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• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
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Ever since the company was started, the consoles have quickly escalated to the top of the gaming chain. Microsoft has been at the foremost of technology in the 21st Century and has become a significant component of the gaming industry.

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Xbox, the gaming brand owned by Microsoft, has played a leading role in engaging enthusiastic gamers worldwide. Xbox One S is the latest console launched by the company and has widely gained popularity for its refined design, voice recognition, and multimedia features.

You suddenly hear a tiny screeching sound that slowly grows louder and before you realize, a bony hand pops out from underneath the ground and tries to grab you. As quoted by Dr. Kyle Bishop, Associate Professor at Southern Utah University and author of American Zombie Gothic: The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of the Walking Dead in Popular Culture, “People are still afraid of dying, getting sick, of social infrastructures falling apart.

A scenic resort descends into utter chaos after a maddening outbreak of zombie lays claim to its once joyous atmosphere. It would not be completely correct to say that Dead Island is a perfect zombie game.

This first-person experience and adventure in a tropical paradise that is full of rotting corpses, each of whom are waiting to have their heads smashed off by a bat or cut with a chainsaw. You’d have to create your own zombie killing machines, given that you find the parts for it.

This means that the main part of the fun lies in the fact that the level of weapons increases as the story goes on. On the other hand, Dead Island is one of the best games for killing zombies with melee attacks.

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CPU: Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz RAM: 1 GB OS: Windows XP & Above VIDEO CARD: ATI Radon HD 2600 AT 512 MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT) FREE DISK SPACE: 7 GB Dying Light: The Following follows a different path from its predecessor and puts you behind a steering wheel in a gorgeous country scene.

A zombie-driving game is a rare occurrence and there was a need to plug this hole, which Dying Light: The Following, has done masterfully. The game even includes a newer and deadlier version of the “Volatile” (instant death zombies if you run into them).

Nevertheless, you need to avoid them as you drive around investigating a cult who appear to be immune to this zombie virus. However, do take caution as more the zombies you avoid, larger the horde you will run into.

Regardless, take your foot off the brake, sit back, and hammer that gas pedal and in the blink of an eye you’ll comprehend why we cherish The Following. Prisons Zombies meet parkour is surprisingly good runway too many side quests.

Quite simply, it is a meat grinder game with non-stop zombie smashing with inventive weapons made from the unlikeliest of things. Protagonist and photographer, Frank West are back in this story and this time, no 72-hour timer is going to stop you from smashing zombies using some of the craziest of weapons, one of whom is a machete laced with nitrogen.

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In spite of the ceaseless crowds of the undead remaining in his direction, and despite the fact that the bosses are indistinguishable from those in the first Dead Rising, the confounding assortment of weapons accessible will make smashing through guts and flesh through all the trouble, absolutely justifiable. Prisons The commentary from Frank is enjoyable and amusingly too many side quests.

It almost makes the game boring or frustrating. The weapons are stupid but fun large number of audio and visual problems Minimum System Requirements: The authenticity of the game ensures that you remain glued to your seat and wouldn’t miss a thing.

The animations of the game are of its own class supported by a customized technology engine five. The game opens with a scene of a mass murder with Detective Sebastian and his team investigating the evidence and trails, oblivious to the ruthless zombies behind the merciless killings.

One of the best games for 2016,’Seven days to die’ is a favorite among Xbox gamers. A compelling story on about a Zombie land apocalypse, set in the supernatural zone-, the gamer can play the hero to save the world within 7 days and prove himself successful, The upgrade made by the makers by elevating the game from a personal computer to an Xbox platform has worked wonders. You are tasked with exploring the entire world, either alone or alongside friends and build weapons, tools and shelter against the horrors of the infected wildlife, reanimated dead, and even the planet itself.

OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual Core CPU. The scene is set in the midst of World War 2 in 1945, where the Nazi attacks were taking place.

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Hitler is concealing himself inside his Bunker as Berlin is being blown up by the enemy. The plan backfires, as Hitler’s belief that he would remain protected and unharmed, due to his possession of a relic.

Nobody knew why he was investigating a peculiar radio signal in the darkest of nights, searching the ruins that were located in proximity to a horde of restless zombie. He snuck inside in search of the source, trying desperately not to be noticed by the horde; but all it took was one tiny slip.

He tried his best to get away from the clutches of the horde that clawed mercilessly at his flesh and make it over the crumbling wall. She made the terrible mistake of continuing the menacing mission without any backup weapon, which ultimately cost her life.

Maya was ripped apart by the hungry army as soon as her machete was shattered trying to hold back the walking undead. By now, you must have realized that the State of Decay is not your quintessential zombie video game.

You will have to work on more than one situation simultaneously, where you have to keep the group stocked with resources and food, as well as maintain your progress in the story. Some missions are available for a limited time causing you to prioritize the crucial tasks.

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Each time you perform an activity using a character, they level up in terms of stamina, combat, shooting, and leadership. They may get tired or hurt requiring enough resources to take rest and heal.

You will want the best characters out on the field, but the more they fight the weaker they become, thereby elevating their chances of death. State of Decay promises to give you a highly realistic experience of zombies, something I am sure that you will stay glued to.

The Xbox One library is no stranger to the shambling undead, whether it’s a backward compatible title from the past or one of today’s visual treats, but which are actually worth sinking time into? Between Spiro, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, Spider-Man, the development studio solidified itself as a teller of engaging stories.

Sunset Overdrive has the stink of a forgettable game, but it actually went on to win several awards and a list of nominations. It may be a stretch to call the enemies zombies, ” especially since they’re mutated people that drank Fizz Co’s latest energy drink, Overcharge Delirium AT, but they have many of the qualities of a good Zed.

And I really want to make sure you don’t overlook this early Xbox One title just because it’s six years old. World War Z started as a clever book that told the stories of survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

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As the titular Edward “Stubby” Stubble field, a newly arisen zombie seeking to right one wrong from his human life, players mow through the living. The game is set in a futuristic 1959, where science has prevailed and ultimately disturbed the earth in which Stubby’ rested peacefully.

Driven by long-lost love and a thirst for revenge, Stubby sets out to create an army of the undead and lay waste to those that stand in his way. Stubby has an arsenal of neat abilities, like using his hand to control enemies or tossing his head like an explosive bowling ball.

Garden Warfare 2 features eight plant and zombie classes, all with unique perks, and the new Herbal Assault mode. Unlike its predecessors, players can tackle every game mode alone or online, depending on how much zombie trash-talk they want to hear.

Dead War continues the fight between the undead Nazi army and the Resistance, one year after they banished Hitler to hell. No, but it utilizes the best of Sniper Elite to deliver a surprisingly engaging and action-packed shooter that definitely has us rising from the grave for a fifth entry.

It’s an unusual direction to take the Dead Island series, but one that perfectly tops off this must-have undead collection. When a failed experiment turns Europe into a playground of the grotesque and the monstrous, only the brave, bold, and the insane rise up to fight back.

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Dead Rising 3 ditched the time limit for the main story missions, finally giving players that zombie-slaying freedom they were looking for. It was a move that paid off exponentially as Dead Rising 3 is the most entertaining entry in a series that, two games in, was already growing stale.

As Nick Ramos, players explore Los Periods, CA ten years after the Fortune City outbreak. It’s clear Cap com Vancouver really wanted players to enjoy slaying the countless zombies on screen.

Dead Rising 3 is bigger and bloodier, hitting all the right notes that were missing from its two predecessors (and their one-off LCS). Surprisingly, it’s simply an expansion pack to Rock star’s wildly successful Red Dead Redemption.

There is something truly haunting about riding through the open prairie and coming upon a zombie chowing down on a hapless victim. Familiar faces from the main story return in their respective roles, either hindering Mars ton’s mission or helping him along the way.

Though it is, of course, not canon, Undead Nightmare is absolutely the best DLC Rock star could have crafted using the world of Red Dead. If you loved maps from previous Zombie iterations, Black Ops III has you covered.

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This DLC includes eight remastered maps from World at War through Black Ops II. The core experience of Black Ops III zombies isn’t bad, either, with Jeff Goldblum, Ron Perelman, Heather Graham, and Neal McDonough providing the vocal talents.

It’s quite the cohort, but they mesh well together for the unusual zombie story that serves as a prologue to the Dimension 63 storyline. Telltale Games created a standalone story with The Walking Dead: Season One, an interactive episodic experience based on Kirkman’s graphic series.

Each episode follows Lee Everett, an unexpected hero who saves young Clementine from a flesh-hungry horror. The story follows the pair through trials and tribulations, which includes a stop at Herschel Green’s farm and a run-in with Glen Rhee.

The story was deep, emotional, engaging, and everything fans could want from a game that’s part of The Walking Dead property. Dying Light incorporates free-running parkour, which gives players an edge over the zombie horde.

Beneath the moonlight, they’re threats of a different nature, capable of running down protagonist Kyle Crane. While there are ranged weapons to take down the infected, it’s the upgradable melee clubs and swords and knives that are a ton of fun to use.

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The soundtrack and audio cues create an unforgettable tension while the slightly dopey voice acting is a nice throwback to the 90s. Resident Evil 2 (2019) didn’t surpass the original, but the way it handled Mr. X as a persistent force constantly tracking you down added an element we wish had been in the 1998 game.

Go ahead and feign surprise that Left 4 Dead 2 made a best of zombie games” list. Valve really broke the mold with this multiplayer FPS, making it near impossible for any game to surpass it.

Left 4 Dead 2 is the ideal zombie party game, where players can team up to take on a horde of AI-directed undead. Though the main horde is made up of standard, running zeds, special zombies are mixed in.

While we may never see a Left 4 Dead 3, the second entry is a game that will stand the test of time and be a fan favorite for years to come. Some of the coverage you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small commissions based on purchases made from visiting our site.

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