Best Zombies Ever Mtg

Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Lord of Accursed has replaced Death Baron and have substituted Dread Wanderer in place of Carthage and Cemetery Reaper. But the card draw really helped in play testing to accelerate the other 1 MANA zombie drops, and it helped get rid of unnecessary land or paired with Grave crawler.

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Original post: After much research and deck building, I have created what I believe to be the best zombie aggro deck ever built. Use Gem palm polluter to make them lose life AND draw a card.

Use Lord of the Undead to get Gem palm polluter back, giving you card advantage and making them lose life. Cyborg and Cabal coffers combined is free MANA ramp.

Undead War chief makes your lords cheaper, allowing you to play them for 2 manas, and you can take out major threats with victim of the night and even pesky indestructible with tragic slip. Sudden spoiling an underrated uncountable card allows you to target protection, indestructible and block flyers, etc.

The combo would be a better idea in multiplayer, when semi-suicide black puts a target on your hard. Don't forget your full art Gravecrrawlers and Diagram Ghouls for cool factor.

CMC2.15Tokens 2/2 Zombie Folders Possibles, Decided Deck Ida's 60 Cards VotesIgnored suggestionsShared withdrew Between their synergies with the graveyard and others within their ranks, it's not hard to see why Zombies are one of the most popular tribes in Magic: The Gathering.

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The two things that many tribal players want to do the most is buff up their creatures and reduce their costs, and Undead War chief covers both of these bases. Living Death is a card that takes your graveyard strategies and turns them up to eleven.

As if that wasn't enough, Army of the damned possesses flashback, meaning it can be cast again from your graveyard, creating yet another thirteen zombie tokens. Entomb and Buried Alive are two cards with similar abilities that a zombie deck would not want to be without.

Luckily, zombie decks have a reputation for graveyard abilities, meaning that these tutored cards often might as well be in your hand. While not all zombie decks possess blue, those that do have the benefit of being able to include the enchantment Rooftop Storm.

Perhaps one of the strongest enchantments that can be run in a zombie-tribal Commander deck, Rooftop Storm allows its controller to pay zero MANA rather than the cost of zombie spells they cast. A 2/1 for only one black MANA, Grave crawler's inability to block simply means that it will be getting used primarily for attacking and fueling sacrifice based abilities.

This means that no matter the circumstance of death, Grave crawler can be repeatedly cast, allowing for extremely strong synergies with cards like Grim grin, Corpse-Born With the ability to sacrifice creatures at any time to create two colorless manas, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more efficient way of generating massive amounts of value in a zombie tribal deck.

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Packed with three potent abilities, The Scarab God does everything that you'd want in a zombie tribal deck. For four manas, The Scarab God can exile a creature from any players' graveyard, creating a token that is a copy of that card except its power and toughness are 4/4, and it's a black zombie.

And the vast majority of Liliana's synergize in fantastic fashion with zombie tribal decks. In similar synergistic fashion, Liliana, untouched by death allows for zombies to be cast from your graveyard, and Liliana, Dread hoard General's ability to draw you cards whenever creatures die pairs well with nearly any Zombie Strategy.

About The Author Paul Salvo (119 Articles Published) Staff Writer, Paul Salvo is a writer, comic creator, animation lover, and game design enthusiast currently residing in Boston, Massachusetts. Continuing to analyze the tribes that occupy the multiverse, we now have to talk about the walking dead.

To keep things spooky for this time of year, let us take a look at some of the zombie decks that you may encounter out in the arena. Many of these are found only in the historic format because we just lost the dread horde from the rotation of standard.

Whether for glory or casual fun, these decks are perfect for any necromancer looking to experiment with zombies. The only standard deck list of zombies that is purely tribal synergy.

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This deck allows a few humans to command the hoards you will create. Using green and black we have the ability to make things respawn and grow to become threats.

Let the zombies eat their brains while you sit back and win the games Use the dead to make them all die with spells that cause sacrifices to occur often.

Deploy swamps to get MANA Play every creature you can Use the removal as needed Force your opponent to sacrifice their creatures to create an opening for yours Strike when they are vulnerable to kill them and win This version of zombie tribal comes from YouTuber Alias.

Gary allows you to drain life equal to your devotion to black. Remove what you need till Gary comes in to save the day and watch the zombies eat some brains.

Autumn is upon us and so the dead prepare for the annual fall festival The top zombie deck on this list is mono black led by the mistress of death herself, Liliana.

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Power comes at a price you can draw cards for some life. If you play this right your opponent will hit zero long before you even leave double-digit life totals.

4x Crypt breaker 3x Death Baron 4x Diagram Colossus 4x Gerald's Messenger 4x Grave crawler 4x Relentless Dead 3x Tide hollow Sculler 4x Wayward Servant Maybe board While not the fastest out there, this deck capitalizes on the one advantage zombies have over other tribes: it's resiliency.

Wrath effects won't be enough to stop it, since the zombies will slowly but surely come back from the graveyard. It also doesn't really mind targeted removal: while an exiled Death Baron will set you back for a couple of turns, zombies are multiple and expendable.

I started playing mtg around 2012, and the “Relentless Dead” intro pack was the first deck I owned. Date added1 Everlast updated6 monthsLegalityThis deck is Modern legal.

If you’ve managed to deal some damage earlier in the game, you’ll even be gifted haste from your reborn Vampire. If they have the Bolt or revolted Fatal Push for it, Gerald’s Messenger only comes back as an even bigger threat (and makes sure to take 2 more life for its troubles).

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Relentless Dead is yet another creature most removal spells aren’t effective against, and it can even give you extra value if they’ve managed to deal with both halves of something like a Gerald’s Messenger. Discarding a Grave crawler to make a 2/2 Zombie only to pay the single MANA to get it back is going to put you light years ahead of your opponent.

Discarding Bloodghasts before making your land drop is just more value, and Crypt breaker will allow your Zombies to start churning out the card advantage in no time. This is a great way to pad your life total and to make sure any Burn opponent will have to take time off to deal with your creatures.

Being able to trade for Tarmogoyf or Death’s Shadow while gaining a bit of life makes the Atherton excellent in creature matchups. Fatal Push might be the best removal spell in all of Modern (although I would consider adding a couple more fetch lands to this list, especially with a play set of Bloodghasts).

As long as you steer clear of Anger of the Gods (or if Hallowed Burial makes a comeback), you’ve got resilient creatures that aren’t vulnerable to most of Modern’s removal.

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