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Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
• 10 min read

It appears zombies have rapidly shuffled back into fashion in the last few years to become a thriving theme in nearly all forms of entertainment and media. Ever since The Walking Dead took comic and television world by storm, there seems to have been a horde or zombie board games finding their way to the market on almost a monthly basis.

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Beautiful artwork, simple rules and loads of tension packed into a 15-minute game. Amazing fun, easy rules and great components deliver loads of entertainment.

It puts two to five players in a small and weakened colony of survivors where a majority of humanity is either diseased or turned into zombies. Each player takes on a leading role to guide a bunch of survivors working together to achieve an objective and make it through the winter.

Alternatively, if all players are good guys and gals their objective is to work together as efficiently as possible towards a collective victory. Expect to be faced with challenging situations where you will be compelled to make difficult, frequent, and varying decisions that will require all of you to decide what options are best for you and which ones are the best for the colony.

If you are up for fending off external attacks, finding food, resolving disputes, and keeping the morale of the entire colony up, Dead of Winter is one of the best zombie board game ever made. PROS Can have a traitor in the team! Tense and excitingGreat strategic choices / decisionsBeautiful artwork.

Homicide: Black Plague is a standalone cooperative board game that takes the zombie apocalypse into a beautiful medieval setting. It features multiple fantasy races such as elves, dwarfs, humans, paladins, magicians and other straggling survivors from different walks of life.

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I was not initially sure how medieval, fantasy and zombies could possibly blend together, but let me tell you that the mix works brilliantly! The objective of Homicide: Black Plague is to punish the evil Necromancer overlords for bringing the world to an end, but to get there you have to go through the hordes of zombies first.

To help you survive dark times, your characters can wield crossbows, make powerful swords, and cast magic spells. To improve your defense rating, you can arm your survivor with shields and chain mail armor.

While the rules have been slightly revamped for this latest incarnation, the core principle has remained intact. The game incorporates some light RPG mechanics as it allows you to enhance your character and gain experience as you go.

Experience allows you to up-skill your characters to become more powerful, however, the increased number of zombies over time seems to balance it out nicely. Alternatively, if you prefer fighting orcs a little more, check out the sequel Homicide: Green Horde in the series which we’ve reviewed as part of the best coop board games shootout.

Bottom Line Homicide: Black Plague is an exciting board that every zombie theme enthusiast should have in their collection. It is absolutely fun and has got everything from spells, fantasy heroes, and evil enemies to deliver an epic zombie killing experience.

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Protrudes are clean and simpletons of monsters and heroesWorks for solo play and up to 12 players Good old school Zombie slaying Apocalypse 2: Defend the Burbs is a Kickstarter funded exhilarating cooperative and competitive tower defense- game.

When the city got heavily bombarded, some humans have run for their lives to survive the onslaught by escaping to the urban wasteland. Out in the suburbs, humans have built a shelter which is now regularly raided and assaulted by zombies and mutates.

To survive, players have to rely on almost anything from kitchen appliances to garden tools to fend off the never ending zombie hordes. Depending on the color chosen, players get one pointer that marks the starting point or position on the action board.

The game involves two to five players each controlling their squad of survivors that is equipped with food, weapons, and other items. Each action brings value to the squad, yet costs resources, so picking and timing the right choice is paramount.

Similar to other zombie board games, Apocalypse 2 features a concept of day and night. Each time you kill a zombie you get to score victory points which are then used to unlock perk cards.

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Each card can provide a noticeable enhancement by improving the defense stats, dealing extra damage or healing the wounds. In addition to regular zombies, the game introduces mutates which have different health, attack, movement, and special abilities.

PROSUnique night and day structureStrategic and tactical depth Greatly improved compared to the originalDifferent types of zombies with different stats Dawn of the Zeds (Third edition) is a third iteration of the board game classic that was funded via a Kickstarter campaign.

In Dawn of the Zeds your heroes need to defend Farming dale in addition to its five outlying villages from zombies that keep on encroaching. The new edition has completely raised the bar as far as the sheer number of options for playing the game and the presentation is concerned.

CONS Can be quite difficult as the game has multiple complexity settingsBasic hero characters posses weak strength that doesn’t do well with hand-to-hand fights Last Night On Earth is one of the most discussed classic zombie board games of all times.

The game has been out for over ten years and has proven to be a favorite option for many zombie board game enthusiasts. Now, with the 10th Anniversary edition out, the board game features welcome updates, refreshed components, and a couple of new additions.

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The artwork is intentionally photographic as the game aspires to achieve a cinematic feel, which does seem to work. In addition, each scenario has a different board layout, player starting positions and features different themes such as rescue, simple survival, or escape.

Playing for zombies you get to destroy buildings, stumble about, groan, and make attempts to not only overwhelm, but decimate humans. You may need to rescue bystanders, kill a certain number of zombies or find the gasoline or keys so that everybody can escape.

It mimics the sudden events and turns that may happen, such as zombie appearing from nowhere, tripping, losing things and so on. Bottom Line Last Night on Earth is a fast-paced brain-eating zombie experience that is designed to bring out a cinematic feel as the narrative unfolds.

Promote theme beautifully capturedZombie narrative is great and engagingLoads of characters, scenarios and cardsGreat replay value Like with most zombie board games, it is about survival, unlike most, it introduces the concept of backstabbing which makes it semi-cooperative.

Deciding the character to sacrifice is done using voting, so people with good negotiation skills will have an advantage. At the same time, the game compels you to make difficult, tough and unwanted decisions, and there is no other way around it.

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Making sacrifices is part of the winning strategy, but picking the right trade-offs and knowing how to negotiate is key to success. The board features a two-sided modular layout, which coupled with random event deck should provide you with plenty of replay value.

Rules are not complex and the rule book does a good job at walking you through them which makes it accessible to a wide range of players. With loads of interaction and negotiation, the board game promises to be thrilling, riveting and entertaining, and it achieves exactly that.

To escape the relentless horde of undead you need to sprint across the city to find food, shelter, meet with the other teenager survivors and learn the truth behind the murky disease! When other players make bad decisions or take too long, you may find yourself changing your approach in an instant.

The ones that did have transformed into murderous zombies, while the rest are left defenseless and weak searching for shelter. In reality, this is not achievable, yet if you have enough quality cards in your deck to counter the zombie influx, you should be able to balance it out.

This puts a great focus on building the deck with capable cards early on in the game. Bottom Line After the Virus is an easy zombie card game that can be enjoyed with up to three players, but is best played solo.

With only 30 cards or so, it offers great decision-making, strategic variety and plenty of chuckles and giggles. Tiny Epic Zombies continues the trend of successful board game campaigns funded through the Kickstarter attracting 40 times of the original pledged amount.

In fact, there are five different ways to play the game as players can freely choose their side and whether they want to be part of the team or not. Lying in the middle is the courtyard that acts as your safe space; one which the zombies are attempting to attack.

The mall that surrounds the courtyard is made up of 8 double-sided tiles that are randomly placed, making each game’s layout different. While the sides have different art, the special events and abilities that you gain from the room in each store change slightly.

Alternatively, for zombies, they must either kill all survivors or gain control of the Echo Ridge’s courtyard. Playing as humans, you will find yourself always on the run scorching for weapons to fight zombies and progress towards achieving one of the objectives.

After completing three movements, human players can search the room and find valuable items, such as weapons, to help them fight zombies. Making your turns efficient and managing the zombie count is the key to winning the game.

You eventually want to move and attack as efficiently as possible since the time before the supplies run out is limited. Your objective is to place and move zombies around such that human players get overwhelmed or the courtyard gets overrun.

In fact, the miniatures are actually called Temples (see below) which originated in another board game Tiny Epic Quest. Bottom Line Tiny Epic Zombies is a fast-paced, easy to learn board game that is full of action and fun.

The board game can be equally enjoyed by anyone 10 years and older and with any level of experience in board games. Walking Dead: All Out War is head-to-head survival miniature encounter set in Georgian countryside.

The board game design is highly cinematic and features your favorite characters from the series such as Shane, Rick, Machine, and others. Each character has unique attributes, starting items and abilities which, if are used wisely, can provide a great tactical advantage when needed.

Each player gets to represent a group of survivors that are pitted against each other in a bitter but entertaining fight for supplies. In addition, the Walking Dead: All Out War features Walkers who are very noise sensitive, hence if you are not quiet enough in whatever you do, you could soon see them marching towards you.

Zombies walk in a straight line, so if there is any obstacle on the way (e.g., barricade or a car), they sure to wander into it. To recreate the authentic atmosphere of the series, the base game is set around Atlanta and the surrounding locations and comes with thematic items included in the box such as a gaming mat, supplies, barricades, and abandoned cars.

To help you move characters around, the board game comes with a measuring stick that allows you to calculate the travel distance. One is intended for newcomers to learn the basic rules of the game and help them hit the ground running early.

The other book is tailored for advanced audience and covers tricky areas, complex cases and mechanics. There are hundreds of zombie board games out there that are a perfect pass time with your friends.

They were first introduced as part of the Tiny Epic Quest release and represent the standard peoples but with items in their hands. As part of the original game peoples were able to hold shields, swords, boomerangs, staff and other thematic items.

Due to the increased interest in the concept, Temples have seen further expansion into other Tiny Epic series board games. You must have noticed (it is hard not to) that the zombie theme has invaded all areas of our life and predominantly entertainment.

According to Simon Egg, zombies are extremely popular because they represent our biggest fear of all which is death. Amongst many, the most successful were The Walking Dead series, Resident Evil video games, and movies as well as the Twilight Saga.

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