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Notably, the way in which you get a randomly selected weapon on Infinite Warfare’s Zombies in Space land map is by using the Magic Wheel as opposed to the Mystery Box in previous games. © Provided by Dot Esports Screen grab via Activision The starting pistol for Zombies in Space land is one of the most underrated weapons in the entire mode.

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Boasting explosive rounds, Baby’s Breath has a surprisingly straight trajectory and allows the player to accurately eliminate incoming zombies from afar. © Provided by Dot Esports Screen grab via Activision As one of the first weapons players encounter on the wall, the M1 Grand often goes unnoticed due to its low damage, semi-automatic firing.

Later in the game, ammo may become sparse and having a cheap wall weapon that can have refills purchased at will is going to increase the likelihood of a player’s survival. © Provided by Dot Esports Screen grab via Activision Available on the wall in Polar Peak, the RPR Eve is a fantastic zombie-mowing machine.

In both iterations of its Pack-a-Punch, the RPR Eve gains extra ammunition and damage and its fire rate increases, making this an excellent choice for players to take into the later rounds of the game. © Provided by Dot Esports Screen grab via Activision Available through the Magic Wheel, the Mauler is one of the top choices for the later rounds on this map.

Once Pack-a-Punched, the Mauler becomes the Mangy Mutt, an incredibly powerful machine boasting both higher damage and a larger magazine size than its initial model. Just for overkill, you can Pack-a-Punch once again to make this gun the Rabid Pack, which boast a ridiculous 1,000+ max ammo pool as well as a 175-bullet magazine size.

© Provided by Dot Esports Screen grab via Activision The first WonderWeapon to make our list, the Face Meter can be built by combining three parts found around Zombies in Space land. Once the player has completed the Easter egg and gained the alien fuse, they’ll be able to upgrade the Face Meter at the Pack-a-Punch to become the Fourth of July.

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Located in the Journey into Space section of the park, this elusive weapon has not yet been found by the community. Use the ‘throwback’ command to toss it back to the Cosmic Way portal.

Part #3: Lure a Brute into the Crocodile Trap’s mouth and close it to break the inanimate teeth off. Insert Gold Teeth (300 tickets, purchased from the Astrolabe vendor) into the missing sockets to reveal a canister.

Shoot the 1st hole of the canister in the mouth area with Polar Peak elemental bullets. The Shredder is a powerful energy pistol that’s similar to the Alien Blaster from previous Zombies maps.

Use the Sunglasses near the water to spot an invisible craft moving down the lazy river. After the battery falls out of the boat, go to the fountain square where water spouts up from the ground.

When the stream of water appears on the green colored circle, that’s when you can collect the battery. Activate them to switch to black-and-white view where you can see certain things that were previously invisible.

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Activating them lets you see special invisible things in color. Next to the giant monster face’s mouth, below and left of the TRITON sign.

Hanging in the glass exterior display, right next to Blue Balls and past the Souvenir machine. Visible through the ice cavern with a view of the roller coaster track on the Astrolabe path.

Here's the tier list for the new wonder weapons in Is. These two wonder weapons are without a doubt more powerful than the rest.

The head cutter's power vs the brutes is ridiculously strong and clears entire hordes of zombies. Not as powerful against the brutes but really packs a punch.

Train all the zombies, have them all run in a straight line and once you shoot a SINGLE shot of the Pop locker, it does the work for you. These two wonder weapons are very powerful without a doubt but have some drawbacks to them.

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For example, the Shredder only kills 3 zombies in a horde when you shoot one bullet into it. Even double capped it burns through your ammo so quickly I can't believe it's an ice gun (haha get it).

INFINITE WARFARE ZOMBIES EASTER EGG: “DISCORD” WONDER WEAPON TUTORIAL! Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies in Space land Shredder is another WonderWeapon like the Discord.

Similar to the Discord, building the WonderWeapon requires about 600 tickets, access to the Pack-a-Punch area, and unlocked doors. For the first part, you need to head over to the Flume Ride, put the shades on, and look for a battery hanging from the backside of the boat.

In order to receive the third part, you need to head inside the Kepler System and continue to kill zombies until you have farmed x3 Red Coins. At this point, you need to place the Golden Tooth, that you bought earlier, inside the Alligator Mouth.

At this point, you need to follow the UFO, kill the surrounding zombies using the gun you have the Arcane on, and pick up the part. Now that Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has finally arrived players are able to hop into its new and improved Zombies mode.

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Zombies have been a staple of the Call of Duty series for quite a long time now, and the newest version has added a plethora of new features. The different secrets spread throughout the Die Machine map can provide players with new weapons or even further the story of this game mode.

One pretty big one is the D.I.E Shock wave WonderWeapon that can only be acquired by completing some secret steps in the game, but it is well worth the trouble involved. With this key card in hand, players will want to travel to the Weapons Lab area and interact with the computer on the wall opposite of the Mystery Box.

Players then need to return to the Yacht Her Undertaken building and go to the living area on the first floor where they can find a cracked wall across from the staircase. This iteration of the zombies game puts players on a much larger map than ever before, which can make exploration a little stressful.

If players manage to build the Arthroscope this will be much simpler for them as they will be able to detect different anomalies in the Dark Ether and make finding things easier. In order to build this device players will need to collect all three of its pieces within the Dark Ether and then construct it.

The first piece will be found on top of the crashed plane, the second is under the staircase outside Yacht Her Undertaken, and the last is behind the fast travel point in the Particle Accelerator room. Once players have the WonderWeapon in their possession there are also four different variants that can be acquired that deal different types of elemental damage: Ice, Toxic, Lightning, and Fire.

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Players will then need to kill the Plague hound that appears, pick the canister back up, and then head to the Crash Site. In the vicinity of the plane, players will find a small box that they can use the canister on, and then they can melee it to open it up.

Elecrobolt (Lightning)- To snag this weapon players will need to enter the Dark Ether and search for three separate crystals: Here the player will find a box just below the ruined floating plane, and they will need to do a few things in quick succession to obtain the weapon.

They will then need to rush to the Weapons Lab as quickly as possible and put the fuse in the plasma cutter here. Once this has been done players can return to the computer in Medical Bay and type in the password to reactivate the device.

For the third step players will need to return to the Dark Ether and interact with the anomaly on the balcony of the Medical Bay. After these players will be able to return to the normal world and pick up the Dark Ether Wrench inside the Medical Bay.

Next to the tree, the Decontamination Agent can be found which should be taken back to the Medical Bay and inserted into the device. A Megaton zombie will then be spawned which the player will need to split in half and lead under the device to have it get sucked up into the Decontamination Agent.

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Players then need to interact with the computer one last time, which spawns a wave of powerful zombies to defeat. Players will need to protect Orlon from an onslaught of three waves of powerful zombies as he attempts to shut down the Particle Accelerator.

Those who are smart patient will be able to defeat all the monsters, and then they can travel to The Pond in order to interact with the Helicopter here and complete the Easter egg. When he isn't writing he usually spends his time playing video games or editing the podcast he runs with his best friend.

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