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Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 07 November, 2020
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YouTubers who upload zombies occasionally as opposed too consistently. The PURPOSE of this list is to create a resource of ZombieYouTubers the community can watch while the DLC is in off-season.

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EDIT 3: ToProForUGames, BIMARU, Swifter, Scottiei3, TheSyndicateProject, TheLondonProject, TheeFrenzy, Ph3NiX, Urad0pted, MagicGlobox, TheSpacemarine360, MackanZombies added. EDIT 4: Some YouTubers have extra info regarding their activity or weather they specifically focus on high rounds.

EDIT 5: Jr Rizzo, Brainpower, Harold, JC backfire, MJPWGaming, and ASB added. EDIT 6: Avery, YouAlwaysWin, Madras Gaming, Vector, Cod Zombies Forum, Zombies Library, Dope Gaming, Jess ah Gaming, MixMasterNut, PlayTheGameCentral, NaBrZHunter, Sammie D, Religion, Cooperated, Kevin Sherwood, NewWorldGamingX, TheGamingRevolution, Rissole25, Yashmak, Floppy, LetalBrothers, Xarli23, ThatGuyWhoCamps, Caspar Jr, Trey arch, MrDaveTheRave411, PredicatableNOVA, Conway22, TheZombieProject, Akron, and EverythingPiff added.

I honestly underestimated the sheer amount of YouTubers the zombies' community has. ITawaLP, Chocolate we, ThePride115, Greg FPS, TheLLegacy, Tower, Call Meh Undead, KING OFFS UIT, Mossy Pro, QpDerekqp, 5and5, Bartoloyanga, Joker, Bushel, Oxygen4tw, Hamlet, DerBroski, Six Simon, PerkBottled, ZombieSlayerGER, Jam19951961, Strett1Gaming, EiT_Alkaponi, S1ipperyJim, Retaliate, The Undead Uprising, Multiply, ParkerTheSlayer, RoyalInjustice, EMULSIFY, and Sam Gavin added.

This is a GREAT resource for people looking for content and thanks for helping me make it so big. VMicmic, AwkwardlySneaky, BeastingSolo, ConfusingWater, Hurtsalittle, MrDrunkenNerd, Kenshin9977, 1PercentLegit, Die Zombie Die, SoloCustomZombies, The Reaper, ZombieHeadCrasher, C i LN e X, Pronate, Wilford, Crafted added.

It's called a “special interest” and it's essentially the center of my life. My feelings about this game may read as intense, but it's only because Zombies has helped me cope with a lot.

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A love of history brought me to world at war, which introduced me to the zombie mode. When Her Raise came out something about the characters and secrets hooked me.

I wrote about it, drew fan art, hung out on forums, played all day- this enthusiasm followed for several years until BO2. I won't go into detail (trauma stuff, family deaths, bullying, etc), but I became very depressed.

Eventually I lost my sole interest, my muse to create art, and my coping mechanism. At the time, Her Eisendrache was the newest map, so I promised myself to look it up when I was released.

The map was beautiful and the gameplay fun, but the characters truly shone. I went from being hypersensitive and afraid of my own shadow- to chatting and gaming and laughing like any other guy.

I draw every day, still making fan art that people always leave amazing feedback on. I was afraid of leaving the house, but I've traveled to zombie -inspired places around the world.

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I wrote a whole book motivated by the characters, and literary reps want to adapt it to get it published. I wish I could say the story ends there, and I got a happy ending… but things started happening again.

With actors like Will Smith, Brad Pitt, et al. appearing in mainstream zombie movies, such films no longer remain ignored. Good apocalypse films, especially involving zombies, are always a great Sunday watch.

Netflix, however, has a limited number of watchable zombie movies, which might come as a surprise to you, still, they could be watched if you like a good mix of humor, horror, and thrill. The movie begins with Zoe, a young medical student who is attending a party and is suddenly taken aback by the attack of the so-called rotters.

She has been stationed at a refugee camp that houses partially infected and fully sane survivors, and she starts serving there as a doctor, treating minor illnesses while looking for a viable cure. Neil puts in more and more time into his work, and in one of his quests somewhere in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, he mysteriously gets bitten by an odd creature.

The film has an interesting tonal shift as it begins with a quiet and languid pace and then suddenly turns into a gore-fest. ‘KL Zombie’ is the telltale of a pizza delivery boy Nips, who also is a field-hockey enthusiast in his leisure time.

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The humor is mostly crass and derived from an overdone script, poor direction, and lackluster acting. The movie ‘Hunger ford’ follows the story of a teenager and his friends through the teen’s video diary project for school.

Initially boring and mundane, his video diary suddenly gets interesting as the town of Hunger ford is invaded by aliens and zombies. The movie mostly manages to steer away from tired clichés and provides its audiences with a refreshingly inventive spin on the age-old story of vicious flesh-eaters.

The story follows a quickly depleting number of survivors in a remote village in upstate Quebec as they try to outrun the flesh-eating monsters and to a safe place in the woods. The film is predominantly silent and depends heavily on the edgy, scary imagery to successfully build up the dread.

When a teacher and a scientist discover that a young girl is unaffected by the fungus, and therefore immune, they start to hope again and make a daring all-or-nothing plan to save humanity. Just when we all thought that the zombie genre was ridiculously over-done, ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ comes and surprises us with its twisted take on the story we’ve heard one too many times before.

Kay is bitten by a zombie as it appears and is taken away by Andy along with their daughter in a van before she turns completely. After abandoning Kay, Andy realizes he’s bitten too and only has 48 hours to take his daughter to a safer place before he turns as well.

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After sensing something fishy, it turns out that the trucker was transporting a load of dead bodies and soon, he holds the boy and girl at a gunpoint for ransom. With creepy characters and a gripping mystery at the center of it, ‘Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island’ is sheer fun from start to finish.

There are loads of atmospheric horror and imaginative (not to mention disturbing) gore to compensate for any depth in the story or the characters. The film wins on pure enthusiasm for the genre and some wonderful moments of dark comedy.

‘#Alive’ is the latest in a long line of fine undead entertainment by South Korean filmmakers. ‘#Alive’ tells the tale of a lone gamer stuck inside his apartment with no food, limited water, no weapons, no way out, and a horde of hungry, hungry zombies threatening to break down his front door.

The relationship between the gamer and the girl in the apartment across from his building is so precious that you are rooting for them, hoping hard that they don’t become zombie -chow.

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