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James Smith
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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I’d recommend doing this early on and upgrading it as you go, since being able to choose your own attachments is a fantastic way to maximize your salvage and loot drops. No more messing around then, here’s the ideal loadout you should be bringing with you into Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode.

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With how this game’s Prestige and progression works, you’ll receive unlocks no matter what mode you play. So, we’re going with a maximized salvage and equipment drop rate in this loadout, which is massively beneficial throughout the game but especially in later rounds.

It takes a second or so to activate, but you’ll get the hang of it, and using your Ether Shroud is a LOT better than getting downed. When you start camping in corners to take out loads of zombies in later rounds, this bad boy will be an absolute godsend.

Of course, start rolling for the Ray Gun when money stops being an issue, as having this in your back pocket along with your Gallo SA12 will make you extremely hard for the undead to take down. The sinister tinkle of the mystery box, the mind-bending Easter eggs, the wacky Pack-a-Punch weapons; it’s good to have it all back.

However, in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode, players not only have the usual means of acquiring some firepower through the mystery box, wall weapons, or Easter egg rewards, but they can now head into the fight with a custom loadout using any gun they’ve unlocked in the game so far. There’s no definitive answer to what the best weapon in Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode is as it can vary through each play through, and on your own play style.

However, as upgrades and the prospect of Pack-a-Punching come into play later in the game, other weapons emerge as top picks for clearing the massive waves of enemies and chunking damage out of bosses. There is also a melee bonus in Black Ops Cold War Zombies which means that using the knife will rack up a tonne of points for you to spend on future weapon upgrades, perks, and clearing doorways and blockades.

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When levelled up using Ethereum crystals, Healing Aura can also knock back zombies, stun bosses, and create a beam that revives allies. Other honorable mentions for starting weapons include the Stoner LEG for its high ammo count and decent damage, and the Gallo SA12 shotgun, which will one shot enemies for a fair few rounds.

Our top picks to chuck in the machine are the M16, the Gallo SA12 shotgun, the Ray Gun (if you’re lucky enough to pull one from the mystery box), and the Knife. The XM4 and the Stoner LEG are also good alternatives to Pack-a-Punch, but the extended burst fire and high critical damage makes the M16 a beast once upgraded.

It does massive damage to bosses, will turn zombies into crawlers if you fire it at the surrounding ground, and can clear trains extremely quickly. It can be brought into the game with your starting loadout, can be purchased as a Tier 3 wall weapon early on at the crash site section of Die Machine, and when Pack-a-Punched becomes arguably the best gun for clearing hordes of the undead.

So, if you’re looking to stay alive as long as possible in Black Ops Cold War Zombies, what’s the bestloadout to end up with? As mentioned before, spend your Ethereum Crystals on the melee upgrade to make sure you’re always one-hitting zombies, even with your primary weapon out.

While Healing Aura is a great field upgrade for starting loadouts, we think Ring of Fire is the best for high-round runs. They’ll get you out of tricky spots and can bunch up zombies, so you can go on a safe knifing spree to conserve ammo.

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Lethal grenades don’t really play much of a role in the high round meta, but a C4 or Molotov is good for damaging multiple zombies at once. Other things to consider, of course, include getting yourself a full set of perks and holding onto a Self-Revive Support by either crafting one or getting lucky with a random loot drop.

That’s our wrap up of the best weapons and loadouts for Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode. There’s nothing quite as good as blasting some zombies with a shotgun, but your best options will vary depending on whether you’re in the early, mid, or late game.

We’re going to forego the handle because it doesn’t provide any useful stats for zombies mode. You can choose to change things up, but we don’t find the scope necessary because of the spread.

We’re going with the 24.8 Task Force barrel, which drastically improves pellet damage against the zombies. It lowers the effective range, but the shotgun is for some ups close and personal zombie-slaying action, so that doesn’t matter.

It has a bonus stat that increases salvage drop rate, which will help immensely in the game’s later rounds. This attachment causes a slower reload speed, but that isn’t very important in the beginning rounds.

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Another attachment we can equip to provide some benefits is the Flash Cone 12 GA muzzle. It gives a slight reduction to hip-fire accuracy, but the Ember Sighting Point makes up for it.

It’s not always guaranteed, but there is a very high chance of getting a Ray Gun by completing the in-game Easter Egg. It also deals area of effect damage, making it the ultimate weapon in the game.

You won’t have a problem until level 52 when you’re rocking a Ray Gun because of the super-fast zombie sprinters. Normal enemies who enter gain a burning effect that deals fire damage.

There are always instances when your character gets stuck in a corner, and Ether Shroud allows you an escape route. Players can create their own loadouts for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Players are able to create their own class similar to the online multiplayer mode. Originally, players began the game with a pistol and would need to generate enough points to purchase stronger weapons.

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This adds the benefit of giving a player a machine gun or sniper fairly early into the game. Continue scrolling to keep readingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.

It's easier than ever before to unlock everything players want for a specific gun by jumping into the zombie mode. Ether Shroud: This field upgrade allows players a few moments to become invisible.

The zombie's mode has been a staple in the Call of Duty titles developed by Trey arch. Endless rounds of zombie hordes attack the player until they either escape or die trying.

His hobbies consist of creating content on YouTube and streaming videos games on Twitch. His YouTube channel has generated over 185,000 subscribers and 35 million total video views.

Dropping into Verdant armed with nothing and ending up with a horde of zombies bearing down on you like ravenous dogs is a terrifying thrill. I’d actually say the feeling of terror I’m always in whilst playing Zombie Royale is an ideal horror experience.

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Aside from the unfortunate supply box jump scares, the feeling of constant insecurity thanks to the fact that literally anything can happen and the chaos can always claim you gives me a truly immersive, creeping horror experience. I’m scared to move, I’m terrified of going outside, I’m constantly twitching, checking my six just to make sure a zombie isn’t getting the jump on me.

After playing a whole load of War zone’s Zombie Royale since its launch, I’m gutted it won’t be here to stay after the spooky season. If you bounce around and find two antiviral syringes from dead bodies other players have killed, you can respawn as a human without any bloodshed.

The initial circle crams 150 people into a much smaller amount of space, so loot quickly as the action will start immediately. When you die as a human, you can go back to your own body and take the antiviral syringe if another zombie hasn’t taken it already.

Because Zombie Royale takes place in the dead of night, I’m prescribing you with a loadout that includes thermal scopes and zombie-busting close range weaponry. With a thermal sniper, you’ll be able to get those sick cross-map snipes and pick jumping zombies out of the sky, whilst a few headshots with the MP5 will stop the undead from clawing your face off.

Even at mid-ranges it deals solid damage, and you can follow up a body shot with your HDR by switching to the MP5 and finishing the enemy off. Finally, the Claymore makes an appearance, although it’s just as valid to bring out a Proximity Mine.

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If you’re hunkering down somewhere, it’s helpful to cover your back with an explosive and make sure you can stay focused on the task ahead.

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