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In Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Mode, you have the choice of taking a predefined class or creating your own one. The preset classes are a great way to dabble in combat upgrades and get a feel for which ones can be really useful during full waves.

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It is accessible at the start of the game and can do good damage to zombies, but above all has a more than average point contribution. On the video above, we can see that the upgrade inflicts good damage on zombies and can be an excellent way to clean an area, or even get out of a dead end with much fewer problems.

There’s nothing quite as good as blasting some zombies with a shotgun, but your best options will vary depending on whether you’re in the early, mid, or late game. Below we have a list of the best weapon and best attachments to pick to help you progress in Die Machine.

Weapon : GALLO SA12 Barrel : 24.8 Task Force Body : Ember Sighting Point Magazine : Sta nag 12 Round Tube Muzzle : Flash Cone 12 GA Stock : Marathon Stock We’re going to forego the handle because it doesn’t provide any useful stats for zombies mode.

You can choose to change things up, but we don’t find the scope necessary because of the spread. We’re going with the 24.8 Task Force barrel, which drastically improves pellet damage against the zombies.

It lowers the effective range, but the shotgun is for some ups close and personal zombie-slaying action, so that doesn’t matter. It has a bonus stat that increases salvage drop rate, which will help immensely in the game’s later rounds.

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This attachment causes a slower reload speed, but that isn’t very important in the beginning rounds. Another attachment we can equip to provide some benefits is the Flash Cone 12 GA muzzle.

It gives a slight reduction to hip-fire accuracy, but the Ember Sighting Point makes up for it. It’s not always guaranteed, but there is a very high chance of getting a Ray Gun by completing the in-game Easter Egg.

It also deals area of effect damage, making it the ultimate weapon in the game. You won’t have a problem until level 52 when you’re rocking a Ray Gun because of the super-fast zombie sprinters.

Normal enemies who enter gain a burning effect that deals fire damage. There are always instances when your character gets stuck in a corner, and Ether Shroud allows you an escape route.

Before we get started, do keep in mind that the weapon progression can be very slow, so if you haven't unlocked the higher end attachments simply opt for one that is very similar in specs. However, when using the 13.5” Reinforced Heavy barrel, you will notice a significant increase in the weapons long range capabilities, making it a very viable option for all encounters.

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The Best All-Round XM4 Loadout Optic Barrel Under barrel Magazine Handle Mill stop Reflex 13.5” Reinforced Heavy Field Agent Grip 40 AND Speed Mag Airborne Elastic Wrap Secondary Weapon Gallo SA12 Barrel Body Magazine Handle Stock 24.8” Task Force SWAT 5mw Laser Sight Sta nag 12 Rd Tube Serpent Wrap Marathon Stock TacticalLethalField Upgrade Stimson Semtex Field Mic Perks Tactical Mask Scavenger Ghost Wildcard Danger Close Next up we have the Rig 6, which simply put, oozes versatility and is arguably one of our favorite weapons to use. Thriving on maps such as Armada, Crossroads, Cartel, Miami, and Satellite, we found the weapon to be balanced across all areas.

While it is completely personal preference and dependent on your play style, we found the Rig 6 pairs well with the Gallo SA12 as your secondary weapon. The Best All-Round AK-47 Loadout Muzzle Barrel Under barrel Magazine Handle Muzzle Brake 7.62” 18.2” Takedown Foregrip 40 AND Speed Mag GRU Elastic Wrap Secondary Weapon Gallo SA12 Barrel Body Magazine Handle Stock 24.8” Task Force SWAT 5mw Laser Sight Sta nag 12 Rd Tube Serpent Wrap Marathon Stock Perks Tactical Mask Scavenger Ghost Wildcard Danger Close Thriving in medium to close-quarters, the MP5 is arguably the most overpowered weapon that is currently available in Cold War.

Don’t be fooled though, as while the MP5 may seemingly lack firepower when compared with other weapons in the AR category, it can still pack quite the punch. During our experience, we found that the MP5 excelled on nearly every map, which includes the likes of Satellite, Miami, Moscow, Armada, and Cartel.

The Best All-Round MP5 Loadout Optic Muzzle Barrel Body Under barrel Microflex LED Muzzle Brake 9 9.5” Task Force Steady Aim Laser Field Agent Grip Magazine Handle Stock 40 AND Drum Airborne Elastic Wrap Raider Stock Secondary Weapon Gallo SA12 Barrel Body Magazine Handle Stock 24.8” Task Force SWAT 5mw Laser Sight Sta nag 12 Rd Tube Serpent Wrap Marathon Stock TacticalLethalField Upgrade Stimson Semtex Field Mic Perks Tactical Mask Scavenger Gunshot Wildcard Gunfighter Among one of the most powerful weapons in the game, the Milano 821 Submachine Gun dominates on the battlefield, as the well-balanced weapon features outstanding firepower, speed, and accuracy. The Milano 821 thrives in tight situations, making it the perfect weapon for the likes of Moscow, Armada, Satellite, and Cartel.

The Best All-Round Wellington 703 Loadout Barrel Under barrel Magazine Handle Stock 26.5” Tiger Team Infiltrator Grip 7 AND Airborne Elastic Wrap Raider Pad Secondary Weapon Gallo SA12 Barrel Body Magazine Handle Stock 24.8” Task Force SWAT 5mw Laser Sight Sta nag 12 Rd Tube Serpent Wrap Marathon Stock TacticalLethalField Upgrade Stimson Semtex Field Mic Perks Gunshot Ghost Ninja Wildcard lawbreaker When it comes to shotguns, we were surprised to find that the Gallo SA12 ended up being one of our favorite weapons to use, as there was nothing more satisfying than killing your opponents in a single pump. Ideal for medium to long-range encounters when paired with the right scope, the M16 Tactical Rifle is highly accurate and can deal significant amounts of damage.

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Still, this zombie installment proves that Korean cinema continues to kill in all genres. It's a cult favorite and one of the most successful independent films, made with only a $400,000 budget.

Residing in that contemporary genre of “post-horror” (smarter, smaller-budget art house screams), It Comes At Night is less an all out zombie fest and more a meditation of all those things that go bump in the dark, including images of ravenous humans. Cargo is just an overall solid post-apocalyptic flick, similar in structure to The Road but without being (quite) as bleak.

This Indonesian action comedy exists squarely within the What the FM*# Did I Just Watch category. Set in Quebec, this Canadian horror movie hits mostly all the zombie tropes, but in a way that feels fresh.

It's also (possibly) an allegory for Quebec politics, giving it that extra layer of interpretation on top of all the decayed human matter. “ Zombies are “hungrier” in this British film based on Mike Carey's novel of the same name.

Translated to “soul thieves,” this Mexican horror slasher is just good bloody fun, as well as a decent period piece on the Mexican civil war. So it’s technically a miniseries, but it clocks in just over two hours, so we’re just going to put it here.

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So whatever your immortal fear or apocalypse kink, here are the best zombie movies to stream on Netflix right now. After this mutation occurs, the victim is no longer a person, but instead a mindless shambling corpse with an insatiable hunger for flesh.

Stories of zombies are as old as the human race, with mentions of them in the oldest known work of literature, the Epic of Gilgamesh. Furthermore, Zombies can't be thought of as the existence of life (or at least animation) after death because then people will think they won't hurt anyone.

Other, more macabre versions of zombies have become a staple of modern horror fiction, where they are brought back from the dead by supernatural or scientific means, and eat the flesh of the living. Most Zombies can be found roaming around their places of death in search of living organisms to feed on.

In a first world country, most people showing symptoms of infection (fever, disorientation) will be brought to the closest hospital. In fact, zombies tend to avoid graveyards as it is simply wide stretches of abandoned land.

According to the tenets of Codon, a dead person can be revived by a boor or Voodoo sorcerer. In 1937, while researching folklore in Haiti, Zora Neal Huston encountered the case of Felicia Felix-Mentor, who had died and been buried in 1907 at the age of 29.

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Villagers believed they saw Felicia wandering the streets in a daze thirty years after her death, as well as claiming the same with several other people. Huston pursued rumors that the affected persons were given powerful drugs, but she was unable to locate individuals willing to offer much information.

Davis traveled to Haiti in 1982 and, as a result of his investigations, claimed that a living person can be turned into a zombie by two special powders being entered into the blood stream (usually via a wound). The first, coup DE pure (French: 'powder strike'), induced a 'death-like' state because of tetrodotoxin (TTX), its key ingredient.

The Codon religion being somewhat secretive in its practices and codes, it can be very difficult for a foreign scientist to validate or invalidate such claims. Others have discussed the contribution of the victim's own belief system, possibly leading to compliance with the attacker's will, causing psychogenic (“quasi-hysterical”) amnesia, catatonia, or other psychological disorders, which are later misinterpreted as a return from the dead.

Scottish psychiatrist R. D. Lying further highlighted the link between social and cultural expectations and compulsion, in the context of schizophrenia and other mental illness, suggesting that schizo genesis may account for some psychological aspects of modification. According to the Encyclopedia of Things that Were Never, particularly in France during the Middle Ages, the relevant rises from the dead usually to avenge some crime committed against the entity, most likely a murder.

The relevant usually took on the form of an emaciated corpse or skeletal human figure and wandered around graveyards at night. The “Drug” of medieval Norse mythology were also believed to be the corpses of warriors returned from the dead to attack the living.

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Father give me the Bull of Heaven, So he can kill Gilgamesh in his dwelling. If you do not give me the Bull of Heaven, I will knock down the Gates of the Netherworld, I will smash the doorposts, and leave the doors flat down, and will let the dead go up to eat the living! And the dead will outnumber the living! Translated by Maureen Gallery Kovacs Romero's 1968 film Night of the Living Dead.

In his films, Romero “bred the zombie with the vampire, and what he got was the hybrid vigor of a ghastly plague monster”. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times chided theater owners and parents who allowed children access to the film.

Scholar Kim Paffrenroth notes that “more than any other monster, zombies are fully and literally apocalyptic... they signal the end of the world as we have known it.” However, the word zombie is used continually by Romero in his 1978 script for Dawn of the Dead, including once in dialog.

However, they are known to be attracted by bright lights or loud noises, possibly meaning that they may instead be highly sensitive to them. An insatiable and endless desire to consume living animal flesh, usually human, sometimes favoring brains.

Lack of normal human biological requirements such as conventional food, sleep, or even oxygen. This is mainly due to the death of their nerves which makes them unable to experience pain or irritation.

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Some zombies are depicted to also be vulnerable to powerful attacks (crushing of the body, high-caliber shot) which also kills them outright, but the simplest way, still, is to destroy the brain. Unless infected by some kind of mutagenic pathogen, and subsequently become deceased and reanimated with the hunger for the living, a human cannot be termed a Traditional Zombie.

In Quarantine, the virus is likened to Rabies, only with symptoms that show in minutes or hours instead of months. In both cases, the victim will 'turn' while still alive, and while the virus infects the brain and the blood, will not physically change the body.

They are typically depicted as mindless, shambling, decaying corpses with a hunger for human flesh (walking dead). Fictional zombies have a long history in Western culture, dating back to the 1600s, with many evolutions of the concept from literature to films and beyond.

Mainly brought back from the dead by a human-made virus or nuclear war, these types of zombies only hunger for human flesh, not brains in particular. Usually they are arranged as a sort of surrealist performance art, but they are occasionally put on as part of a unique political protest such as on Buy Nothing Day, November 25, 2006, in Montreal, a crowd of Zombies invaded the downtown core to take part in a “Shopping Spree of the Dead” and ridicule the compulsive aspect of Christmas shopping.

The world's largest zombie walk was held on October 29, 2006, in Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the setting of Romero's original Dawn of the Dead film.

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