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• Sunday, 13 December, 2020
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As tradition goes, we have a new secret music easter egg in the Black Ops Cold War: Zombies map, Die Machine. Upon collecting the third one, a secret song called 'Alone' by the one and only Kevin Sherwood, who produced many of the zombie soundtracks for Trey arch, will be available.

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The locations remained the same in all the rounds that we played, so you don't have to worry about them based on RNG. Approach the tape and collect it by pressing 'F' on PC, X on Xbox, and Square on PlayStation.

Instead, once you've gone down the stairs leading to the facility, take a left and go to the room where the Speed Cola perk machine is. Once you've collected all three audiotapes, the song 'Alone' by Kevin Sherwood starts to play and goes on for about 5 minutes.

He has played PUBG and Fortnite extensively and as a fan of the Call of Duty series, War zone is a no brainier for him. Hassan uses his in-game experience to create guides and videos that are aimed at helping other War zone players become better.

Moon You can play as Samantha, blow up the earth, and have all perks, even when you go down... While Moon deserves the number one spot because the original crew goes out with a bang (Pun Intended) It's the first map to ever give a cutscene, and it makes you feel accomplished once you beat it.

Either one of us lagged out, or we died, or someone had to go, or we didn't have a 4th person, etc... etc... but in the end this was probably the bestEasterEgg and most beautiful because of the location and how it looks. I loved this Eastern it was fun... just not at the moment but in the end it was the funnest.

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A pain in the neck but worth it, you can do this 4 times so everybody can get every perk for the rest of the game Probably the most underrated zombie map of all time, and you get an awesome achievement in the end along with a cool cutscene.

King her Token It’s a good map if your too poor to buy any LCS. This page is part of Signs Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Wiki guide, which includes a step-by-step walkthrough for completing the Die Machine Zombies Eastern.

Head inside the Tunnel and turn left, here you will find a newly opened door that leads to the Facility. Enter the Facility and continue following the path until you reach a set of doors in the Control Room.

Go downstairs and enter the anomaly to be teleported to the Dark Ether. Once inside the alternate dimension, make your way to the surface head towards the way point in the Crash Site area. Ammo Mods will allow bullets to deal electric damage, along with a chance to stun enemies.

Before you can obtain the DIE Shock wave Wonder Weapon, you will need to firstly Turn on the Power and repair the Pack-A-Punch Machine. If both of these tasks are completed, a Megaton enemy will spawn. With the ability to split into two, kill the two halves of the Megaton in order to receive a golden key card.

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Now that you have obtained the Key card, head to the Weapons Lab which can be found within the Facility building. On the wall opposite the Mystery Box, you will find a computer. Remote Control collected, return to the Yacht Her Undertaken building which can be found at the start of the map.

Each successful kill will show the Zombies soul leaving its body as its sucked into the machine. To do so, head to the Dark Ether and collect the three required parts that are needed to build the Arthroscope.

With the three parts collected, make your way to the nearest crafting bench in order to build the Arthroscope. To complete the first step of the Eastern, start by making your way back to the Dark Ether.

Having spoken to all three Anomalies, leave the Dark Ether and return to the computer in the Medical Bay. Cyro-Emitter Wonder you will need to head to the Penthouse, which can be found at the top of the Yacht Her Unto ten building.

You will need to lure a Megaton zombie to this area and have it blast the fungus covered tree with its radio-active attack. Having done so, interact with the fungus and place the flask beneath it. Once the flask has been filled, pick it up and make your way to the Medical Bay in the Facility. Upon arriving in the Medical Bay, you will find a small boxed covered in chains, not too far from the Particle Accelerator door.

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Nova 5 Wonder Weapon, make your way to the Mezzanine room which can be found on the top floor of the Yacht Her Unto ten building. Once you have obtained the D.I.E Shock wave, make your way back to the Dark Ether Portal that can be found on the first floor of the Particle Accelerator room, just under the Pack-A-Punch machine.

Crash Site: You will find the energy crystal on the ground near the entrance to the Tunnel, not too far from the Perk Machine. Pond: The final energy crystal can be found near the mystery box, not too far from the path that leads to the Facility Tunnel.

To obtain the Thermoplastic Wonder Weapon, head to the Pond and enter through the Dark Ether portal. Upon reaching the Dark Ether, make your way to the Crash Site, where you will find a small box beneath the floating plane.

Thermoplastic weapon when interacting with the green box that can be found sitting on the truck's bed. Now that the large cylinder-like device has been activated by the Wonder Weapons, use the portal found near the Medical Bay and Particle Accelerator to enter the Dark Ether.

Once inside the Dark Ether, head to the balcony upstairs on the top floor and speak with the Anomaly. Having learned that two soldiers had stolen some items, head back to the normal world and collect the Dark Ether Wrench from the Medical Bay. Next, make your way to the Yard and look for the old ruined tank.

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Using your Dark Ether Wrench, interact with the four broken areas of the tank in order to repair it. With the Semtex / Frag Grenade created, throw or stick it to the hatch and watch as the tank fires a shot at a tree in the Crash Site area.

With the waves of Zombies taken care of, make your way to the Living Room in the Yacht Her Unto ten building and enter the Dark Ether portal. Once inside, enter the Omega Outpost and speak with Orlon who can be found in the corner. After speaking with Orlon, interact with the photograph he left behind in order to trigger the final boss fight.

To complete the Die Machine Eastern, simply protect Orlon from the three incoming waves of Zombies. During these waves you will want to ensure that Orlon does not get hit, as this will slow down the process of shutting down the Particle Accelerator.

The Black Ops 3 modding community is easily the most robust currently for the Call of Duty scene, and awesome creators are still pumping out maps PC players can enjoy. All the following custom maps can be downloaded and added through the Steam Workshop, so there’s nothing tricky about including these maps in your game.

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