Best Zombie Survival Games On Steam

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 05 January, 2021
• 8 min read

Zombies: Human hosts taken over by violent alien ‘ head crabs ’, typically attacks by clawing and overwhelming the victim. Resident Evil always does a great job at making a game feel unsettling.

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Suddenly walking past creepy “body part art”, that didn’t seem to be there before, for example. As soon as you feel safe, you realize you aren’t, as attacks become more disturbing as they spread out through multiple realities.

Instead, a blend of plot, environment and timing are used to drive the action forward. Pro: Refreshing breakaway from singular reliance on FPS playing style.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Free to Play, Indie Developer/Publisher: Smartly Dressed Games Steam page: Unturned If number of reviews its has on Steam say anything about a games' popularity, Unturned has… over 300,000… It’s free to play.

Pitted against the harsh terrain littered with zombies and “block” gore. Human controlled players add extra levels of creativity.

While relying on simple graphics, the landscape is detailed enough to offer a solid gaming experience. Zombies: Speed and strength can range from very slow to super human.

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“Hulk” zombies can take great damage before dying while others crawl weakly around at your feet. Primarily made for an intense FPS experience, the game breaks up the action with puzzles and strategy.

Pro: Action centered gameplay for FPS enthusiasts. Con: Distracting “screen shaking” mechanics on steps or when crash falling.

Genre: Action Developer/Publisher: Valve Steam page: Left 4 Dead 2 Summary: While referred to as a “shooter” game, many players prefer to use weapons like chainsaws to cut down zombies.

Set in the south, it offers a wide variety of levels, from swamps to urban buildings large enough to drive a car around in. Extremely fast-paced action, with seeming little concern for gamers emotional well-being.

First person action, along with story building and towers to defend. One of few remaining livable places left in the world, occupied by massive hordes of zombies.

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More active at night, attacks with biting, hitting scratching, patience, overwhelm with numbers. Pro: Variety of zombie types from spiders to police officers.

Genre: Adventure Developer/ Publisher: Telltale Games Steam page: The Walking Dead The main appeal is the story, which begins in Georgia, right after the zombie infection started.

Character building starts immediately with Lee, a former professor and convict meeting a child named Clementine. Heavy focus on player decision causes Season 1 to have 7 different ways of ending.

Summary: Dense populations of zombies that require extreme focus and a lot of ammo. Fast-paced and set in a quarantined city named Harlan.

Genre: Action Developer/Publisher: Tripwire Interactive Steam page: Killing Floor Summary: It’s hard to believe, but OF started out as a mod for Unreal Tournament.

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Yes, there is a Killing Floor 2, but the original is still more appreciated, even in 2018, according to Steam ratings. Chase down dangerous science projects as they escape from a failed biotech facility.

A mother of all zombie outbreaks happened, and you’re stuck in an open world trying to find weapons, other survivors, and build shelters. One of the main advantages that this game has over some that I’ve mentioned is that it’s still getting updates.

The last patch was very recent, and every few weeks developers release new and cool stuff that make the game even more exciting than it already is. This open world survival game takes character optimization to the next level, going as far as metabolism control.

There are so many possibilities in this game, you can even learn how to play a guitar... of course, I would advise you to prioritize developing other skills first, that could help you get up on the prison hierarchy. The game might get pretty repetitive due to long travel times, which is why it didn’t get a higher spot on the list.

But, it’s still in Early Access, so if you’re not looking to invest in it right now, keep a close eye for the upcoming patches, because the potential is limitless with this one! I thought Canada was supposed to be nice and friendly... hope I don't run into a moose.

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Choose an AI at the beginning of your game to determine how events will play out! By taking a glance at the games I usually recommend, you can see that I am not that into strategies, which is why this suggestion might come as a surprise to you.

Watch out if an Infected Giant attacks because it can kill many of your units with just a swipe Coming up next on the list is a bit of a different game compared to many others that I’ve mentioned.

Mastering science is a must to be able to deal with strange new lifeforms that you will encounter and in order to survive, or possibly strive. Hunt: Showdown packs the thrill of survival games into a match-based format, which is becoming more and more popular with the rise of Battle Royale games like Fortnite.

Now before you say anything, I have to address the large amount of negative reviews on Steam for this game. Though the main focus should probably be survival, you have to admit, the graphics are pretty sweet.

The storyline is pretty simple; there’s a secret that you’re after, and you need to get to it before a ruthless organization called Trinity does. If bows are your weapon of choice, there are plenty different types that you can find in this game.

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RUST is an insane open world survival game with no boundaries when it comes to brutality. The community might not be the greatest, but even they can't put a damper on a beautiful sunset.

This is Bradley APC, a serious threat to players because it patrols the launch site monument. You’re gonna need to quickly learn how to survive after Conan himself saves your life.

You are thrown deep into the Amazonian rain forest, with only a radio and a familiar voice of a loved one to lead you on your path to survival. After an airplane crash, you are stuck on a remote island, trying to survive while hunting wild animals and searching for your son, Timmy.

Well, cannibals took him, so you’re going to need to dive deep into a very complicated cave system where nightmares that you didn’t even know you had awaited you. Build a great base, travel with a boat that you’ve made, or forge armor from lizard skin…there are so many options in this game, and the storyline that gets resolved at the end is just a cherry on top.

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