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James Smith
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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That depends on your favored play style, but Cold War’s version of the M4 delivers on the reliability and adaptability for which the weapon has always been known. Right now, the XM4 sits in the upper middle of the pack, hitting harder than other weapons in its class while still losing out to Cold War’s dominant SMS.

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Even if it’s not naturally ideal for Cold War’s mostly small maps, the XM4 is a solid, accessible rifle for new players that can be competitive in the right hands. To help you kit out this modular beast, I’ve put together a list of the best Cold War XM4 loadouts that will serve you well.

Optic: Microflex LED Muzzle: Infantry Compensator Barrel: 13.7” Extended Under barrel: Foregrip Handle: Field Tape (Image credit: Activision)A simple red-dot sight with minimal zoom and excellent peripheral vision.

With the combined recoil steadiness of the compensator, foregrip, and field tape, the XM4 effectively becomes a precision laser. The extended barrel helps here, too, heavily increasing bullet velocity to make the weapon feel like hit scan at almost any distance.

The basis of the build is the Task Force barrel that, in a rare move for Cold War attachments, actually raises the damage to the weapon at a heavy cost to ammo and recoil. (Image credit: Activision)Heavily increases effective damage range at the cost of sprinting move speed.

In Fire team Dirty Bomb and Combined Arms, a proper scope like the Royal & Cross 4X is necessary, as is the 13.7” Takedown barrel that cranks up damage range as high as it’ll go. Recoil and flinch resistance are secondary concerns, so take the Muzzle Brake, Foregrip, SAS Jungle Grip or equivalent attachments that you’re more comfortable with.

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This XM4 loadout is designed to reduce recoil while simultaneously increasing your effective range and bullet velocity. The Field Agent Foregrip is there to reduce both horizontal and vertical recoil, while the 40 round magazine is a welcome addition for any player who wants a chance at defeating multiple enemies in quick succession.

If you don’t have the lawbreaker Wildcard (and therefore can’t equip two primary weapons), then we’d suggest the Bauer 77 shotgun with the Task Force barrel. The Mounted Flashlight helps hugely when it comes to spotting enemies, and the Serpent Wrap increases our ADS speed (at the cost of some sprint-to-fire time, which we can afford thanks to our Raider Pad stock attachment).

Check Out All Assault Rifles Here Check Out Other Cold War Best Loadouts Here Stealth & Defense Combined Loadout XM4's performance is very stable and is dependable in most situations, so we added defense from Tactical & lethal as well as stealth to the loadout to prevent having to fight in unfavorable conditions. Check Out The Weapons List Here Use All Lethal & Tactical Assets Freely With Quartermasters & Airhead, you'll be restocking items very quickly.

Its licensors have not otherwise endorsed and are not responsible for the operation of or content on this site. The XM4 is the starting assault rifle in Black Ops Cold War, and now it's made the transition to Call of Duty: War zone as part of the debut season one.

Having spent copious hours with the weapon in Black Ops Cold War, it's safe to say it's a multi-purpose weapon, excellent pinpoint enemies from a distance (which is what you'll be doing plenty of on the Verdant map), and tearing through body armor up close. In this explainer to the XM4 War zone, we'll take you through everything you need to know about the assault rifle, including the bestXM4 loadouts to create the bestXM4class recommendation, and more.

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For the stock of the XM4, we really like the Buffer Tube, due to its big bonus for sprint to fire time, excellent for engaging enemies in relatively close quarters. Although it does penalize shooting movement speed somewhat, it gives a nice bonus to both horizontal and vertical recoil control, perfect for pinpointing enemies from relatively far off.

For your Perks, we'd recommend going with Kill Chain to increase your chances of finding a Kill streak in a Supply Box, and Ghost, to hide yourself from enemy radar pings and heartbeat sensors. For your secondary weapon to compliment the XM4, we'd recommend the RPG-7 due to its devastating impact power.

If you'd prefer a launcher that locks on to targets for damage against Kill streaks, then the JOKE is a solid pick. He's so juvenile, that this is his first full-time job in the industry, unlike literally every other person featured on this page.

He's written for The Guardian, Paste Magazine, and Kodak, and he likes waking up when the sun rises and roaming the nearby woods with the bears and the wolves. Although the XM4 is the first weapon unlocked in the Assault Rifle category, its damage and accuracy make it extremely viable.

The Red Dot Sights in Black Ops Cold War are quite small, so the best one to equip is the Microflex LED. To maximize the XM4’s range and accuracy, you’ll want to include the SODOM Eliminator muzzle, 13.5 Heavy barrel, and Field Agent Grip.

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You’ll be able to track enemies long distance, and keep your shots on the upper torso and head up close. With player models being hard to distinguish in darker areas, the Ember Sighting Point torch reveals enemy nameplates.

The Sniper’s Nest score streak may be arriving in Black Ops Cold War soon after a player’s video showed the existence of it. Despite the addition of the H.A.R.P score streak with Season 1, it seems that Trey arch could be welcoming the return of the Black Ops 4 Sniper’s Nest kill streak into BOW.

Black Ops Cold War already has a wealth of score streaks for players to use in matches, from the tactical Spy Plane to the simply devastating Gunship. Whether it’s due to unused assets from a previous Call of Duty, or because of future content that has conspicuously been left in, there is a likelihood that Sniper’s Nest does exist.

The MW2 OG Twitter page has been sent a video showing how one player managed to reveal this piece of information. Debuting in Black Ops 4, the Sniper’s Nest score streak allowed players to call in a helicopter with two absolutely pin-point marksmen that could laser enemies with one shot.

As with most score streaks, the vehicle is susceptible to enemy fire and can easily be brought down using a combination of weapons and anti-scorestreak devices. The latest video by COD YouTuber ‘GOD’ revealed the best barrels to equip in War zone to improve bullet velocity.

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Call of Duty YouTuber ‘GOD’ uploaded a video in which he studied how each barrel affects the bullet velocity of most primary Black Ops Cold War weapons in War zone and revealed the best ones to equip. Unlike Black Ops Cold War; you won’t know the exact stats and percentages, so you’ll have to test your loadout in battle.

After a bit of experimenting, Cod YouTuber GOD has discovered the effects of certain attachments on his guns. Plus, the speed of your bullet will help you determine how much of a lead time you should put in front of a moving target.

GOD tried out all his primary Black Ops Cold War weapons in War zone for the video, with shotguns being the exception. This is also true for weapons within the same class since the Calvary barrel can greatly improve the bullet velocity on Legs while having no real effect when equipping it on Assault Rifles.

Black Ops Cold War players are growing frustrated with the game’s Operator Challenges, some of which force them to play War zone. Some of Black Ops Cold War’s Operators have challenges that require you to play War zone to unlock camos and this is frustrating its fan base.

Operators in Black Ops Cold War have specific challenges that require you to play War zone in order to complete. This is supposed to promote unity and allow greater accessibility between Activision Blizzard‘s Call of Duty titles.

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