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Christina Perez
• Friday, 08 January, 2021
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Plenty of Christmas noobs will be filling up the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 servers this holiday season. To help new players quickly get set up to kill hordes of the living dead, we've put together this guide with the best beginner loadouts for Black Ops 4 Zombies.

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These two tabs provide a unique set of classes for the different Zombies storylines in Black Ops 4. At the time of writing, there are only two Zombies maps that use the Ether Story: Blood of the Dead and Classified.

Call of Duty’s Zombies mode is all about survival and making sure you are stocked up to take out the horde. Some of the best Black Ops 4 zombies moments come from the chaos the comes from things falling apart.

When your plan starts to crumble, you’ll want some perks to fall back on to ensure your survival. You will be able to customize the ones you bring into zombies before loading into a match once you’ve unlocked them.

To customize these perks simply go into your create a class menu while in the Zombies lobby. This perk is great because carrying a third weapon not only gives you more variety, but it helps ammo management.

Having a third fully loaded weapon decreases the overall amount of time you’re running around without ammunition. Getting headshots will again conserve ammo and at higher levels it will be key to slaughtering the horde.

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The enemies will get more powerful as the rounds increase and headshots will be key in taking them down quickly. Having a team with the quick revive perk will help you get back on your feet before you get overwhelmed.

So if you want to start levelling up your weapons to unlock the best attachments and mods then knowing what you want your final build to look like will save you a lot of time. Playing this Black Ops 4 MX9 class is all about charging through corridors and using your powerful SMG and ability to strafe quickly and accurately to outgun enemies in close-quarters.

Primary: ICR-7 Optic: none Attachments: Quick draw, Grip, Long Barrel Secondary: Hellion Salvo Gear: Stem Shot Perks: Tactical Mask, Dexterity, Team Link Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter Score streaks: Care Package, Hell storm, Attack Chopper If you’re the type of player who likes to anchor themselves to a key map junction or objective and slaughter every enemy who dares to wander into your line of sight then this ICR-7 Black Ops 4 class is tailored for you.

The snappy, accurate assault rifle will see you through mid-range scraps while the perks and secondary weapon will provide you with some protection from enemy utilities. With a Grip attached it’s even more accurate, while Quick draw will allow you to snap into ADS rapidly and the Long Barrel will ensure your rounds still deal solid damage even over longer distances.

The high ammo count and devastating stopping power of the starter LEG make it the perfect weapon for locking down vantage points or sitting just behind your team’s frontline and mopping up any enemies who slip through. Legs have been among the worst weapons available in previous Call of Duty Games, but the Titan is a little different: it’s powerful, accurate, and effective at all ranges.

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The combination of Cold Blooded, Scavenger, and Ghost perks will enable you to stay in the fight for longer, whether that’s ammo refills or invisibility to enemy recon. Entering battle with nothing but a handgun might not sound appealing, but this MOZ build turns the Black Ops 4 revolver into a powerful sniper rifle that’s capable of one-hit-kill headshots.

That’s thanks to the Skull Splitter Operator Mod, which guarantees lethal headshots at any range, so aim high for instant kills. The MOZ is already a very powerful pistol, so three or four shots should take anyone down, but with Skull Splitter and a fortuitous recoil pattern you will regularly score one-hit-kills.

Stem Shot and Tactical Mask can both be replaced if you’re not a fan of them, but both compliment the aggressive play style of this Black Ops 4 class setup. The high pace of gameplay and rarity of long lines of sight make landing multiple hits on an enemy before they’re able to reach cover very difficult, so a semi-automatic rifle like the Auger DMR is often more effective.

Already a powerful, accurate, and dynamic long-range option, the Auger DMR is transformed into a death-dealer at all ranges when equipped with the Double Tap Operator Mod. Fortunately, the Auger DMR comes already equipped with a solid optic, which frees up a slot for an additional perk or attachment.

We’ve gone with FMJ rounds to ensure that high damage output isn’t disappoint against armored enemies, but really it’s up to you. Tactical Mask offers solid protection against a variety of enemy gadgets, making it a good pick when there’s only space for one perk in your build.

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We’ve gone with the Acoustic Sensor for our gear choice as it will give you a slight edge in detecting enemies, but Team Link would be a solid replacement. Unlike in previous Call of Duty games, this fire doesn’t actually deal any damage, but it does slap enemies with a trauma status effect that slows them down and stops them from healing for a considerable duration.

This Operator Mod makes it extremely hard for enemies to get away from you or recover once you’ve connected the first shot, and even if you can’t kill them, someone one your team probably will. Camo challenges give hardcore Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War players something to work toward, and the Zombies' mode has its own set of skins to earn including the rare Dark Ether camo.

Unlike Multiplayer, however, every gun has a standardized set of challenges accomplishing except for Launchers and the Knife, which streamlines the process and makes things much easier to keep track of. Here’s how to earn every Zombies' camo in Black Ops Cold War.

For example, like past Zombies maps, it features special items that players can craft at a workbench, with one of the most useful being the Brazen Bull shield. Building the Brazen Bull shield is something players should do as early as possible in IX as it is a fairly effective melee weapon and can also be used to fire projectiles, similarly to Ajax's special ability in the game's online multiplayer mode.

However, any Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players who want to build the shield will need to know where to look for the parts and where to find the workbench. Before players attempt to build the Brazen Bull, we recommend they take a few laps and memorize the layout of the IX map.

This will make finding the parts and building the Brazen Bull much easier. In the Altar Room, check the foot of the statue to the right of the stairs.

Once players have managed to collect all the parts, the next step is actually building the shield itself. The Pit can be found in the underground, dungeon-like area of the map, and it's not far from the Temple where players have to go to unlock the Pack-A-Punch.

Building the Brazen Bull will unlock one for free, but players can purchase another one later if they need to for 1500 points. Dalton covers the latest breaking news for Game Rant, as well as writes reviews, guide content, and more.

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