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Although you begin a Zombies game in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with nothing but a pistol, you can uncover more powerful weapons pretty quickly. In this Black Ops 4 best weapons guide, we'll be providing you with a complete list of the very best guns that you can obtain in every map in the Zombies mode.

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It’s on this main page that you find all the tips and tricks you need to get going with the mode, as well as an overview of all the maps included with Zombies at launch, and much more. There're tons of different weapons featured in the Zombies mode, some of which you can purchase at specific points on the maps, while others you can only find through pot luck with the Mystery Box.

Keep in mind that you’re going to burn through ammo incredibly quickly in the Call of Duty Black Ops 4’s Zombies mode. He's written for The Guardian, Paste Magazine, and Kodak, and he likes waking up when the sun rises and roaming the nearby woods with the bears and the wolves.

Cod Black Ops 4 is bringing back the undead with the Zombies mode. The series has spawned different zombie modes, so it’s only fitting that we see one in Cod Black Ops 4.

The previous zombie modes had you slaying waves of the undead that loom in from almost every corner of the map. Players can earn points by shooting zombies or repairing barriers to keep the hordes away.

Make sure to spend your points wisely and prepare in advance if you plan on aiming clearing Zombies and getting the best weapons. For more tips and tricks on Cod Black Ops 4, make sure to search for Twin finite.

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Call of Duty is a long-standing franchise spanning 18 different main entry releases. Fast-forward to the present, Infinity Ward redefined Call of Duty yet again with 2019’s Modern Warfare, launching the series to record sales.

Below you’ll find our tiered ratings for the best & worst Call of Duty games yet. After the launch of Call of Duty 4, the franchise hit large new audiences and improved drastically on the classic formula.

Black Ops 2 gave players an unforgettable multiplayer experience with futuristic weaponry, score streaks, and settings. Included with the base package was the first Call of Duty campaign to have multiple endings, and a zombies experience.

The DLC brought players some of the greatest Call of Duty experiences to date, with zombie maps such as Mob Of The Dead and Origins. Infinity Ward recreated the core Call of Duty experience, creating a fast-paced and polished shooter.

The multiplayer experience brought iconic maps such as Shipment, Kill house, Vacant, Crash & Broadcast. Call of Duty: Black Ops After the release of Call of Duty: World At War, Trey arch knew they could step out of their comfort zone and bring the franchise past the second World War.

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In order to bring a unique experience, Trey arch opted to set their first Black Ops game during the Vietnam/Cold War era. In the Campaign, players would be part of an elite squad working alongside the CIA in covert operations around the globe.

Iconic multiplayer and zombies maps were also introduced, like Summit, Nuke town, King Her Token & Moon. The campaign is a direct sequel to Modern Warfare and puts players in the shoes of several military factions as a war breaks out between the United States and Russia.

Iconic figures like Captain Price, Commander Shepard, and Ghost all appear within the game. For the first time, players get to see the face of the main protagonist from Call of Duty 4, Soap.

The create-a-class system offered a new set of complex and unique perks for players, and many fell in love with maps like Terminal & Rust. Modern Warfare 2 also launched with a “Special Ops” co-op mode, where players could play split-screen or online with a friend in a set of mission scenarios.

Lowering down a bit from nostalgic favorites, here’s some heavy-hitting Call of Duty games that deserve praise. Each campaign mission introduces a tense, unique experience across the UK, Russia and the Middle East.

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World At War delivered just that, giving players a chilling ride across the Pacific Theater and Russian front. For multiplayer, players had the opportunity to experience gameplay eerie to Call of Duty 4 with World War 2 era weaponry.

The game launched with a kill streak similar to Call of Duty 4 as well, giving players a recon plane, artillery strike, and attack dogs at three, five, and seven kills respectively. The mode received three more maps through DLC and has been continued in every Trey arch Call of Duty since.

The campaign brings us front and center to a full scale “what if” scenario for a third World War. Players visit landmarks across the world including Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and New York City.

Alongside these changes, a new “Strike Package” system was introduced to allow all players to have the chance to achieve kill streaks. We debated putting this at B tier due to some of the game’s issues (supply drops, weak campaign), but the gameplay ultimately pulled it higher on the list.

For a jetpack Call of Duty game, Black Ops 3 found a perfect balance for the movement system. Advanced Warfare’s boost jetpack system didn’t allow for wall running or controlled movement, which led to frustrating engagements.

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Overall, the multiplayer experience was an entertaining one, mostly set back by the supply drop system that made the game feel pay to win. Players would often have to pour hundreds of dollars into a loot crate system to get the best weapons in the game.

While a fun installment, Black Ops 4 didn’t feel like a truly new Call of Duty experience, launching with four remade maps. These abilities were easy to use, awarding players with bonus XP for kills, which resulted in easier than normal to achieve score streaks.

The gameplay loop of multiplayer which originally fell on skilled gunfights, felt all but absent with regularly spammed equipment, specialist weapons, and streaks. The main shining star of Black Ops 4 though, was the Blackout battle royale mode.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War While it may not be fair to judge Black Ops Cold War just two months after its release, we decided to put it on the B-tier due to the launch issues. While the Trey arch team had less time than expected, they still managed to fully develop a game during a worldwide pandemic.

The game offers quite an entertaining campaign with all the exciting twists you’d expect from a Black Ops title, albeit a bit short. Zombies is the real star of the show though, being completely reworked into a more casual experience overall, while also offering a challenge to players who seek it.

Fire team received two maps, but the core multiplayer experience felt lackluster for the games first month. The game sought to capture the excitement of the Call of Duty formula, while also introducing jetpack mechanics.

The jetpacks did not allow for much control midair, which often led to clunky player movement. This game was also the first Call of Duty to be built around the controversial Supply Drop system, that was later removed in Modern Warfare 2019.

Infinity Ward also had to release the game on six different platforms, and across two console generations, which did not help. Competitive play was heavily weighed on host connection, so many online games felt unfair.

With a hard to digest storyline, subpar multiplayer and an aliens' mode, it was tough to feel like this game knew what it wanted to be. The movement mechanics were fun and well-polished, but the Infinity Ward signature gun play did not translate well into a jetpack title.

Hitting targets at range felt unsatisfying, and the chaos of players darting around through the sky led to another year of frustrating gameplay. Since multiplayer is the main component of Call of Duty, much of the player base had a strong dislike for the game without giving Zombies or the Campaign a chance.

Speaking of those modes, Infinite Warfare actually does offer one of the greatest campaign experiences in the history of the franchise. While Infinite Warfare was negatively received for its multiplayer, it's hard to not wonder if things would have gone differently had it come out another year, when players weren’t burnt out of the jetpack gameplay.

The multiplayer got stale quite fast after the initial launch of the game, resulting in repetitive matches with little to no variation.

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