Best Zombie Youtubers

Brent Mccoy
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
• 11 min read

The PURPOSE of this list is to create a resource of ZombieYouTubers the community can watch while the DLC is in off-season. Part of the reason I've made this is that I'm running out of zombies content to watch myself.

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EDIT 3: ToProForUGames, BIMARU, Swifter, Scottiei3, TheSyndicateProject, TheLondonProject, TheeFrenzy, Ph3NiX, Urad0pted, MagicGlobox, TheSpacemarine360, MackanZombies added. EDIT 4: Some YouTubers have extra info regarding their activity or weather they specifically focus on high rounds.

EDIT 5: Jr Rizzo, Brainpower, Harold, JC backfire, MJPWGaming, and ASB added. EDIT 6: Avery, YouAlwaysWin, Madras Gaming, Vector, Cod Zombies Forum, Zombies Library, Dope Gaming, Jess ah Gaming, MixMasterNut, PlayTheGameCentral, NaBrZHunter, Sammie D, Religion, Cooperated, Kevin Sherwood, NewWorldGamingX, TheGamingRevolution, Rissole25, Yashmak, Floppy, LetalBrothers, Xarli23, ThatGuyWhoCamps, Caspar Jr, Trey arch, MrDaveTheRave411, PredicatableNOVA, Conway22, TheZombieProject, Akron, and EverythingPiff added.

I honestly underestimated the sheer amount of YouTubers the zombies' community has. ITawaLP, Chocolate we, ThePride115, Greg FPS, TheLLegacy, Tower, Call Meh Undead, KING OFFS UIT, Mossy Pro, QpDerekqp, 5and5, Bartoloyanga, Joker, Bushel, Oxygen4tw, Hamlet, DerBroski, Six Simon, PerkBottled, ZombieSlayerGER, Jam19951961, Strett1Gaming, EiT_Alkaponi, S1ipperyJim, Retaliate, The Undead Uprising, Multiply, ParkerTheSlayer, RoyalInjustice, EMULSIFY, and Sam Gavin added.

This is a GREAT resource for people looking for content and thanks for helping me make it so big. VMicmic, AwkwardlySneaky, BeastingSolo, ConfusingWater, Hurtsalittle, MrDrunkenNerd, Kenshin9977, 1PercentLegit, Die Zombie Die, SoloCustomZombies, The Reaper, ZombieHeadCrasher, C i LN e X, Pronate, Wilford, Crafted added.

Please note that this list gets longer strictly through the suggestion of the community of whom to add, not who I personally like or do not like. Rating is available when the video has been rented.

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You will see a short synopsis and then click the ‘ View More button to see full cast list, movie trailers, movie facts and more. The RIDE Wireless GO is a two-piece system with a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX).

Physical dimensions (each): 1.7 × 1.8 × 0.7 inches (44.0 × 46.4 18.5 mm) Physical weight (each): 1.1 oz (31.0 g) Wireless transmission: 2.4GHz only Transmission encryption: 128-bit Max transmission range: 230 feet (70 meters) Max simultaneous systems: 8 TX-RX pairs Audio channels per system: 1 Battery life (each): 7 hours Battery type (each): Built-in rechargeable Battery charging options (each): USB Type-C This wireless audio system is tiny, and I'm actually concerned that I might lose it someday.

The bodies of both the TX and the RX are made from high-quality matte plastic, while their faces are glossy and sleek. Both have clips that allow you to stick them onto clothing, bags, or whatever else, and they hold on pretty well from my experience.

The buttons are nice, providing a satisfying tactile click with each press. Overall, despite how lightweight they are, the build quality is excellent, and I'm confident that they could take a beating in real-world scenarios without sustaining too much damage.

The RIDE Wireless GO is so simple to operate that it doesn't even come with a manual---only a wordless Quick start Guide printed on the box itself. I didn't even need the guide to set things up, but I admit that my previous experience with audio equipment comes with its privileges.

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In fact, note that the 2.4GHz band is the same one used by Wi-Fi connections, and you may experience interference in densely populated areas (e.g. apartments in large cities) due to Wi-Fi congestion. Each TX-RX pair has an operating range up to 230 feet (70 meters), which is more than enough for any kind of YouTube video, even ones that have you going outside.

And while the official specifications say line-of-sight is required, I found that audio transmission still works fine even behind multiple walls. As for weight, the TX transmitter and RX receivers are like feathers.

It's absolutely perfect for taking on trips (and the included windshields are a nice touch for outdoor recording), but even if you stay in and only record at home, the lightness makes it a joy to work with. If you don't like the dangling and can't clip the RX receiver to the camera, there's always gaffer tape.

Update: The clips on both the TX and RX are actually compatible with shoe mounts. The audio quality out of the TX transmitter's built-in microphone isn't bad, but it does leave me wanting.

But I do recommend using it with a cavalier microphone, as that's when the RIDE Wireless GO system really shines. The slated battery life is 7 hours, and I found that to be true.

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The package comes with two USB-C-to-USB-A cables, allowing you to charge both TX and RX at the same time. For comparison, the RIDE Modeling Filmmaker Kit---which comes with a receiver, a transmitter, and cavalier microphone---costs $399.

Of course the Modeling is slightly more advanced, but the functionality is essentially the same, and the Wireless GO is half the price. That's an insane deal for what you're getting, and the fact that the Wireless GO is so tiny and lightweight cannot be overstated.

You can literally slip these into your pocket, take them anywhere you want, and you won't even notice they're in there. In Computer Science and over nine years of professional writing and editing experience.

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