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• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
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Don’t forget to take a picture of your meal before you start eating! Food photos are some of the most popular content on websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

You may get teased for snapping a photo before you begin your meal, but food blogs and food-based social media accounts have massive followings online. Adding relevant food hashtags to your post to increase engagement and bring more attention to your picture.

#Food #Foodora #Yummy #Foodie #Delicious #Dinner #Breakfast #Yum #Lunch #Homemade This is best for foodie accounts who want to reach as many people as they can, whether they are in the United States or Singapore.

Instagram food blogs are popular, as normal users are happy to find a new restaurant. Food bloggers should also use location hashtags to reach followers in their local area, since most people can’t travel around the world for their next meal.

Healthy lifestyles are trending all over social media, as accounts share their tips to looking and feeling better in their bodies. Meal prepping, superfoods, and plant-based diets are popular content online, so if you’re looking for healthy eating tips or creating a health or vegan food page, these are the hashtags for you.

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#Health #Cleaning #Maclean #Measure #Diet #Nutrition #HealthyEating #Vegan #Vegetarian #Healthline #InstaVegan #Seafood #GlutenFree #HealthyFoodPorn #PlantBasedDiet #VeganFoodPorn #VeganFoodShare #EatTheRainbow Nowadays it feels like everyone is a food photographer, as we all snap pictures of our best, most picturesque meals.

If you are looking to grow your Instagram followers as much as you can, load up a bunch of popular food-related hashtags in order to expand your reach. Using obscure hashtags with a couple of hundred posts will not do much to expose your Instagram account.

Use the wrong ones, and you can’t get any visibility, or get spam comments and entries that don’t really reach your target audience. However, in many cases, the right hashtags can get you engagement, contest entries, and grow your following more than doing giveaways without them.

You can have up to thirty hashtags on Instagram per post, which includes the caption and comment areas together. This is usually because longer hashtags are more likely to be used by a dedicated audience that is already engaged with a brand.

So creating a unique hashtag for your giveaways, like #AcmeGiveaway, not only makes it more helpful for tracking, but also can help your giveaway standout from the traditional broader hashtags on Instagram. Even if you don’t use capitalization in your posts, the hashtag will still show up in the same search no matter how it’s stylized.

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This makes it easier for hashtags to be tracked appropriately, even if someone doesn’t capitalize. Besides making up your own, using hashtags that other users are already searching for and including in their posts can drive a good lift in exposure and engagement.

For instance, the five most popular Instagram hashtags are #love #installed #photooftheday #fashion and #beautiful, Experimenting with extremely common hashtags is the only true way to tell if they actually help or hurt your specific posts.

Hashtag has a free search function that will show you related hashtags : Additionally, as you’re typing in the search box on a web browser or in the app, Instagram also brings up hashtags that contain the same word.

Unfortunately, since there isn’t a set standard on what to always include or not in Instagram posts, only trial and error can help you decide what hashtags to use. However, others say that including them in a comment on the original post is the best way to have a “clean” looking caption while also reaping the benefits of hashtags.

This example from UK cleaning products company ACE uses their main hashtag in their image. This tech blogger is giving away a 360-degree camera, and used the hashtags for the product name itself.

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If you want to do a series of giveaways around a specific holiday, creating a unique hashtag (as mentioned previously) is a great way to brand the giveaway and make sure users are able to easily find prize posts. This account used some of the most popular hashtags, like #fashion, which will just cause them to get lost.

Through these examples, you should have a better idea of what Instagram hashtag best practices including in your giveaway posts. By combining giveaways with hashtags, you can increase your Instagram followers and engagement.

Everyone likes free prizes, so be sure you spend the time on your hashtags, captions, and post images to get the most exposure possible for your giveaway. We perform a social experiment to investigate, if zombie related twitter posts can used as a reliable indicator for an early warning system.

As an act of desperation the prudent statistician has been forced to provide R packages supplemented with a CAN, GitHub, user! To underpin efforts, a reproducibility-crisis has been announced in order to scare decent comma-separated scientist from using Excel.

Unfortunately, little experience with the interactive aspect of this statistical software marketing strategy appears to be available. However, despite extensive research and recommendations, no reliable service appears available for the early detection of such upcoming events.

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Of course a full database solution would have been more elegant, but R does the job just as well as long it’s not millions of queries. We are now ready to prospectively detect changes using the surveillance R package (Salmon, Schumacher, and Hole 2016).

The first step is to convert the data. Frame of individual tweets into a time series of daily counts. It’s easy to visualize the resulting time series using the plotting functionality of the surveillance package.

We therefore adjust counts on the last day based on simple inverse probability weighting. This just means that we scale up the counts by the inverse of the fraction the query-hour (10:30 CEST) makes up of 24h (see GitHub code for details).

One can interpret the statistic as a transformation to (standard) normality: once the current observation is too extreme under this model an alarm is sounded. Such normal-approximations are justified given the large number of daily counts in the zombie series we consider, but does not take secular trends or day of the week effects into account.

It is important to realize that the result of monitoring a time point in the graphic is obtained by only looking into the past. R provides ideal functionality to quickly extract and monitor twitter time series.

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Combining with statistical process control methods allows you to prospectively monitor the use of hashtags. Here is where the social experiment starts : Please help answer this question by retweeting the post below to create a drill alarm situation.

I will continuously update the graphs in this post to see how our efforts are reflected in the time series of tweets containing the #zombie attack and #zombie hashtags. “Comparing syndrome surveillance detection methods: EARS’ versus a CUSUM-based methodology.” Stat Med 27 (17): 3407–29.

“The bioterrorism preparedness and response Early Aberration Reporting System (EARS).” J Urban Health 80 (2 Suppl 1): 89–96. “Monitoring Count Time Series in R: Aberration Detection in Public Health Surveillance.” Journal of Statistical Software 70 (10).

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