAce likes to focus on fast ADS to adhere to a more aggressive sniping style. Molotovs are used to lure enemies away from cover, while the trusty Heartbeat Sensor is never a bad choice. This class features Double Time to allow for faster movement while crouched, which helps when trying to stay silent around enemies.

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