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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
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One of the best first-person shooter video game franchise has just released the sixth installment in the popular Black Ops series. There are new multiplayer game modes, many types of customizations, and various new map dynamics.

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As far as the Zombies' gameplay is concerned, its new storyline Dark Ether is gaining quite a lot of praise as of late. In this guide, we have shared the best weapons tier list for Black Ops ColdWarZombies.

Let’s begin this guide with the weapon set that stands at the top of the priority queue for many. So, here are the three best weapons part of the assault rifles tier list in Black Ops ColdWarZombies.

With one of the strongest damage, impressive accuracy, and great control, this had to occupy the top spot. It tends to fall short on the speed and accuracy meter and hence isn’t a preferable choice for long combats, and just about makes up for it in mid-range battles.

Let’s now turn our attention towards the best SMG weapons tier list in Black Ops ColdWarZombies. When a weapon manages to perform quite impressive in all the three fronts, damage, speed, and accuracy, then there’s not much left to ask from it.

AK-74u: Another pretty handy SMG alternative, it comes with decent damage, speed, and accuracy. Just the fact that it doesn’t tick mark one of the important prerequisite of a submachine gun (aka a good fire rate) leads to a lower rank in this pecking order.

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After the SMG, here is the besting weapons tier list in Black Ops ColdWarZombies. Stoner 63: With a healthy fire rate and an amazing control for a weapon of its size, there’s not much left to be desired.

Well, some even call it a sniper with a faster reload and quick action time, and we can’t deny this statement. M16: This assault rifles perform quite well in all threes sections: damage, speed, and accuracy.

Diamante: This is among the most solid offerings on the specs sheet and proves to be equally useful in practical application. 1911: A semi-automatic weapon with decent ammo and accuracy, it does its job without much flare or exaggeration.

Let’s end this guide with the best shotgun weapons tier list in Black Ops ColdWarZombies. Black Ops Collar has just been released to the world, and it seems to be creating quite a buzz.

In conjunction with Modern Warfare, Collar brings back traditional COD modes including Zombie hoards. As usual, the game has been updated with new and improved weapons that help deal a lot of damage.

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This makes it a great choice but pretty hard to choose the perfect loadout for each game. It works great in close quarters and has a bigger range when compared to the pump-action shotgun.

If you are a player that sticks to a single gun and rarely changes the loadout then the AK47u might be the perfect choice for you. Despite being an SMG it has a very high range of fire and can be used in mid to long-range battles pretty easily.

It deals a lot of damage from any distance even in body shots and when you are in close quarters, it is one of the most lethal SMS that you can find. With a low recoil, long-range, and high damage, the Stoner 63 is easily one of the best Legs in COD ever made.

What sets the Stoner 63 apart from other Legs is its high rate of fire which makes it feel like more of an SMG if you don’t consider the weight. This might seem like a bad choice for the best overall weapon but trust me Type 63 will surprise you with its capabilities every step of the game.

The Type 63 is a tactical rifle in Black Ops Collar that allows for a 2 hit kill if you can get a headshot on the first one. The recoil on Type 63 is also one of the most minimal in Collar which gives you exceptional stability.

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It deals the highest damage when compared to other assault rifles and is formidable in long-range battles with the right attachments. As such, the Rig 6 is perfect for Assault rifle enthusiasts that do not wish to update their loadout class.

Check out Stoner 63 (Light Machine Gun Alpha) in Call of Duty Black Ops Collar & Zombies Mode! Improved fire rate with a larger ammo capacity.

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Most players seem to be opting for the MP5, but we suspect we’ve found a gun that’s even stronger right now, and you may want to give it a try yourself before you make up your mind. This beast of a gun may not win out on pure DPS, but it features the best accuracy and effective range of any SMG, the largest magazine capacity, the second fastest rate of fire, brilliant iron sights, and higher damage per shot than the MP5.

Kit it out for bullet velocity and range, and its precision will give you a far greater chance of hitting those headshots than any other SMG in Collar right now. A startlingly high rate of fire makes up for low damage, and it’s more than accurate enough for close-quarters engagements.

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The only reason the MP5 doesn’t take the top spot is because its bullet velocity is so low that you have to make it the focus when adding attachments. Significantly higher damage per shot than the MP5 or Bullfrog, and not a terrible rate of fire either.

Where this SMG falls a bit short is its very low effective range and comparatively high recoil, both of which must be addressed with attachments. To show how close together these guns are in the tier list, I’ll reveal that the Milano was my go-to weapon in the Collar Betas thanks to its excellent damage and low ADS time.

Unfortunately it’s shunted near the bottom of our tier list thanks to its low rate of fire and high recoil. Despite having the highest damage per shot and potential time-to-kill of any SMG, the DSP is a very unforgiving weapon with extremely low bullet velocity and unpleasant recoil.

Although less mobile than an assault rifle, its excellent rate of fire and ease of control in long-range engagements makes this particular version of the Stoner one of the stronger weapons in the game. Its rapid rate of fire alongside its incredible mobility and ease of control enables the Stoner 63 to perform well in all manner of situations.

Having a secondary that can bail you out of sticky situations can often be the difference between life and death on Black Ops Collar. When there’s a wealth of enemies surrounding your position, switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading the Stoner 63.

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Use it to clear out any objectives controlled by the opposition and when cooked to perfection, it guarantees a quick and easy kill. Ideal for halting any opposition moving in on your position, a well-timed stun grenade can allow you to eliminate a disoriented opponent with ease.

Place one in the shadows or a dimly lit area of the map and wait for an explosive result! Selecting six perks may seem like overkill but for this Stoner 63 loadout, they’re ideal for keeping you in the heat of battle for longer.

Tactical Mask and Flak Jacket increase your resistance to utilities, Scavenger earns you additional ammo, so you never run out, Tracker enables you to see any nearby enemy footsteps, Ghost keeps your location hidden from any Spy Planes, and Ninja enables you to traverse the map easier with quieter footsteps when sprinting. *Xfinity may receive a small commission if you click a link from one of our articles onto a retail website and make a purchase.

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