Best Zombies Movies On Netflix

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• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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With actors like Will Smith, Brad Pitt, et al. appearing in mainstream zombie movies, such films no longer remain ignored. Good apocalypse films, especially involving zombies, are always a great Sunday watch.

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Netflix, however, has a limited number of watchable zombie movies, which might come as a surprise to you, still, they could be watched if you like a good mix of humor, horror, and thrill. The movie begins with Zoe, a young medical student who is attending a party and is suddenly taken aback by the attack of the so-called rotters.

She has been stationed at a refugee camp that houses partially infected and fully sane survivors, and she starts serving there as a doctor, treating minor illnesses while looking for a viable cure. Neil puts in more and more time into his work, and in one of his quests somewhere in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, he mysteriously gets bitten by an odd creature.

The film has an interesting tonal shift as it begins with a quiet and languid pace and then suddenly turns into a gore-fest. ‘KL Zombie’ is the telltale of a pizza delivery boy Nips, who also is a field-hockey enthusiast in his leisure time.

The humor is mostly crass and derived from an overdone script, poor direction, and lackluster acting. The movie ‘Hunger ford’ follows the story of a teenager and his friends through the teen’s video diary project for school.

Initially boring and mundane, his video diary suddenly gets interesting as the town of Hunger ford is invaded by aliens and zombies. The movie mostly manages to steer away from tired clichés and provides its audiences with a refreshingly inventive spin on the age-old story of vicious flesh-eaters.

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The story follows a quickly depleting number of survivors in a remote village in upstate Quebec as they try to outrun the flesh-eating monsters and to a safe place in the woods. The film is predominantly silent and depends heavily on the edgy, scary imagery to successfully build up the dread.

When a teacher and a scientist discover that a young girl is unaffected by the fungus, and therefore immune, they start to hope again and make a daring all-or-nothing plan to save humanity. Just when we all thought that the zombie genre was ridiculously over-done, ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’ comes and surprises us with its twisted take on the story we’ve heard one too many times before.

Kay is bitten by a zombie as it appears and is taken away by Andy along with their daughter in a van before she turns completely. After abandoning Kay, Andy realizes he’s bitten too and only has 48 hours to take his daughter to a safer place before he turns as well.

After sensing something fishy, it turns out that the trucker was transporting a load of dead bodies and soon, he holds the boy and girl at a gunpoint for ransom. With creepy characters and a gripping mystery at the center of it, ‘Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island’ is sheer fun from start to finish.

There are loads of atmospheric horror and imaginative (not to mention disturbing) gore to compensate for any depth in the story or the characters. The film wins on pure enthusiasm for the genre and some wonderful moments of dark comedy.

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‘#Alive’ is the latest in a long line of fine undead entertainment by South Korean filmmakers. ‘#Alive’ tells the tale of a lone gamer stuck inside his apartment with no food, limited water, no weapons, no way out, and a horde of hungry, hungry zombies threatening to break down his front door.

The relationship between the gamer and the girl in the apartment across from his building is so precious that you are rooting for them, hoping hard that they don’t become zombie-chow. Dynamic and decomposed, the best zombie movies on Netflix will make you scream loud enough to wake the dead.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline is a 2018 American zombie horror film directed by Hector Hernández Vices. A small group of military personnel and survivalists dwell in an underground bunker as they seek to find a cure in a world overrun by zombies.

8 Marrakech Dancing, JIRA La-ongmanee Directed by: Banking Pisanthanakun, Darkroom Songbook, Minute Poolvoralaks, Songs Sugmakanan, Pa ween Purijitpanya A field hockey-playing pizza delivery boy finds himself transformed from slacker to zombie slayer during an outbreak of the undead in Kuala Lumpur.

During Mexico's War of Independence, a group of men faces unimaginable horrors when they attempt to steal from the seemingly helpless Cordero sisters. Still, this zombie installment proves that Korean cinema continues to kill in all genres.

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It's a cult favorite and one of the most successful independent films, made with only a $400,000 budget. Residing in that contemporary genre of “post-horror” (smarter, smaller-budget art house screams), It Comes At Night is less an all out zombie fest and more a meditation of all those things that go bump in the dark, including images of ravenous humans.

Cargo is just an overall solid post-apocalyptic flick, similar in structure to The Road but without being (quite) as bleak. This Indonesian action comedy exists squarely within the What the FM*# Did I Just Watch category.

Set in Quebec, this Canadian horror movie hits mostly all the zombie tropes, but in a way that feels fresh. It's also (possibly) an allegory for Quebec politics, giving it that extra layer of interpretation on top of all the decayed human matter.

“ Zombies are “hungrier” in this British film based on Mike Carey's novel of the same name. Translated to “soul thieves,” this Mexican horror slasher is just good bloody fun, as well as a decent period piece on the Mexican civil war.

So it’s technically a miniseries, but it clocks in just over two hours, so we’re just going to put it here. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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The irony of zombie cinema is that it makes death less scary, more welcoming. We’re scared not when our hero’s friends and families die, but when they return.

(Also, there’s probably some fallacious Second Amendment reverse justification going on here; umm, why else did London stand no chance in 28 Days Later ??) So whatever your immortal fear or apocalypse kink, here are the best zombie movies to stream on Netflix right now.

To help you get in the mood for Halloween, we shared a list of the best zombie movies and shows on Netflix. The zombie craze has invaded many areas of pop culture with no end in sight.

Sam Rail is the brainchild behind the Evil Dead franchise, which consists of four movies and a TV series. Ash (Bruce Campbell), along with his girlfriend and three friends, decide it would be fun to spend the night in a cabin in the woods.

The group discovers the Necronomicon, a book that, when read aloud, awakes the dead. Then all hell breaks loose and evil reigns down on them in the form of the reanimated dead.

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Ash, who is our hero in the story, learns that the only way to kill the dead is by dismemberment. This series stars Campbell, Lucy Lawless as Ruby, Ray Santiago as Ash’s sidekick Pablo and Dana Lorenzo as Kelly, who is dragged into fighting evil with Ash and Pablo.

One fun fact, Samara Weaving (The Babysitter and Ready or Not), had a recurring role in the series. The series The Walking Dead is currently finishing out its tenth season on AMC and really sparked something in the zombie genre.

This series starts up three years after the outbreak of a virus that has killed the vast majority of humans. The main character Murphy had been bitten by a zombie and was given a test vaccine that worked.

He didn’t turn into a zombie, and now there is hope that his blood will carry the necessary antibodies to create a vaccine that will control the outbreak. Giving the question, “What would you do if you had two days to live?” a lot more weight when you know this is your reality.

This film follows the regular zombies eating the flesh of humans and infecting them with their bites as well as they can only be killed by damage to their brains. Where Ravenous is unique is the way it bounces between the violent fighting scenes to the dark comedy bits thrown in.

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The film centers around Woo-hoo, a live stream gamer, as he struggles to survive in his apartment during a zombie outbreak in Seoul. As things progress, and he starts to run out of food, he discovers he isn’t alone as another survivor is living directly across the street in another complex.

It is a true tale of survival between two people who become friends because they seem to be the only ones alive in a world full of the undead. The crime drama zombie ran for five seasons and received excellent reviews.

The series follows medial resident Olive “Liv” Moore (Rose Cover), who is turned into a zombie. She discovers feeding on brains allow her to keep some human elements and not allow her to turn in to a flesh ravaged zombie.

With her faculties still in place, she can’t imagine killing innocent people to eat, so she finds a job at the local morgue, giving her a buffet of choices. When she consumes brains, she discovers she can experience flashbacks of the person’s life, which becomes helpful in murder cases.

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