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Ellen Grant
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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There’s nothing quite as good as blasting some zombies with a shotgun, but your best options will vary depending on whether you’re in the early, mid, or late game. Below we have a list of the best weapon and best attachments to pick to help you progress in Die Machine.

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Weapon : GALLO SA12 Barrel : 24.8 Task Force Body : Ember Sighting Point Magazine : Sta nag 12 Round Tube Muzzle : Flash Cone 12 GA Stock : Marathon Stock We’re going to forego the handle because it doesn’t provide any useful stats for zombies mode.

We’re going with the 24.8 Task Force barrel, which drastically improves pellet damage against the zombies. It lowers the effective range, but the shotgun is for some ups close and personal zombie-slaying action, so that doesn’t matter.

It has a bonus stat that increases salvage drop rate, which will help immensely in the game’s later rounds. This attachment causes a slower reload speed, but that isn’t very important in the beginning rounds.

Another attachment we can equip to provide some benefits is the Flash Cone 12 GA muzzle. It gives a slight reduction to hip-fire accuracy, but the Ember Sighting Point makes up for it.

It’s not always guaranteed, but there is a very high chance of getting a Ray Gun by completing the in-game Easter Egg. It also deals area of effect damage, making it the ultimate weapon in the game.

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You won’t have a problem until level 52 when you’re rocking a Ray Gun because of the super-fast zombie sprinters. Normal enemies who enter gain a burning effect that deals fire damage.

Ether Shroud is our top pick because it allows you an escape when things get too hot. There are always instances when your character gets stuck in a corner, and Ether Shroud allows you an escape route.

Players can create their own loadouts for Call of Duty: Black Ops Collar Zombies. Players are able to create their own class similar to the online multiplayer mode.

Originally, players began the game with a pistol and would need to generate enough points to purchase stronger weapons. This adds the benefit of giving a player a machine gun or sniper fairly early into the game.

Continue scrolling to keep readingClick the button below to start this article in quick view. It's easier than ever before to unlock everything players want for a specific gun by jumping into the zombie mode.

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Ether Shroud: This field upgrade allows players a few moments to become invisible. The zombie's mode has been a staple in the Call of Duty titles developed by Trey arch.

Endless rounds of zombie hordes attack the player until they either escape or die trying. His hobbies consist of creating content on YouTube and streaming videos games on Twitch.

His YouTube channel has generated over 185,000 subscribers and 35 million total video views. Black Ops Collar is out today and honestly, it’s surprisingly not the same old garbage from years past.

This standout Call of Duty subseries from Trey arch has one thing that Infinity Ward will never have: zombies. The original Zombies' mode debuted all the way back in 2008 with World at War.

It delivers nostalgia, a solid multiplayer experience, objectives to complete, and an actual story. The story of Zombies in Black Ops Collar sees those damn Nazis up to no good again.

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It starts with a flashback to the WWII days, showing the undead overtaking a research facility. Onslaught is a mode that is exclusively for PlayStation players for the first year of the game’s life.

The players have to defend a moving location from the horde of flesh eaters. The sequel to, what do you know, Dead Ops Arcade II, is a fun little getaway from the regular Zombies action.

It’s a top down, arcade style shooter that basically just consists of spamming bullets until its game over. A chopper will arrive to whisk the team away to safety, as long as the even more massive wave of zombies doesn’t put a stop to it.

Dead shot Daiquiri: Aiming down sights moves to enemy critical location, and removes scope sway. Elemental Pop: Every bullet has a small chance to apply a random base Ammo Mod effect.

For more details on Perks, Custom Loadouts, Skill Tiers, Field Upgrades, and more, check out Trey arch's full guide here. The mystery box is there to give the lucky Ray Gun pull.

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Hours will be spent popping zombie domes, ignoring the fact that it is a Call of Duty game. The latest bug discovered within 2020s Cod offering is surprisingly beneficial, though Call of Duty: Black Ops Collar players should be warned that it removes one of the game’s main grinds.

YouTuber HamiiHamii showed off the gorgeous Dark Matter camo on various weapons, though the player was quite honest about the unlock being undeserved. In a follow-up tweet, the YouTuber provided a bit of context as to where the bug occurred, with the random unlock coming after a game of Zombies.

HamiiHamii shares that he unlocked a random MP5 camo while attempting to use the new Black Ops Collar Zombies email system. While some players would be happy to skip past Black Ops ColdWar’s camo challenges, HamiiHamii was a bit disappointed by the bug.

About The Author Richard Warren (587 Articles Published) A lifelong gamer and comics fan who loves writing about everything in nerd culture... and has a small addiction to trophy and achievement hunting. To unlock this achievement you will first need to reach player level 51 which unlocks all perk skills Your level carries across all game modes e.g. Multiplayer, Zombies & DOA, so all player experience earned is cumulative across all modes.

Once at level 51 you will need a total of 36 Ethereum Crystals to upgrade all 6 perks to Tier III. It's actually more time efficient to start with the combat knife and melee zombies in the first area until round 6 then buy through to Jiggering and purchase it and the Gallo SA12 off the wall of the plane.

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Once the power is on build the Pack a Punch machine and buy armor then return to the starting area and keep finishing the rounds. You may as well buy stamina, speed cola, pack a punch your SA12 and upgrade your armor to tier 3 when you have enough points.

Once you hit wave 16 call in the Evan chopper and escape this should net you 3 crystals in 20-25 minutes if you're killing things efficiently. With “Call of Duty: Black Ops Collar, ” Trey arch and Raven Software again return to the world of espionage.

Over 17 chapters containing 12 playable missions, players embark on a global campaign to stop Perseus' plans to obtain a nuclear weapon. Although Bell is the star, “Black Ops Collar switches perspectives to fan favorite characters such as Alex Mason and newer cast members such as Russian double agent Dimitri Below.

The shift gives players a mix of familiar run and gun missions while also introducing more stealth-oriented gameplay filled with cloak and dagger tactics. These chapters not only provide a needed change of pace from the firefights and explosions, but they also expand the diversity of experiences.

“Black Ops Collar has a surprising amount of puzzle elements and exploration involved as Bell and the team led by Russ Adler infiltrate Berlin and Moscow in search of clues to Perseus. The stealth component lets them explore a detailed world that contains diversions like playable arcade machines and secret collectibles called “evidence,” which is used for the two side quests.

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It feels more organic and rewarding as the developers weave the subseries' trademark puzzles into the hub area. “Black Ops Collar borrows a lot of the paranoia and misdirection from the original and tries to incorporate it in the new entry.

Although the stealthier moments, puzzles and the bigger action set pieces should be appreciated, the single-player mode is held back by a plot that feels like a retread of the past games. It also adds an interesting strategic element as players can save the rewards for pivotal moments in a match, or they can use it almost like a comeback mechanic when combined with other teammates.

Teamwork is essential as the squad ventures through the map and uncovers the secrets behind the rifts that spawn these monsters. “Black Ops Collar also offers a smaller Zombie mode called Onslaught.

This is where a team of two battle the undead across a map and follow an orb that grants a safe zone amid the necrotic miasma. With vehicles on hand and huge area to explore, Fire team has a feel of a “Battlefield” game, but the experience is too chaotic and the developers don't teach players much about the feature.

The popular battle royale mode will undoubtedly be the biggest draw in the changing multiplayer realm. With so many options for play though, players will find something that suits them though the developers will need to add more maps and content to keep this part of the game from going stale.

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