Best Zombie Upcoming Games

Christina Perez
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
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The fungus infected fiends are back and deadlier than ever in this action-packed follow up to the 2013 smash hit. Use a wide variety of guns and melee weapons or sneak around stealth style to defend against these grotesque creatures.

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Your quest to find valuable artifacts is hindered by the presence of terrifying creatures looking to escape and take over the world. Explore the underground complex while gathering tools, weapons and other resources as you fight to survive.

This game packs both horror and action elements Highly detailed graphics are at the top of its class A vast environment creates plenty of places to explore Hordes of zombies stampede the streets of WWII Europe and creep around every corner.

Better your odds of survival by sticking with a group Exotic locations to explore across expansive environments Gorgeous graphics show off highly detail enemies and settings An add-on to the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake, Project Resistance is an online co-op game set in the same doomed metropolis, Raccoon City.

First-person combat for those eager to fight A fascinating mystery to uncover Gorgeous gameplay and graphics Explore, find resources, utilize your environment, just do whatever it takes to survive and fight your way to freedom.

Multiple gameplay features create a dynamic experience Stunning visuals of characters, enemies, and environments Monsters will scare you senseless Life lessons are hard, they're even harder when they are about teaching your son to survive in the zombie apocalypse.

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Unique minimalistic style is unseen anywhere else Game's emotional center really gets you in the feels Learn skills to pass on to your son Jill returns and is ready to rumble against Umbrella's virus monstrosities as you desperately try to escape this doomed city.

New and improved graphics on fully 3-D environments Over-the-shoulder camera angle gives you a new perspective on terror Online multiplayer mode, Resident Evil: Resistance included Undying is an indie title that follows a mother and son as they embark on an adventure to safety during a zombie apocalypse.

It’s a grim tale right from the start as players take on the role of the mother, Ailing, who has been bitten, leaving her with just days before turning into a mindless zombie. Now with a limited time allotted until her final breath as a sane living person, Ailing must teach her son Cody everything needed to ensure his survival.

The Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise has been known for being a tactical shooter that puts players into the role of special operatives that deal with terrorists and regimes. It appears that the title will take place in the future where Earth has been hit by an alien parasite infecting humans.

#3 Dying Light 2 Developer: Tech land Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Platforms: PC, PS4, HBO Release: 2021 Co-op: Online 4 Players Competitive Multiplayer: TBA Turtle Rock Studios was responsible for the creation of Left 4 Dead, a massive hit that is now owned by Valve.

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The video game franchise puts survivors during a zombie pandemic in which players are forced to complete a series of tasks in hopes of gaining rescue. There are two installments available and both were iconic hits, though Turtle Rock Studios have since parted ways from Valve and had worked on other projects.

However, it looks like the developers wanting to further expand on the game by providing more variation of enemies, weapons, and storyline. Ethan’s world is once again thrown out of wack after Chris Redfield decides to show back up in an expected turn of events.

This leaves Ethan demanding answers, but the only way he’ll get them is to track Chris down to a mysterious village in Europe. In December 2020, a ransomware group hacked Cap com and leaked out a development build of Resident Evil Village which revealed major plot points so far for the game.

If you enjoy old school video game titles then you may want to check in on Dead Pixels 2. Dead Pixels 2: Straight to Video is a procedurally generated side-scrolling shooter that once again finds players having to endure hordes of the undead.

In an attempt to find a way out of the city, players will have to fight off zombies, raid buildings for supplies and work with other survivors for a chance of survival. With up to four-player co-op both online and locally, players can embark on this game which features not only massive hordes of undead but over a hundred different weapons to use at your disposal.

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Prepare for the undead as each year we get a slew of new video game titles with zombies and protagonists looking to survive in a harsh environment. There’s a good amount of additions to the game if you’re familiar with the Zombie Army Dead War franchise.

We only have one video so far for the gameplay footage, but the title is expected to launch early 2020 so more information is bound to come out sooner rather than later. This franchise became a worldwide hit and fans can’t get enough, however, this year we got a closer look into the world of The Walking Dead with a VR title.

Just like the show and comic books, players will need to go through the area carefully with the various undead zombies roaming about. This is a 4v1 multiplayer title that puts players together as they work to figure out puzzles, defeat monsters, and progress to the next room.

Still, for fans of the franchise, over the years we’ve some video game titles turn more action-horror oriented rather than being survival horror. That fortunately changed for the hardcore fans as Cap com opted to go back and deliver a more traditional survival horror game when Resident Evil 7 went into development.

The reception has been great and Cap com released another big hit in the franchise when they opted to bring out a remake of Resident Evil 2. Players will be going through the game as Jill in an attempt to pick up the pieces behind Raccoon City, why so many people are infected and if the Umbrella Corps can really be the cause of it.

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Developer: Naughty Dog Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment Platforms: PS4 Release: 2020 Co-op: N/A Competitive Multiplayer: TBA Camera Before You Buy Within the first installment, there was a big focus on the creatures with the goal of finding a cure to prevent this virus from spreading any further and claiming any more innocent lives.

In the trailers released, it seems that the main antagonist force is a small cult faction group. Hold Out is currently available on Steam through Early Access and as a result, we’ve put this title as a bonus game.

In the title, players are going through Hold Out as a co-op shooter set in an infested world filled with zombies. Overall, the game is all about survival, seeking resources, exploring the various environments and ultimately overcoming the fast hordes of undead.

The game combined an engaging story with brilliant character building to leave us wanting more, a lot more! We were told about the release of the game a couple of years ago when it was revealed with a teaser trailer (which you can watch below) at PlayStation Experience 2016.

Naughty Dog has revealed that The Last of Us Part 2 takes place five years after the original game finished, Ellie is now 19 and will be the main playable character. Dead Island 2 is up next of our upcomingzombiegames and is an action survival horror RPG that will be released on PS4 and Xbox One.

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It was actually first announced 5 years ago back in 2013 and has been stuck in “development hell” a few times since then, having even switched studios before finding the right fit. Gaming bolt go on to say that “the United States are forced to put the entirety of California on Military lockdown underneath a full quarantine.

That’s because this game is also inspired by Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novels along with the successful television show and Telltale series. Unlike the Telltale games, however, this will be a four-player co-op FPS set in Washington D. C as the outbreak begins and according to the official site, “players will band together with up to three friends on a variety of missions and raids, securing supplies and survivors to strengthen their base camp against the threat of both the dead and the living”.

In a recent press release, Saber Interactive said World War Z will be a four-player cooperative action game. The game will be centered on “unique survivor stories and missions around the globe, including New York, Moscow, and Jerusalem.

Use traps, barriers and the environment strategically to stay alive while unleashing a storm of firepower with a variety of weapons on the unrelenting hordes of the undead.” This is a game from Undead Labs in partnership with Microsoft Studios and is the sequel to the critically acclaimed State of Decay.

The official site stating that you will be able to “build a lasting community, working with other players or solo to overcome challenges while exploring your own unique story in a world that remembers the choices you make”. The game will be a Microsoft exclusive so expect to see it on the Xbox marketplace and Steam on your PC (although we hope it doesn’t make it on to this list).

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The official Xbox site goes into some more detail on the story that surrounds the game saying it’s based in “small-town America, one year from today. It’s up to you to gather survivors and build a community, explore your lasting legacy and redefine what it means to survive”.

It also goes into more detail on the base building aspect of the game which is a big part of the reason why the first installment in the franchise was so popular. Your base will apparently become “a manifestation of your personal long-term survival strategies as you customize it with your ideal facilities and improvements.

However, it’s pretty obvious that it will be very similar to the original Resident Evil 2 with some nice graphics and playability updates. The team is building the game from its foundations and plan to implement some interesting improvements and changes to keep it feeling fresh.

It’s good to hear that original sequel director Hide Kamila has a lot of faith in the remake as well. This is the fourth and final season of Telltale Games The Walking Dead and is set to be released in the summer of 2018.

The game will take place after the events of New Frontier and Clementine will be the main playable character as expected. She will go out in search of little AJ but what happens from here is a mystery as Telltale is keeping the story secrets close to their chest before release.

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Speaking with Euro gamer, Telltale’s Job Stauffer explained there’s a good reason behind the decision “To be in a position as a developer to give finality to a story and, frankly, a character that means so much to us, and so much to fans, is not something you see a lot of these days.

It really is a perfect fit, whether it’s sneaking around dangerous clickers in The Last of Us or firing hundreds of rounds into a horde of zombies in World War Z, we’re sure these games will be fun to play for years to come.

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