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• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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The first of George Romero's cult classic film series basically invented the modern zombie flick as we know it (it's even preserved in the Library of Congress' National Film Registry for its historical significance), and tells the chilling story of seven people under attack from a group of undead corpses. This 2004 remake of George Romero's second film in the Night of the Living Dead series pays homage to the 1978 original, but also puts it own terrifying spin on the classic story of a group of human survivors who take refuge from flesh-eating zombies in a Midwestern shopping mall.

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Go into a remote cabin in the woods ... and then fall victim to scary backwoods zombies ? Though it may sound like a clichéd horror movie trope, The Cabin in the Woods offers a fresh take that's simultaneously funny and terrifying.

This notable '80s film is known for introducing the first brain-eating zombies, offering an original punk twist on the classic genre as a group of people in Louisville, KY face off with the undead. Take all of your favorite actors and celebs ... then put them in one epic zombie movie.

What could be more impressive than a desolate bride to make hallows eve even spookier. With so many movies and shows being released there is a lot of speculation on which character to choose and turn it into a zombie phenomenon.

All you really need is a white lab coat and then splatter some fake blood all over it and then welcome the sinister doctor zombie from hell this year! For all those moms and dads who want their kids to join in on the eerie fun of Halloween.

All you need are clothes for you and the little ones that are already torn and worn out (probably already available at home) then just tatter them up a bit more and smudge some dirt on them and get it together with that pale zombie look (through some costume makeup or any makeup at home which could be used as an alternate) and get ready to go trick or treating as the epic zombie family! Whether you are going to open the door and greet the little trick or treater’s, or you are going to roam on the streets and help them, or you just want to enjoy the Halloween night, this is the costume that will definitely turn a few heads around.

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If you haven’t I suggest you take a look at it before this Halloween, Stephen King’s original novel wasn’t scare enough that they have three film adaptations of it up until now, Carrie is as Halloween as it gets and who could forget the prom scenes with all that blood! Whether you want to be the famous Carrie herself or be one of those girls who go to prom and dread it, this zombie costume is a major try is on for this Halloween.

Close (ESC) You won't have to dig too deep to find clothing, but it might take some effort to get it up to zombie standards.

Worn, tattered and downright ugly clothing meets the criteria, so whatever you choose, you'll need to make it look like you've just dug yourself out of a grave. If you don't want to be an ordinary corpse, you can choose a theme such as zombie doctor or cheerleader and dress accordingly.

The good news is that a homemade zombie costume is cheap if you have clothing and shoes that you're willing to ruin. The movies show plenty of zombies who must have met their untimely demise and rose from the dead before burial.

These should be placed on visible areas of the body such as the face, neck, arms and hands. Also, cheap makeup kits can be found in the seasonal department in most stores around Halloween and can be utilized for soil and wounds with some blending.

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Start with a pale base to make your wounds really stand out, powder to set, and add some blood and gore. Additional items and props can also used to give your costume real zombie appeal.

Gauze can be used to “patch” oozing flesh wounds, just make sure they bleed through for the right effect. Contact lenses are pricey but if you're wanting to win a costume contest, they may help you break a tie.

A natural weapon such as a club or thick tree branch puts you on the offensive... The kind of attention you'll receive will be more along the lines of grossing people out rather than the “oohs” and “ayahs” given to the beauty queen.

Flesh chomping, brain biting, limb severing: why do zombies have all the fun? With a little slicing and icing, simple gingerbread cookies morph into creepy yet delicious corpses for you to feast upon.

Use a standard “gingerbread man” type cookie cutter or anything that resembles a human. UPDATE: Perpetual Kid now offers “ABC Gingerbread” cookie cutters that would work perfectly.

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After baking the bodies and letting them thoroughly cool, it’s time to add the details. Using a thick decorator’s frosting (loads of powdered sugar with a dash of liquid) in an icing bag and a small tip, pipe on some features and gore.

With plain white frosting I added zombie features like exposed ribs, torn clothing, uneven or X-shaped eyes, and gaping mouths. Then add reddish food coloring to the remainder of the white frosting and pipe on the gore (natural food dye in red/blue worked great; it gave an almost mauve color that looked more creepy than the standard Romero-red).

Place “blood” on the edges of torn limbs or anywhere that you’ve inflicted damage upon your appetizing army of the undead. My taste testing group loved it, and one person even said they were “the best gingerbread I’ve ever had”.

Mix the sugar (or fructose), ginger, cinnamon, baking soda, and salt in a large bowl. Cut the dough into human shapes with a flour-dusted “gingerbread man” type cookie cutter.

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